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fatter than U
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Talking Are YOU pasture prime?

Good morning, cows! It's Monday and the start of a new, slim week. I hope.

I just got an adorable blue cover for my washing machine to match the one on my dryer. No, it's not like a tea cosy. I have one of those itty bitty German washing machines - front loader, no agitator (I'm agitated enough already ). Now if I could only get the laundry room de junked. I'm appalled that Bagzie went ahead and decluttered her house without telling us. And now she's getting thin! You're skating on thin ice, darling!

The highlight of my week will be stocking up in maple syrup. It's on special. We live on maple syrup. Yum

Peachers- can I be your second cousin twice removed? It would mean so much to me.

Go exercise!

[SIZE=huge] Sugar P[/SIZE]
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Default I am a better person than Bagz

Sugar you may not be my second cousin twice removed. That would mean your mom was my second cousin once removed and your grandma was my second cousin. So forget it. You may be Lush's though and make HER sound really old.

I am so inspired by Bagzie. I am not mad because she has a gorgeous un-messie house. Herbie picked up a picture of that house the other day and said, "What a beautiful house!!!" I got to explain that I had been there.

All day I will think about how thin Bagzie is becoming and I will not eat alllll that stuff that I normally do. I did 30 crunches last night!!
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Cool Why are you asking her????????

Sugar, darling, why ask Peaches? If you want to be her cousin, you have to be my cousin, too. I am the nice sister, and the one you should ask. She is so difficult around holidays....she NEVER brings a decent's always some corn pone southern stuff that probably comes out of the instant grits box.
We are looking forward to your contribution. As you know, Letty and Marcella often join the family for these occasions. I'll clue you in that you should NEVER eat anything Letty brings that looks chocolate. My NYC trip was nice. This weekend, I camped and that was nice, also. BUt I came home with a cold and it is slowing me down. I've been pretty serious about my eating and I have been walking. Do you think that heavy yard work would count or do you think that weights should be included? Now that all my crises are over, I have no excuse but to take care of myself. We go to settlement on my Mom's house....eeeeeekkkkk!!!!!! it's tomorrow!!!!!!!!.........That has been a nightmare. Let's all promise to clean out our junk before our kids have to do it. The auction is on Saturday, I don't think I'm going to go. Naturally, all siblings except rogue stepsister who I had not seen for 16 years prior to crisis, have been total jerks. Not one regular sib, half or step has done one thing. NOt one. Gripe, gripe, gripe. I'be got to hit it. Maybe I'll post a chore list......see? I've given you something to look forward to. I agree that Bagz was always an impostor at MA> She never had a messy house.
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Default Check in

Hi Cows. True confession time. I have been almost perfect on the WW program except Saturday night. We went to a movie with friends and out to dinner. Popcorn. Margaritas. Chips and Salsa. But tommorrow is a new day, Scarlet and I've been a good girl ever since.

Sugar, you could have been my cousin, in fact you may be my cousin. My Dad had 11 brothers and sisters and they all had scads of kids and I've never been able to keep track of them all. They used to rent the Grange Hall for holiday dinners.

I went to a really cool nursery with a friend yesterday. They have huge display gardens and now I'm reinspired to do some new plantings. They have a website - - what a lovely name for a nursery!

Post your list Lush, I need inspiration in the work department too.

Peaches, I was shocked at how grown up Peachson looks all of the sudden! When did that happen?

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Default I'm ashamed`

I've read Sugar's title several times and I just got it. She's so clever. I have other people's children here to play with my children. I am wondering if you are watching this MeVeigh execution coverage? Did you see that this site is also in financial trouble? Life is so insecure. I'm going to go: 1. make llunch for kids 2, put away pots and pans. 3.shift wash
take nap???????? No, that is why I invited kids over. I can't nap all day with company.
4. make tons of meatballs for DD's graduation party on Saturday.
5. Fax stuff for tomorrow's settlement
6. clean papers out of living room
6. Call Sears about lawnmower
7. put away wash
8. empty dw
9. clean pyrex dishes
10, check back in to read volumes of messages.
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Default re: Sugar's topic

It's just Another Jab at my age and I will ignore it.

Also, out of all of you ( I won't try to county you ) only Wabby has remarked on how handsome ds is and he looks like me. She didn't say those words but that's how they talk in that branch of the family.

It's storming here and I'm eating grapes. I will lose weight and be too adorable for any of you to recognize.
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