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Height: 5 ft 1 inch


Shad-- Glad that Mel is beginning to mend. Thanks for the update. Two hours on the train. yikes. Glad you are home.

Happy--I agree. I like this thread for that very reason. Conversation.

Holly--Good luck on keeping the house tidy. I have a hard time of that and it's just me.

The guys came over today and watched some of the foot ball game. Tim was in a very good mood. After they left he kept calling me for updates on the game.

We got paid today so that was a nice suprise. We also got our Christmas bonus. Tim came over to relieve me long enough to go make a bank deposit. Like I said he was in a very good mood.

I'm leaving my house around 5:30 a.m. in the morning for Missouri. It's going to take me about 6 hours to drive if I make a pit stop along the way. Hope there will be something open. I'm filling the car up with gas tonight. This should put me at my baby sister's house not later than noon. She told me we are doing the mall bright and early Friday morning. I'm taking my Christmas bonus with me.

Hello to Meadow, Painter Woman, Rose and Teel.
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I did the ABdominal-WATP *I like the AB part, reminds me Antonio everytime I see it I used my two pound weights instead of her bungie cord belt thing, only pettered out on one set of overhead up and downs I've had a craving for raison bran muffins, but I want a certain flavour with the dark blackstrap molasses not that thin cooking molasses taste I'll have to make my own, I suspect

Holly-so let me get this right, you were assaulted by Keith Urban while being held down by dust bunnies? Wow, things are really frantic on your side of the country Can I come watch Or was it really the kids holding you down while the cats licked you senseless Have I confused things any I hope you bundled up warm while shovelling all that snow on the driveway, our snow lasted about two days and no shovelling was required, managed to get a snowman made in the front and back yards though so it was enough to play in

Happy-mmm, cookies. Tummers Shortbread? My husband wants me to make bread from scratch like his mom does I told him I would mix up the stuff but he would have to be in charge of the rising and shaping and cooking, that is where I usually fail. Atmospheric temperatures always fluctuate and the bread suffers I hope you and your family get some good fun in together, you are very lucky. Yes, I've been to Butchart gardens, even bought some seeds from their on-line store. It is an unbelievable feeling being in that space surrounded by undulating layers of growth and flowers. It is like being transported to one of those Star Trek galaxies of spendour and bliss.

Shad-oh brother, taking the train is turning into a bit of an adventure for you these days isn't it? Why don't you get a helicopter to work like Donald Trump, much more civilized Good luck with the reports, hope you are satisfied with the changes and don't need to go back and fiddle I'm glad Mel is letting you know how she is getting on, fingers crossed she gets back to good and doesn't over do.

Big hug and hello to PW, Ceejay, Teel, Linus, Tig, Rose, Linda and all the chicks around the world who peep but don't post

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Height: 157cm


New home now developed. Go to:

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