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One day at a time
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Thumbs up Weight Loss & Chit Chat #161

Hello and Welcome to the Jaded Ladies thread to anyone reading this!

We are a very supportive and caring bunch of ladies who share our journey with weight loss as well as our everyday lives. So feel free to pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee (or diet coke or water-whatever your drink of choice, lol) and join us. We would love to have you join us!
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Good Morning Ladies--

Thank you all for the comfort vibes you've all sent. Really appreciate it. It's all going to be ok. I keep telling myself that, and I keep telling that to James. He's more upset than I am. He's worried about me and him not being close by if I need him. So I let him know that I'm ok and will be, and that time will fly by faster than we can imagine and he'll be back in the Eugene Terminal!

He was making some phone calls all week it seems, and last night he spoke to another guy who just got promoted and he'll be heading up to the Dalles also. So that just helps James get home sooner.

Thank you all once again for letting me cry when I needed to cry. Sorry I'm not getting individuals today. I will try and get to them soon or just carry on from this thread.

(Thank you Cristi for starting a new one!)

Chat w/you all later!
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One day at a time
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Hiya ladies...

I am so mad Don't know what is going on with the television programming...they moved My Name Is Earl to Thursday night at 8 when my other favorite programs are on. CSI comes on at 8 and then Without A Trace at 9. Okay, so then they put The O.C. that normally came on Thursday at 7 to come on a 8! Switched Fear Factor from 7 on Monday to 7 on Tuesday which makes me miss Gillmore Girls that comes on at 7 on Tuesday! What the **** are they thinking?! Okay, so had to get that out! Speaking of programs...did anyone catch that new show The Book of Daniel? Okay, so I saw the commercials and didn't look interesting to me. But...we have a preacher in Wichita that seems to think he can tell people what to do a bunch of people wrote the local t.v station and they weren't going to air it. Well, more people wrote them saying they can't do that, who are they to tell us what we can and can't watch because of a few so-called christians saying they don't want it aired. So all the hoopla got me interested in it. DD and I watched it Friday night and thought it was funny! So a new show to add to our list of favs. Of course with all the hoopla surrounding it, I doubt it will last long. Anyway, let's see if I can remember what everyone said on the other thread.

JANE...I was just doing some dusting and vacuuming, nothing that would make me work up a sweat to sweat the make-up off or get my clothes icky. I don't get dolled up to run errands. I do wear make-up,everything but eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara...I save those for special occasions. Never have cared for wearing much make-up and if I didn't have so many freckles, etc. on my face I wouldn't bother with the rest. And my usual attire is jeans or I want to call them sweats but they are not (I only have one pair of sweat pants), and a sweat shirt or sweater. Used to wear a lot of denim dresses but have steered away from those. I am trying to wear clothes that fit me now, rather than baggy clothes. But I do stray back to the comfort clothes once in a while.

MARTI...((((((HUGS)))))) I'm sorry for the news about James' job. Instead of crying...come and chat with us, it will take your mind off of it if only for a few minutes. And 330 miles is only about a 4 1/2 hour drive (depending on the speed limit and how fast you drive)-a great weekend get away! And there's all the phone calls...I know it's not the same as having him by your side. I know this isn't helping but just know we are here for you when you need us. It will be okay, and you guys will be all the better for it.

SUSAN...I can never tell when you are serious are you serious about getting married in April? If so...I definitely would enter the contest. You and Rocky have the perfect and best story ever! So what date is little Miss Gaby's birthday? I would go with the Chuck E. Cheese party for sure! Hey, who doesn't love Chuck E. Cheese? I swear one day I am going into this one, haven't been in one in AGES!

MINDEE...glad Brandons bottom is feeling better. How is your FIL doing?

KATHY...for some reason I thought you had little ones! Couldn't remember. I miss living out in the country and am so wanting to get back out there. DH is wanting to farm in his old age. Grew up on one and always enjoyed that kind of work.

MEL...tomorrow is DS's GF's birthday also. I too would just buy what you want and not worry about what the others want. You should have a BYOB party that way everyone gets what they want. I never think about Friday the 13th but I do steer away from black cats crossing my path!

SUE...Nothing worse than having company and feeling sick. You deserve a day to do nothing! So take it easy and get to feeling better.

JULES...sounds like you have one smart DD! She seems to not have let her short marriage break her down and that's good.

Hi CHRISTINE, ANGIE, KATY, MARYKATE, ELLEN, EM, CONNIE, and everyone else! Sorry if I missed anyone. I can't keep track of everyone some days and this is one of those days!

