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Good morning to you all. We are supposed to hit in the 80's today with lots of sunshine. That would be very nice.

Jack took my garage door opener because he has repaired his a bunch of times and it has now gone to the big garage in the sky. I ordered two online with faster delivery and hope they get here soon and more importantly that they work properly. I found a place in Cleveland that sells them a lot cheaper than buying them on Amazon by about half.

I sat and paid some bills this morning and am going to do my darndest to clean that bathroom upstairs. It desperately needs it. I need to put away the electric blanket and some clothes that Jack took upstairs last night too.

My new attempt at eating healthier is wreaking havoc with my colon and I was in the bathroom yesterday more than I was out, but I want to get my diabetes number in a better place and my liver enzymes too. I just hope over a few days it will settle down because it is rough going the other way.

Jean: Doesn't much matter what the speed limit is around here as the folks drive about 85 on the interstate and on 240 around the city. Jack tries to drive the speed limit, but they make it more dangerous to do so. He was driving 70 the other day and people were zooming past him. I told him he wouldn't get a ticket as long as everyone else was going faster than he was. Our speed limit bounces back and forth between 55 and 65 depending where you are in the city with regards to the interstate. People here just drive plain nuts. I found diet raspberry online but they wanted $56 for a box of 6 and that's ridiculous. I will just drink the peach. I have tea in the fridge for Jack made up, but he drinks big tall glasses with dinner every night and if I drank it too I would be making tea everyday and I am not about to do that as it is a pain IMO. Do you buy Easter outfits for the grandkids? They may be getting too old for that though. I am just giving the boys money.

Everyone have a good day. Going to sit and knit for awhile then make my breakfast. Oatmeal on the agenda today with blueberries.
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Good Afternoon! It has been raining almost continuously today, damp and cold feeling in the house so I cranked the furnace up another notch. I went to get my nails done this morning then did a couple errands. This afternoon I had an eye appointment. It's not time for my yearly checkup but I have been having trouble with one eye being blurry when I try to read signs and see sparkles around headlights. Not sure what is going on but a different prescription from the last time in one eye. I have a cataract starting but the lens has some irritation which could also be the problem. Have to wear my Coke bottle glasses for a week and go back for a recheck. I don't have time to mess with this but need to see! I've never has my eyes dilated before. The doctor gave me me a paper sunglasses as I was leaving, I reminded him it was raining.

"Gma," I always thought you ate pretty healthy because of the diabetes. What are you doing differently, or what do you need to change? I know I eat too many carbs but try to watch it from day to day if I really go over. Bob's ice tea is Pure Leaf brand. I have seen it in the grocery store but he usually buys it at the gas station store. Speaking of which, I just visited with a gal who had been to California on vacation. She said the drink there is Pepsi and it's hard to find Coke products. We are having trouble finding 7Up in restaurants or quick stops around here, it is Sprite or nothing. When you make ice tea do you boil water and use tea bags? That is the way my mom and grandma made it, sometimes I do too. I did go to bell practice and marked the name of the notes BIG so I could see them.

I need to clear off the counter before I sit down for the evening. Enjoy a wonderful Wednesday evening!

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