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Good Morning! We got up to rain and dropping temperatures; the rain has now turned to snow with schools cancelling classes. Bob is supposed to usher at a funeral this morning; he is backup to the regular retired guys who usually usher. It was supposed to be a large one for a 57 year old who had cancer. With this weather it may be pretty small. I have a couple cupboards I want to clean out as I know there are some "old" food items that need to be pitched. Other than that the vacuum is waiting plus a grubby kitchen floor.

Susan, I watched the snow videos and thought of you! You are smart to stay put. Any quilt looks like a mystery puzzle to me. I would probably get pieces out of order and it would end up being a hodge podge. Your new projects will be beautiful I'm sure. Needless to say, I am more than a little nervous about flying to Florida. I know violence can happen anywhere but never thought it would be where I would have been.

"Gma," most everyone at the kickoff was dressed in jeans, the gals in multiple layered tops. There were four of us belonging to the next generation and we all wore church clothes. It never occurred to us to wear jeans. Over the years none of our Christmas parties have been dressier than church clothes which was good because that is as dressy as we get. We've had several people tell us that a dress shirt and tie are good enough for the cruise ship's formal dinners. I know you said Jack wears a tux. I told Bob if the guys are wearing tuxes we wouldn't have to go. How do you get the wrinkles out after being packed in a suitcase? I have a thing about wrinkles, guess I get that from my mom who ironed just about every thing. Bob always laughs when a clerk says something is wrinkle free, and comments that there's nothing like free wrinkles! Our cruise leaves on a Friday; it is a smaller ship and shorter cruise so maybe that is why.

Not much else newsy from Iowa today. Hope all is well with all of you, and you enjoy a nice day!

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Good morning, ladies! 28 degrees headed for 40. This is the magic day the temps are to get above freezing and stay there so this snow can start melting. Back to the 60s later in the week. Roads are now icy as well as snow-covered.

I rearranged the living room yesterday just to have something to do. Family room is getting done today. I'm tired of reading and quilting and knitting.

Donna, I got a set of exercise bands at Walmart for less than $10. They usually come in sets of 3 so you can change up as you get stronger. We use them in Silversneakers. You could probably do chair yoga with no problem. There are lots of free videos on the internet.

Hi, Jean!

I've been thinking a lot about Maggie. I wish she could get somewhere and post.

Have a wonderful day.
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