Not sure what I am doing today except spending some time online looking at jobs. I swear I am always looking for a job and one day I will find one! If I don't find something soon I am going to go back to volunteering, something I truly enjoyed. I think I have blabbed enough for now. Need to go get in a walk and a load of laundry.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!
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kitty Momo
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Of course I am serious!! For shame lady!! lol

That is why I am taking wee Gabrielle to be a flower girl. I really need to take the older girls too but we will see on that.Course I can't live there for a while but he could at least make me his wife - it has been a year and a half!!

gawd - have to go to a safety meeting- better get. Pay day!! Now I can get my shoes. That little old man wears New Balance....might look into that brand.....
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Hi ladies,

Mel - if you think the calorie content is bad in one of those dinners, try taking a peek at the fat and sodium!! It will make you want to keep your DH away from them, too. Sometimes a person just has to use something like that, though, and I understand how it is.

Kathy - what kind if work does your DS do? Whatever it is, I'm glad he's such a go-getter. He'll go far in life, I betcha. About the gardening, I'll help you with whatever I can. Some of the other JLs are much better than me in the garden, I'm thinking.

Jules - so glad that your DS and DD are living close to you. I'm having trouble thinking of Katie so far away. The other two have stayed close by, so this is hard.

Susan - are you really getting married??? If so, I'm very, very happy for you and Rocky. How will you work out the living arrangements?

Marti - glad to see you here, and happy that James may not be gone as long as you thought. All of us JLs are willing to help get you through it, sweetie.

Cristi - I know what you mean about the TV shows being moved around! They hardly get a chance to make it in one time slot, then BAM, they're who-knows-where.

I've had a hard day, missing Katie. If she wasn't so far away, it wouldn't be so bad. But I've kept busy in spite of it all. Shopping can be a very effective therapy. Bought some new cookware and a new toaster, and some other things I've been wanting. Mary's coming over in a little while to visit - that will help cheer me. In the meantime, Katie is having a ball! She has the day off and when I talked to her this morning, she was headed to EPCOT to ride the new Soarin' attraction, with her roommates. Everytime we talk, she's very animated, and has a lot to tell me, which makes me feel better about the whole thing.

Thanks for being here, JLs.... it means a lot!!

Btw, I'm POP again.
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kitty Momo
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I couldn't move there until I could take all 3 girls and I couldn't do that until someone............dies. lol Soooooooo morbid but their father is 72 or until they reach 18 and I know they are out of school and could move with me if they wanted.
I couldn't leave anyone behind.......anyway- he could still marry me or make some sort of promise - I feel like I am hanging at times. Though it will make a second trip to Hawaii - so he has been great in that department.
It will be nice to go in April and relax with Gaby. I couldn't do that before.

blah - blah........need to walk tonight!!!
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I'll call him Con Queso!!
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Mom2Gaby- wow, that must be tough! But atleast lives someplace nice and pretty! How old are your girls?
Marti- hang in there, hon! We're all here for you and we know you need to vent, cry, chat, laugh, whatever. It's ok!
Christi- I hate when they mess with my TV! The worst is when you think it's a new episode on, and then it's a re-run! I watch Lost and it's very hard to follow, but then they keep showing a rerun, then a new one, then 2 reruns . . . I can't remember what is going on half the time!
And yeah, I looked at the sodium in that meal. Holy crap! I'm surprised the man is still living! He eats so much junk all the time. He never excercises, never drinks water . . . I really don't need him dead in 5 years!
Jane- Katie's in Epcot! That's awesome! Mark and I were supposed to take out honeymoon to Disney World (I've been there twice, he's never been) but we married several months earlier than originally planned because I had a little cookie in the oven, so we couldn't afford a honeymoon. Hope she's enjoying herself!

