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Good Afternoon! It's another cloudy and windy day in my neighborhood. About an hour ago it started to rain, and now the deck looks like it is getting "crunchy." I'm glad it is happening today and not yesterday when we were driving home. We came home with leftovers so had thanksgiving dinner again today. I've done some laundry and now need to unload the dishwasher. Bob's office is closed today so it has been football on tv all afternoon. Iowa has been ahead but now see that the score is tied, 24-24, with Nebraska. Since I am not a football fan I don't sit and watch the game with much interest.

Ceejay, on going to the gym again! I’m glad your bil tolerated his new treatment better. I feel for your sister having the stomach bug. That seems to be going around here too. When someone says flu I always think of stomach rather than respiratory. Either one is bad! I cleaned out a kitchen drawer and got rid of four spatulas I never use and were taking up space. Two were hand me downs from my mom many, many years ago. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family tomorrow.

The dishwasher is done so I need to unload it. There was just a Taco Bell ad on tv and it looked so good! Guess my lunch is running low. Enjoy the rest of a fabulous Friday!

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Good morning all. Going to be rainy today but supposed to be near 70! Jack is out getting his hair cut and running a couple errands and I just heard what sounded like gun shots. One sound then 3-4 more. Havenít heard sirens though so must be something else. Sure is weird growing up in a tiny town where worst crime is somebody getting drunk, to living in this city where crime and shooting is an everyday occurrence.

We had a very nice meal. The food was really good. Yesterday, I took mac n cheese and put it in a bowl and cut up some ham into it and nuked it. It was great! I already ordered Christmas dinner from Honeybaked Ham. I ordered a small ham, augratin potatoes, cinnamon apples and a red velvet cake. Iíll add some veg of my own to it, maybe shred some Brussel sprouts and cook them with bacon. I saw it once on food network. Itís like cole slaw shred. Really good.

CeeJay: Hope you had a nice holiday. I sure hope your nephew can get himself on a good path and your bil start improving. This stuff with your nephew has to be hard on him. Great job going to the gym.

Jean: Football all afternoon at our house too, U of Memphis and then Boise State, Jackís two favorite teams so there was a lot of channel flipping. Free HBO weekend so I watched a movie here and there on my Ipad. Streaming is terrible though. Hope you had a nice holiday too. The city gives you time off in three ways, sick time, which you have to have dr excuse if out more than one day, pd vacation which varies depending on how many years youíve worked there and yes it has to be used by Dec 31 of each year or you lose it, and bonus days. You can earn 4 a year, can carry over up to 4 each year into the following year, and you earn them by taking no sick time in 90 day increments. So, you get a bonus day for every quarter you donít take sick time.

Have a nice weekend!
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Evening ladies
My sis had their Thanksgiving meal this afternoon and I really enjoyed the company and the food. Sis is a great cook. I got my fix on holding the babies. Our 8 month old is really active. and our 2 month old is so cuddly. The grand kids were not as rowdy today either. Parents sent them outside because it was a gorgeous day. When they came back in they smelled of fresh air. I love that smell.

The cinnamon apples sound heavenly. I haven't had those is a long time. I think ordering the food a is a wise thing to do. Bil usually has a ballgame on but this year his grand daughter wanted to watch something so she won. I hope nephew can work on his problem too. He's really a neat person to be around when he is sober.

Hope you are having a great week end also.
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