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Good Tuesday morning!

Good book pick, Lush--I enjoyed Memoirs last summer, and TDH is actually reading it right now. You are so inspiring, Lushious one...I may also attack the kitchen floor problem. BBQ chicken for supper. And spuds. And salad. And I won't be here to enjoy it, I will be instructing adults on how to put a sentence together. Marking good news letters today. Lots of 'business-ese' used to obfuscate what they really mean. Sigh. Just say it, ding dang. Clear, direct, simple language. They don't get it.

Sugar Plum...hope the little guy is coughing less today. Dd9 is home today feeling yucky, probably from lack of sleep. We went to Red Deer to visit TDH's aunt & uncle and had lots of fun...we played cards, catch, walked in the park. Aunt Jo is amazing--she's late 50's and she is cycling 30-35 km a day training for a lengthy bike ride through the mountains in July to raise money for the Bible society. Wow. I slept in while she did her ride. Slothful, yes.

Ah, the beach. Good for you, Wabby. Sounds like fun. It's sunny but windy today, we are still skeptical about putting our flowers out for good up here...never mind hitting the beach. We are green. With envy, that is.

Phew, Peaches boobs are good. My sil sent me an e-mail last summer regarding a humourous take on mamography...something about slamming your frontage into the fridge door. Quite a doc you have there, Peaches. Sounds like she has a sense of humour. I don't think our Dr. has one. He's usually in a hurry.

Kiwi--spag straps with jacket...good compromise. Haven't attacked the cutting out of the dress, yet. Perhaps tomorrow. DD13 phoned from school this morning asking if I would bring her forgotten trumpet to school. At 76 cents a litre for gas, the short answer is no. Live with the consequences, kiddo. But I said it nicely. Really. Kiwi--e-mail the URL to the quiz. I may be no-brained.
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Default I think it's really funny

that nobody posts on our threads but us. Apparently the people at 3fc are smarter than the cybermoms.

Wabby, the beach sounds lovely. DD and I are going in a few short weeks to the beach in NC. Of course I don't expect it to be quite as idyllic as your weekend. We are taking DD's most live-wire friend--wonderful kid, but so much energy! And my parents will be there, so I will have to tolerate the endless discussions about the next meal. And then there's my sis and her dh and 2 boys--I can't wait to see them. The baby will have his first birthday before we go and the older one will be almost 3. Fun yes, relaxing no! I anticipate putting the 2 girls to the task of entertaining the little guys, thus killing 4 birds with one stone so to speak, but that still leaves my parents to entertain.

Sugar, how's the little guy? That sounds like a croup cough, eh? Hope he's feeling better.

Frankly I think slamming the frontage into a fridge door sounds more gentle than a mammagram.

That's Lushette who's wearing a jacket over the spags. Here in Moosretch we don't have any nuns ruling over dresses. We have only our (DH and my) lonely but determined standards to hold up between DD and the general sluttiness of the local fashions.

Best of luck with the English as a Foreign Concept crowd, Cran. That brain quiz is a file, I don't have a URL for it, I just have the file. It's about 1 MB. I could send it to your Yahoo address and you could see if it would download.

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Default yuck

I'm in a blah mood.
I am envious of your beach trips. I will haul all kids down for day at a time stuff. We should go for a time but since it is only a 1/2 hour on the expressway it seems a waste of vacation time. Though, of course, it isn't.
I am about to go out to buy a couch. I hate to buy things like this. It seems more of a commitment to me than who I married. I am away from the oatmeal and cream rooms.....the family room is blue and burgundy. Couch in question will be slate ultra suede and a sectional. Now that we have divided the room between nintendo people and tv people, we need more couches. Do your kids have TV's in their rooms? We don't so my kids have a second TV in the family room so that I can monitor their video games. Don't want their little minds turning to mush.
Cranny, my DD is the one with the jacket and is the glory of the nuns.
I noticed that no other fc's have come to visit, also. How respectful. That one girl came by but we were still moving in and didn't entertain too well. She should have brought a cake, anyway.
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Default Lack o' lurkers

you're right, Kiwi, WLB was so much fun because of all the nutbags. I have a feeling any nutbag who wanted to get in here would shy away from going through the registration process.

Little guy seemed a bit better today. Low fever, occasional cough but very chipper. What's a mom to do?

I was reading an article in a parenting magazine today about 5 woman who all have children from the same sperm donor. They are all single mothers and got together to compare their kids. One was 31 years old and said she chose artificial insemination because she was very religious and "didn't believe in sex before marriage". Fine. So when she went to tell her pastor that she was carrying twins he told her that it was a sin to bear a child without a father. You just can't win, can you?

I need to go to bed. But I probably won't.
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Default we NEED our nutbags

Jeff is afraid of the telephone?

Lush will explain about what the priest said as she is our ONLY Italian and knows all about that.

I miss WLB but, I too, am afraid of the phone. And the computer is connected to one so I can't stay on here long, you understand. I especially miss html which allowed me to YELL AT KIWIOKS THAT I WEIGH 140 lbs and IT's HER HER HER HER FAULT for making me tense.

(I should take that back as Kiwiosk has turned out to be sensitive but I won't. Perhaps someone else ... Letty? ... will speak in Kiwiosk's defense.)

Our ediot is back from her surgery, shows that she doesn't feel well and is still a pain in the rear. Sometimes, I think passive-aggression is entirely appropriate. Like when she said to me, "I'll have dodohead take your camera tonight." Didn't ask. Dodohead smiled and said, "Only if you don't need it." I smiled and said, "I dont' need it tonight."

If they find it where I left it for them it will be amazing.
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Default Peacher's Ediot

Is this the woman who has no neck? Why would she want to have cosmetic surgery? No one would get past her neck to notice, would they?
Tomorrow is German Father's Day - the annual "push you drunken father around in a wheelbarrow day". It's also Ascension Day or something for those people who have better things to do than get drunk. We have invited ils over for a barbeque. Fil has specified exactly what he wants to eat and what kind of beer dh should buy. We're giving in on the food but not the beer. He's getting a hanging basket and a kick in the butt to show him how much he means to us.
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Default Watch it, Peachbottom

I have the poll results. Flogging will begin soon. Of course we will be lenient on increasing numbers.

We're so supportive. Oh, by the way, if you want to yell at me in bold, you can still do that using the vB code on the left side. You use the square brackets instead of <s and >s.

Sugar, do you have a wheelbarrow? I think you should definitely participate in this quaint tradition. After all, wheelbarrows are notoriously unstable and people could easily be dumped out.

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