I havn't done much of anything today. I went accross town to check on a friend who's been mia for about a week now. His car was there, but he wouldn't answer the buzzer or his phone. I finally got ahold of him at work and he appologized. I guess he and his gf are having isues and he's all bummed.
I did a lot of home work out stuff the past 2 days. I planned to get to the gym this am before Mark went to work, but he wouldn't role his skinny butt out of bed to save his life! So I did the best I do here.
Oh, I was having a moment and ate 1/2 a bag of white cheddar popcorn! EEP! And for supper I had the other half of a banana I gave my son. I mixed it with pear juice and rice cereal, he really liked it, and so did I!
So, I'm not sure if I'm getting to the gym today (GRR!) and tomorrow Mark works till 3 and then we have to get Allen ready and take him to my mom's house and then get us ready for my party. Saturday . . . oh, I'll be hung over.
O well, I need to stop making exscuses and do the darn work!
Talk soon!
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I can dream, can't I?
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HI ladies. Feeling better tonight after two lazy days. I hope the sinus headache doesn't hang on much longer. DH has been even worse than I, and he hardly ever gets sick. Poor baby!
Jane- I feel for you about leaving Katie, and missing her. It will pass quickly, and thank goodness you get to talk to her. Sounds like she is having quite a good time. You are going to be building a house the same time we are. Just lots of red tape to get through now for us. DH and the builder are sending drawings back and forth about which trees will have to be cut out on our lot. They keep trying to move the house enough to save the most trees. We wanted a wooded lot, so hope not to lose too many. We went down to a 1/3 acre lot and will go down in house size too, except for DH's attached workshop.
Marti-I bet James is upset, as I know you are. Time will go quickly and you have us to come talk to. (((hugs)))
Susan-Are you kidding? A wedding in Hawaii in April? How much better could it get? My DD is getting married in Lake Tahoe in the snow next week, hardly compares with Hawaii. (Although she has done the honeymoon in Hawaii with her ex..eeekkk)
Cristi-My pet peeve with TV also. I get used to a program and they either move it, re-run it all the time, or just plain cancel it. DH just said tonight that we pay for cable and still there is nothing on TV. But if we don't have it he goes stir crazy in the winter. Can't win.
Mel-Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you....don't get TOO badly hung over.
Jules-Good for your DD for picking up the pieces and going on with her schooling. And it must make it easier for you that she and DS are living together. My 3 kids are close and talk on the phone alot. The two girls more than our son, but they all live too far apart to visit much. I wish they could live closer as I think family is so important.

Tomorrow is going to be busy. Need to go to K-Mart and Target to look at the exercise equipment, basically steppers. I still haven't done that. Then I need some gift cards for upcoming birthdays, and lots of cards. We need some toiletries and OTC drugs. Off to the dollar store or 99 cent store for some odds and ends. Then it is seafood night at our favorite eatery. DH is in heaven when Fri. rolls around. No diff to me as I don't eat seafood.

I did get the laundry and ironing done today, so I won't have to bother with that for awhile.
Mom is coming for two weeks on Mon. That will be fun.
Hello and good Fri. 13th to all JL's. Hey, Ellen...come back, we miss you.
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Give me strength
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Good evening Ladies,
Susan I love you,,,when Im getting serious you come in with WE ARE GOING TO cracks me up. you serious serious about getting married?

Sue glad to know you are feeling better...

Mel,,,have fun at your party.

Jane,,,ah big hugs to you. I had figured you would be pretty upset...thought about you alot that day. Glad to know you have distractions,,,and Mary is feeling better from her bought with the flu?

Cristi,,,grrr about the TV same as you I get pretty wound up when they mess with my shows. Have to tell you guys Im addicted to Reno shows...the two that I find myself going nuts over is Debbie Travis' show and Mike Holmes. Who happens to be coming to the home and garden show here...*breathing heavy I want to go! Dang I go all tangled up with this dang play.

Marti,,,Im sorry you going to parted temporarily from you sweetie...TEMPORARY!!! Remember that.

Kathy, we have died down now that the holidays are over,,,this is a good time for us to regroup. We are short staffed,,,as most companies are. Got a great compliment for one of your drivers...Olds College,,,(the pub) said they miss their HW9 driver,,,that he was so sweet. I guess Cochrane isn't cutting it.

Jules,,,the good thing is both are together and so you can feel that they are safer with each other watching over each other.

well not much happening,,,work,,,theatre. Show opens tomorrow the 13th,,,bah bah ha ha (twilight zone music in background)
Ive yet to watch the show,,,will do that with Monte Sat night. love what I can hear...somehow I have been roped into doing props,,,and backstage,,,and then they fired the hairdresser so Im doing that too...hmmmm
and then Tanner forgot his dress shoes,,,so I traded shoes wiht him,,,my feet are aching beyond belief.
I got my hair colored,,,almost black with wild red down to copper chunks everywhere. Have an eye infection again,,,so back to nose is bruised from me banging the my glasses NOT!
my surgery is Feb 22nd. around the time there will be a full time position opening...Im next in line. Hope Im not over passed...With Tanner needing braces I need the benefits that come wiht full time.
Well must get to bed...night all
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starting over again......
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Update on my FIL: He was suppose to be released from the hospital yesterday, Thursday. But, since he still hasnít healed up yet and his tube is still in his lung, then he is still to remain in the hospital. He is being ornery and is mad, my MIL told Tommy. The hospital isnít letting him get up to go to the bathroom because of the tube still being in place, so he is mad about that. We donít know exactly when he will get out of the hospital.

