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Thumbs up How did you find the 3fatchicks website?

I personally used my search engine for "weight loss message boards" and it was one of the many results found. But it was the only one I linked to. I thought any place with a name like that has got to be for me! This was before the administrators were with the current server, back in 1997. I signed on as "Peggy" over there, and then followed them to the new server in August of 1999. I was part of the Featherweights group over in Support and when we changed the name to the Jaded Ladies, the administrators graciously said "yes" to giving us our own little corner of 3fatchicks.

Before finding this place, I even tried a fat acceptance site, thinking I'd never be able to lose so much weight, but that didn't last long. I knew I wanted to be with a group that promoted health, no matter how long it took me to lose weight.

Want to share how you find this web site, and in particular, the Jaded Ladies? However you did it, I'm sure glad you'e here!!
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Well...I found 3fc three times actually. The first time back in Aug '99 I think, maybe a little after that. I had joined e-diets and met a few ladies there who had mentioned it and told me to check it out. Didn't get so involved at that time because I was with e-diets so kind of forgot about it. Then it came to mind the summer of 2001-02 and I was actually with a thread that is still here with only a couple of the original ladies. At that time there were about 5 or 6 of us and one lady quit and then two of the others got into it and never wanted to discuss it and I just kind of went away like the rest did. Never did find out what happened. I kind of lurked a little after that and then went away. So then came back and was with another thread that a little started but never came back. It was going strong for a while and then everyone just kind of went away-grew tired of talking to myself and the rest is history. I started looking for another home and found you ladies and have been here ever since! And am glad I did. I may have not lost any weight (yet) but I gained a lot more! Thank you Jaded Ladies!!
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I found this site while on my lunch break at Sony and I was looking for "Before & After" photo's of people who have lost weight. It motivated me to get moving. I would come on everyday and just check it out, then go work out.

Then when I got on, I couldn't find the page anymore, so I browsed around the site and found the message board. Had never used a message board before so I just read for months before I finally decided to join.

The "Jaded Ladies" were in the Support forum and were called "July Jaded Ladies" or what ever month it was. And when it moved to our own little nook, I followed. Was welcomed immediately and I just felt right at home. Kept me on track.

I truly enjoyed getting to know each and everyone one of you....such a pleasure! Now if we could win the lottery and everyone could travel to meet. That would be fun!
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I can dream, can't I?
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Hmm, I am newer at this than you all. I had actually read an article that mentioned the web site, although I can't remember what the article was. I came on and looked around, stopped at the South Beach threads since I was trying that. Came back off and on for awhile then Stopped by Jaded Ladies. The rest they say is History.....
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Just a few days ago via Google. I've been on the lookout for active weight loss support message boards. I like it here, though must say that the size of the forum is somewhat overwhelming - I guess I need to find my own "niche"
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I had heard of 3fatchicks but had never been here. When my daughter encouraged me to try south beach I joined the online site and kept seeing 3fatchicks on some of the peoples I came to check it out! I actually like the support here much better than the south beach site!!
And Jaded Ladies is the icing on the cake!!!

errr or maybe I should say the laughing cow light cheese on the
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