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One day at a time
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Hello Ladies

Hope everyone is having an awesome day so far. I started my day off with my walk. Think I over did it with the weights yesterday. I did the 2 mile WATP video, then some weight training, 20 mns. on the bike, not sure why but a fast 5 mn. walk on the treadmill and then more weight training. And man do I feel it today. With the video alone it is a 30 mn. work-out and she adds arms to it so I was feeling it from thta already. With my arms being bad it feels sooooo good to lift the weights at the time I'm lifting but it's later on that I regret it. I just pushed it too far yesterday and won't do that again, not till I get used to it again. Even my legs felt sore. Anyway, still got in a 3 mile walk this morning.

Janet~WELCOME and good to see you decided to join us! I myself am not following any specific program at themoment. That may change in a little while. I did follow WW and did well with it so am thinking about rejoining. At the moment though, my focus is mainly on exercising and drinking my water. I have such a hard time with the water but it is getting easier. I know I have to drink so some days I just force it down. I followed the WATP book that she (Leslie Sansone) calls a walking diet. I did that for six weeks and am continuing with the exercise but only walking 3 days a week and then doing her video, exercise bike and some weight training 2 days a week.

Jane~I may take your advice and do a weight tracker with my highest weight and ultimate goal. Funny you should mention it because I went to do it yesterday, actually did do one. Just decided not to add it to my signature. BBQ chicken sounds good but we had that Monday! The roast yesterday was good. I had planned on making mashed potatoes with it but at the last minute decided to throw some baby carrots in the crock pot along with some peas and potatoes. Haven't tried the ranch dressing. Have to say I am not a fan of ranch dressing but not sure why because I don't know if I have ever tried it. I just may have to try it, it does sound good. As do the apples! I do like apples and feel like I need something sweet once in a while. Hey, how was Caylin's BD party? Can't remember if you mentioned it or not.

Susan~ for the 3 pounds! I think you could have your Wendy's chili every day and still lose weight. Especially if you have tons of veggies and fruit through out the day. And 13 pounds sounds more doable than 23 of course I am thinking in terms of how I lose which is very slow! LOL WOW 14-15 hours of sleep!! They must have been very tired! I know that one weekend that I came down with something I was in bed almost the whole weekend but didn't actually sleep the whole time.

Marti~I've been weighing once a week for so long I think it would be weird to miss a week. Even when I was gaining I still weighed so that I could keep on top of it and to make sure I didn't gain too much. Hey, 3 pounds isn't bad at all-you'll have that off in no time at all, and then some. Glad you made it to the gym at work. Don't over do it though. I haven't actually tried a gazelle yet so don't know what parts of the body it works on. Is it like skiing? Anyway, you are doing GREAT!! Keep up the good work. Doing a squat with the ball sounds easy to find the ball. I think I saw it in the garage a little while back.

Angie~ah, sorry to hear about Brandon and the commercial. At least he is going to get paid. You know I hear about companies doing goofy things like that all the time. Especially at V's job. These bright engineers with all their degrees get these bright ideas once in a while to save time or costs and it makes no sense at all. They started shipping work to Mexico a while back to save money and here they are losing money because the parts get here and are not right so they have to send them back which costs to have them shipped back and forth not to mention the time being wasted because the guys can't do anything without the parts-but they do get paid for standing around doing nothing. And it goes on and would not believe the stupid things this company does and I am sure it's not the only place that does it. I do hope you don't lose your job though. But if they are going to get rid of you maybe the temporary job would work till you found something permanent. It doesn't make sense what they are doing.

Hi to everyone else

Not much on the agenda for today. Like Jane, there are a lot of days there really is nothing going on with me and I almost don't post. But then I come to read what eveyrone else is doing and end up posting. I really don't do anything interesting to talk about but enjoy reading what is going on with you ladies. Anyway, did my walk and then grocery shopping. I'm home for the day. Need to do a couple of loads of laundry and am going to wash my car later. It needs it, inside and out. Will probably wash Josh's truck also. Had planned on mowing the front yard but it really doesn't need it. That will give me something to do tomorrow. I am definitely going to get a start on Josh's closet too. I have put that off too long and I know it won't take very long. Just a matter of folding some things and hanging other stuff so not sure why I haven't gotten it done. Next week I will do mine, or possibly this weekend. Anywhoooooo...