My GMIL is in a nursing home, and has been since New Yearís Eve. She fell and broke her hip the day after Christmas. So, the doctorís put a steel plate and screw in her hip. She has been in there like I said since New Yearís Eve, and now my FIL. What else could go wrong?
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Good morning ladies,

Susan - oic!

Mel - Katie was just visiting Epcot yesterday. She gets in all the parks for free anytime she wants, and get a discount of food, merchandise, and resorts rooms. Which all that will come in handy when we go back down there in March. She'll be working in Animal Kingdom, in Dinoland.

Sue - thanks for your kind words about Katie. I'm pretty sure, that if the soil sample is ok, we'll have to take down only one unproductive apple tree. That's one reason we picked the area we did. Although we have 58 acres, we want to get as close to the old site as possible. Glad you're feeling better.

Angie - wow, sounds like you've been busy - as usual - with the play. I just can't wait to meet you, Ang. Your personality reminds me so much of a close friend I have irl. Her name is Kathy and we've been buds since we were 13. Anyway, thanks for the thoughts the other day. It's getting easier, and I didn't even cry after Katie and I hung up last night. She's so happy, and I keep telling myself she's at Kayla's house, which is not far. The distance thing bothers me! I too hope you aren't passed over for fulltime because of the surgery. That wouldn't be fair!

Mindee - don't ever ask what else can go wrong, hon.... the Fates will be happy to show you. I know you're just glad that it isn't one of your DSs who're sick. Thank you for the update.

Today I'll have Madison with me for most of the day. Mary's kids take turns being "Grandma's Girl" and it's Madi's turn. That will keep me busy, lol. Not sure what we'll do yet, but we'll think of something.

I've been eating something for lunch that's very healthy, oh so good, and carries me nicely for hours. It's 2 1/2 ounces of cooked chicken, shredded, mixed with green onion, or celery, 1 T chopped walnuts, and 2 T Light Done Right Ranch dressing. I pile this on toasted Sara Lee Multi Grain bread and eat it with an orange. I think the protein is what's giving me the edge, and the nuts have the Omega 3 fats that are supposed to be so good for us. Just thought I'd share.

See ya later.
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kitty Momo
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Good Morning!!!!

Jane - what is oic??? Reminds me so much of oink The shredded chicken sandwich sounds YUM

I love you too Ang - you wanna get married in April??? hehe. I must say meeting Angie back in 2000 she cleans up well. When I first saw her in the airport she was ..........messy -lol but when we went out one night she was all pretty in a pink sweater and very pretty - though she was pretty messy too,,,,,,,,in a pretty messy

You can call me Susan , Mel. Though Gaby was calling me Mommy Susan last night and I said "excuse me, you only have 1 mommy - you don't need to call me Mommy Susan. Because she does call her dad - daddy Mike and my ex husband Daddy Doug.
Though Daddy Doug is her daddy in the true sense. He has babysat her since she was 1 years old- she will be 4 mid Feb....

Long winded today, ain't I???

Where is Katy??? I should have honked when I passed her house this morning!

Mindee - HUGS - hope all your relatives are doing better today

Sue- Good Morning am I kidding?? Usually to humor myself but if you dare me I will do it and who knows I might get married in April. I just would rather have some more answers to our future before I was "when am I going to see you again Rocky??" - lol

Walked 2 miles! YAY The ex put it at the most inclined position and it was a tough walk. Tomorrow is weigh in - yay.....argh.....

I had scrambled eggs w/ tuna this morning.......don't ask, the ex made it. It was good.

better get busy.....morning Cristi!!
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I'm here...I'm here...just a busy week and I haven't had much time to write anything beyond my daily check in on the challenge. The challenge is very helpful, btw. Just knowing I have to "report" is very if any of you were thinking about joining in, please do! the more the merrier and the goals don't have to be too heinous. Baby steps, you know....

Susan- how funny - I always wave when I pass your house on the way to the gym in the morning...'course that's probably when you are passing my house so neither of us are at home Ok - so what's up with Doug - he sure is feeding you alot lately As my grandma says, "Any meal is delicious that you don't have to make yourself" Hee hee. BTW - kudos to you for thinking of your girls when considering a move to Hawaii. My mom left our home when I was 13, and our location wasn't much of consideration after that. She spent most of the time in Eugene which wasn't too bad for visiting, but there were times when she lived on the other side of the country for her doctoral work and it was hard knowing that for her that was her priority, not being available for us when we were teens. Has always been a bitter pill, but we grow up and move on. I am glad that you are staying close to your girls. They may not act like they need you, but they really do.

