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Kempy and Angie, sorry I couldn't get online to wish you both a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My computer is dying a slow death and i'm getting some really bad popups and junk that makes it a pain to get online. Hope you guys had the best birthday's and many more to come. No couting calories this weekend, heck, party the entire weekend!

Hey girls, hope everyone is having a crazy fun weekend. I just got back from that motorcycle rally I told you guys was so cool. We took the car so we just hung out under a tent watching the bands play music and stuff while walking around checking out all the cool bikes. We got Eddie Trotta, Chica, Matt Hotch and Corey Ness to sign Michael's hat. I gotta save it, it's too cool. The sucky thing is is that I had my batteries all charged up and forgot the freakin' camera on the bed! I am so bummed about that. Oh well, there's always next year right? Hopefully they can get the boys from OCC down here. Bikes are getting BIG out here so maybe that'll draw some more big name builders.

Angie, that is so cool you met Cal. I agree, she is one cool lady. You are too funny about hiding behind that showcase for the picture taking. Sounds like something I would do. Your family sounds like a bunch of pranksters, but you know they love ya. I wouldn't mind if y'all came down to HI, I'd gladly show you around. Heck, we could all hop on an interisland plane and visit the Big Island to see if the volcano is erupting. Jay would be jealous I didn't know that about the siamese or himalayan cats and their coloring, that's neat.

Julie, yeah I just heard about Bo getting married to his sweetheart. That's good, he did the right thing--I heard she was pregnant? Can't wait until his album comes out. Lynyrd Skynyrd is playing a gig here at the Marine Corps base would've been awesome if Bo was there too, yeah, wishful thinking. We bought some fireworks for tomorrow, fireworks are legal here to a certain extent, you have to buy a $25 permit for a limit of 5K firecrackers. You can buy multiple permits to buy more, but of course, that just makes it more expensive. You can buy the type that don't require permits, like those fountain types that make the cool colors but a lot of smoke.

Kempy, enjoy a margarita for me @ Chili's will ya? Are you having your beach weekend now? Have fun wherever you are.

Well girls, I'm beat from too much sun. I think I'll take a nap. Have a safe and fun 4th!

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Default I Don't Wanna Go To Work Today

I am soooo tired. I hit thye town last night with my family (My parents, 8 sibs,two aunts, one uncle, and 9 cousins.) We could have had our own parade. My baby cousin turned three on the fourth so we told her that the fireworks on 42nd street were just for her! then we went to broadway and got her a characeture I had a blast but I stayed out way late and I have to go to work early this morning. I feel like a zombie but I refuse to use a sick day.

Angie, you got my wheels turning! A Union of the "weighty issues" crew! That would be awesome. I must admit, though I am not crazy about a long flight to hawaii. I've been on enough plane rides to last the rest of my life. I always wanted to go to hawaii though it was actually the long flight which prevented me from doing it. I don't know...maybe I can work my way up to it.

Good morning to everyone else. I don't have time to write to you all individually but I can't wait to see the pic of Angie and Cal. How exciting! I'm of to work now, have a good one, girls.
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