Take care ladies and have a wonderful Wednesday!
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Hello gals!!

Well I have to say that I'm feeling the aches in my legs today!! But thats ok. I'm psyching myself up to get on the gazelle.

Having James home yesterday to work out with was very nice. After doing the gazelle for half an hour, I worked on crunches and squats. And then I used the resistance bands for arm exercises.

I also went to the gym during my lunch break at work. I decided to lift some small weights to work on my biceps. Did a few different moves, then had some time left and got on the elliptical machine for 5 mins. I thought my body was going to go to sleep!! But I woke up w/lots of energy this morning so I suppose it was worth it!

Cristi--Hurray that you got your 3miles in this morning even though your sore! Very proud of you! And all your work is showing!! Just be careful when lifting w/your arm!! Don't want you to reinjur yourself!

Janet--We're all on different diets or programs or whatever you want to call it. I don't follow anything in particular...just really trying to watch my portions while eating and getting in the exercises that my body really needs.
How wonderful that your husband goes w/you when you ride the bus! It must be nice to have him near when your working. I miss working w/my husband....
Happy that you decided to join us!! Very happy to have you here!

Susan--I don't think the poll is closing anytime soon. Have you decided where you would like to meet?? I've talked to James about it all and I will post it on the "Poll" thread once I'm done here.
So 10lbs by Christmas for me and 13 for you. I think we can do it, as long as we work hard for it!! If I don't, I'm not going to cry about it. I'm a SLOW loser.....I'll take whatever I can get!

Angie--You did the gazelle w/no shoes?! I find myself slipping and sliding more w/out shoes! I need to buy a wok. I've wanted one for so long. I used to have an electric one, but it was no good. Every things stuck!! I think I should go buy one at the Asian store they have in Eugene. They have lots of great things I would love to buy. Maybe I'll add a wok to James "to get" list for Christmas. (he loves to cook)

Hello to all the other gals out there.

Well I HAVE to get on my gazelle before I talk myself out of it. And I don't want to do that. I have goals.

I gotta keep saying that....maybe stick it in my siggy.

I have goals.
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kitty Momo
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UGH- how long do we have to wait for the poll to close??? lol I totally have my bags packed and want to go somewhere. I did vote. Can I vote again?? - lol I just want to go somewhere.

Better get. My assistant is being a pain again. She was late (again) I asked to do something at 1:30 and by 3:00 I was pulling stuff out of her hands saying........"go do it!" I need it done for a meeting tomorrow.

k- back to work
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Hello ladies!

Marti - Yay for all your hard work on exercising. One thing about the treadmill, it's much harder to walk a mile on it than a mile outside, so the workout must be better. As you said, the gazelle is good for varying the speed w/o buttons, as I do during commercials, lol. Saw what you wrote at the poll. YAY that you'll be joining us, if we end up in Vegas. I think 1 complete day is all I'll be there, too. If we fly in on a Friday night, that would give us Saturday, and then go back home Sunday. Guess it's time for me to start a "When" thread now, lol.

Susan - did you ever officially vote? Seems like everyone is willing to go to Vegas. The poll will close after the active JLs have all voted, which should be about anytime now. The fiber in the chili is good for you. Keeps things movin', iykwim. Surely you aren't thinking of having only one meal a day! If I did that, my insulin level would dip so low I'd be on the floor, lol. Hey, I'm not rich, but I live on a farm, and we had chickens until something ate them. No, it wasn't us, lol. Probably a weasel, Neal says.

Angie - when I'm rich enough, I'm gonna hire Hanz away from you, lol. Will you get to draw unemployment checks when your job is over? If so, you might want to rethink the part-time receptionist job. Maybe that's why they're offering it?