- a belated Welcome Back - glad you had a good trip. Hope your soil testing goes well...building a new house probably seems like a massive undertaking, but it will be fun to watch it take shape. That's how I feel about our is always cool to see the progress. That chicken sounds really good. I have some canned chicken from Costco that I might have to try that with. If you like spicy food, I take that canned chicken, mix it with either one wedge of Laughing Cow cheese or a TB of FF Mayo, then I put a bit of hot chili garlic sauce and mix it all up. Makes a tasty chicken salad for sandwiches.

Mindee - hope things are looking up for your family members...hard when loved ones are so ill.

Angie - hope you don't lose out on that full time opportunity because of your surgery - that would be a bummer. We are looking at some ortho for DS...fortunately we have a little coverage. He will go to the orthodontist I had, who set up a good payment plan for the I figure he'll do that for DS as well. It wasn't too bad.

- glad you are feeling better..your house plan sounds lovely - I like wooded lots, too. Hope you can keep lots of trees.

Marti - Sorry about James' transfer Susan is right - we can come down there and entertain you for a day - take your mind off of things. Good excuse for me to see my brother, since he is in Eugene.

Mel - what party - where, lol! Don't get too crazy girl.

Cristi - glad you got some good news at your second mammo. Hope you stay on in the challenge thread. I can see how it can be difficult to settle on a challenge that fits where your life is at the moment. I think you're doing great.

Been watching Dancing with the Stars, and of course I watched The Bachelor - can't live without a little sleazefest. That's the Bach, not DWTS. The dancing show is downright inspirational...I should sign up for some ballroom that would burn off these pounds. The Bachelor is like slowing down to look at a car accident...just....can't....look....away.

Hi to anyone I missed - have a great day everyone
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Back for a minute to tell you about a free diet website called ***********( I checked it out and it is like Fitday, but there's more guidance and the exercise component is easier to use. If you're cheap, like me, and don't want to pay for ediets or some other online service this may be up your alley.

I signed up, but I am recording my food in a diary at the moment and don't want to record it twice. I'll check back after this fist 21 day challenge is complete.

I know there's a new policy about external links, but since this is a free site, I thought I'd be okay to post this.....Just let me know, Jane or Marti, if I need to move or remove.

ETA Ok - they automatically bleeped me...PM me if you want to know the name of the site and I can email it to you
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One day at a time
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Good afternoon ladies...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL! Hope your day is special! Don't party too hard.

SUSAN...well, you let me know when you do get married...I would love to go to Hawaii! Gaby would be the cutest flower girl. New balance shoes are good wonder the old man can walk so far. Hey, the first time I saw OIC I too thought of a pig! Then figured out it is oh I see! LOL

MARTI...hope you are having a good day.

SUE...hope you are feeling better and get over that sinus headache soon. I had the same thing a few days ago. Now it seems to have moved to my stomach.

KATY...I have always wanted to take dance lessons. V doesn't like to dance, imagine that. I LOVE to dance and miss it even though I wasn't very good. I will be back over on the challenge, in a few days, I'm thinking Monday after WI. Not having such a good week as far as weight loss, exercising, etc. but I'm not sure why since I started out good. I'll have to check out that site and see what it's all about. have your surgery on Josh's BD-Washington's bd too! So it will be easy to remember. Your hair sounds pretty! I wish I was more daring with my hair. I always liked Pink's hair when it was pink and thought about doing that, for like a minute! LOL

JULES...I thought I saw a post from you, guess not. Well, HI anyway! Hope all is well with you.

MINDEE...hope both your FIL and GMIL get to feeling better soon.

JANE...wtg on being POP!

That's about all I have ladies. Not a lot going on with me. Had errands to run this morning and now getting some laundry done. Last night I went through some of my photo albums to gather pics for my nephew and need to finish them up today. My sister was/is a horrible mom and she never took pics of the kids. Well, Michael has had a hard time because she will not tell him anything about his father and he has been searching for him for a few years to no avail. She never took picutres of him when he was younger either, neither one of the boys and he mentioned it one day. Well, me being me and always having a camera have lots and lots of pics of him which I know he will appreciate. I sent him some before but just got lazy and didn't go through the albums since. So this will be a nice surprise for him. Anyway, best get going and get the clothes out of the dryer and the other load in.

Take care ladies and have a blessed weekend!
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