Janet - YAY for the 7# down! I do WW and love it. It's so flexible, and this is the first time in my life that I've lost weight eating exactly the same foods as my family. Just not the same portions, lol. I don't bring junk food into the house, though. Btw, you're welcome to vote in the meet-up poll. By the time we get together next June, you'll be firmly settled as a Jaded Lady, lol.

Cristi - I had my signature/avatar option turned off to help me load pages quicker, then turned it back on to see Angie's avatar, and noticed your signature. Now it's back off, so I don't know if you added the pounds to your loss or not, but I hope you did. You lost the weight, so you might as well count that success, imho. Caylin's party was so fun! Dale's mom and I neither one ate anything, so we sat and talked. Then the kids all went outside to try out a new 2-seater toy car Terry brought over. It's one of those battery powered ones, and the kids had a blast!

Like Cristi, I always get weighed every week, except when we moved, and the scale wasn't calibrated, those few weeks was the first time I skipped in a very long time. But I was in such a funk about the house and everything, I just didn't care about it. I'm in a good place mentally again, and really, really like the feeling of self-control.

Madison and I went to the orchard today. Bought some very crisp golden delicious apples, then went to each of my sisters' homes to share. The people at the orchard let Madi and me see the back room, which was very nice, and had lots of windows, and we saw the apples come up on a converyor belt, in water. Cool! The guys there packed our 1/2 bushel, and it was fun.

Have a great evening!
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kitty Momo
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Yes, I had voted for Vegas - though Indy was great too. Portland is wonderful but I live here and I really want a vacation down the road in June or whenever we do this......and it has chapels......and I can marry .......someone.....jk
Though co worker showed up today and said hello, I am more attracted to my former maintenance man who was in tow with him. Sooooooo cute. Bachelor though.

blah - blah...........chicken tonight!!! So hungry.....
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Hi everyone!

It's been a few days so I figured I'd better check in with everyone.

Janet - a belated "hi" and "welcome". I've only been a JL for a short time but these are very nice and caring women. I started out on the Michael Thurmond 6 week body makeover - it makes sense. I just finished the SMART technique which is a series of CDs (or tapes) that are like self-hypnosis to target different subconscious problems. I really enjoyed them and feel like they have helped me quite a bit. I'm not able to exercise much and I try to drink approx. 80 oz to 100 oz of water a day.

Mon. & Tues. are always soooo hectic at work. I'm usually too tired to even sit at the computer when I get home. Some friends came over yesterday and started putting up the storage building for my hubby. It's only the framework so far, but it sure looks good to us! One guy is supposed to come back tomorrow AM and do some more on it. Everything revolves around everyone's work schedules, when they have time they will finish it. Can't argue with that!

Got a lot of laundry to do tonight so I better get started. See everyone later!

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Give me strength
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picture this...small child wanting toy,,,not getting toy,,,throwing a major tantrum. That is me when I saw I gained 2 lbs. Of course it was all in my head and now I have a serious headache... all that inside wailing...I So I stayed after to talk with the instructor. HECK the way Im feeling I should of at least been down a full lb with all the hair I got cut off. So she looked at my tracker. And came to the conclusion that I haven't eaten enough. Ive not been hungry and with being so busy Ive been eating an apple on the run instead of a full meal. Ive got about 30 points plus my 35 bonus points left over. And with starting to do the gazelle,,,I guess you can say Ive been starving myself? Im disappointed,,,if Id known I would of course eaten more.
btw,,,Im not loosing my job,,,the orginal job in the call centre. I was just job sharing with another lady in recept and doing my call centre job. So Im going back to just the call centre. Im ok with that,,,I get a break again. I did like it cause it made me think ahead with food and to bring a healthy lunch.

Jane,,,I will go and vote.. Is Mary's MIL on a program too? Gotta laugh someone overheard me today talking about going to a meeting and possibly trying out other meetings,,,I think they thought I was in

Susan too bad your ex boss is

Well I don't have anything really good to say,,,Im kinda cranky right now,,,the inner child is still wanting to throw themselves down and kick her feet...maybe bang her head a couple of times for good measure.
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Stop!! We're full!!!

So hop on over to ChitChat # 147.........see ya over there!
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