Weight Loss and Chitchat #292

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  • Hello and to the Jaded Ladies site!

    We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome.
  • Hello ladies,

    Francie - how do you like the mini-stepper? Did it give your legs a pretty good workout?

    Marti - smart thinking about riding to work and saving money. I just can't believe the price of gas, and they say it will go past $4 this summer. There's really no place for me to ride my bike around here. Too many curves in the road, and people that drive like they're crazy.

    Trish - haha, I know what you mean. Some of the games we bought for the DS are Barbie Island Princess, Build a Bear Workshop, the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Shrek 3, and a Crayola one, lol. The kids love using them, and it's amazing to see how fast they are at it! Why would people care if the diet guy is a hypnotist? That's probably just what we need, right? I missed the show Sunday and can't find where it's being rerun (reran?) so I may give you a buzz soon. I'm interested in the tapping thing.

    Sassy - wow, let us know what you find out about the condo. I hope you get it! Sure, I'll be at your party, lol. I'll bring some munchies, teehee.

    Sue - yes, we have one of the Brain Age games, and it's fun. Our favorite game is Professor Layton and the Curious Village. It's full of puzzles and Neal and I both are hooked on it! You'd get a lot of enjoyment from a DS. Some of our other favorites are Are you Smarter than A Fifth Grader (no, actually, I'm not, lol), and Sims Survivor. My DS is red, and so I bought a clear cosmetic case that has lips on it at Walmart to keep it the games and stuff in. Target has games holders that are really neat. Each little container holds 3 games. This way it's easy to take them with me to use in doctor's waiting rooms, on the road, the airplane, etc. Let me know if you get one.

    Mindee - like Ellen, I think Logan may take just a little longer to potty train than Brandon. But if he's wanting to pull off the diapers, I'm thinking he's ready to train. I used to have a real noisy neighbor when I lived in town. She was an old lady, and would sit at her raised window, and scream "Jesus will save you!" over and over. It was creepy. She'd also meow at my dogs then complain when they barked at her.

    Ellen - I need to clean out my heat vents. There's goodness-only-know-what down in them, lol. I also need to clean out my utility room. It's a mess!

    Hello to Tammy, Angie, Katiecat and any that I forgot to mention.

    I've got to do some utility bill paying today. Thankfully, most of it can be done on the computer. We're eating out at Applebee's tonight, so I don't have to worry about cooking dinner. We still have a gift cards for there that we might as well start using. I like that they have Weight Watcher options.

    Speaking of that, I'm doing well with the food still.

    Later, taters!
  • Good Morning Ladies!!

    Been a little MIA lately. It was so hard getting back to work. I still am having a lot of discomfort from the lipo on my back and the swelling is dissapointing. I wanted so much to get back to WW this week but I am still up a few lbs from fluid and it's amost that TOM so that's just adding to my overall bloat!! Going to see my surgeon today. I am really pleased with the outcome on my eyes. My neck is still a little lumpy, sore with areas that are still swollen but I believe the overall outcome will be really good.

    I've missed so much and need to read back post. Jane, I'm sure has had the reception, I hope Francie got her tooth looked into and I'll need a huge cup of hot tea to drink as I catch up on all the Mindee's kiddo news lol!!

    Nothing else really exciting on my end. Just can't wait to get back to a "normal life" without a chin strap! Gotta run for now!
  • Hello all I am new to this and hope to find some support here. I have been working away at this for almost a year now and have been somewhat successful taking off 40+ pounds. I am hoping to reach goal by my birthday in November but that may not be realistic since I have about 85 pounds left to lose.
  • Welcome Linda!!!

    Jane~Ohhhhh yes!!! I totally felt the burn with the mini stepper!! LoL!! I was cussing it out near the last few seconds I was on it, lol. I managed to make it to 15 mins last night. I wanna try to make it to 30 mins today.

    Tammy~I'm waiting for dh to go on leave next week so I can make a dentist appt.

    Well, last night around 9, I was having some really bad pain on my sides (where the ovaries are). It totally freaked me out..but I did the bad thing and didnt go to the ER. My stupid fear of doctors and dentists have me wanting until the last min to even go. My friend spent the night in case I needed to go to the ER (she lives about 30 mins away and she wanted to be closer). Thankfully though, the advil kicked and I fell asleep. I have a doc appt on monday though. I'm really really nervous about that appointment. But what else is new? LoL!!

    I wanna take it easy today, but then again I dont. I want to try out my new workout dvd. Plus I really really really need to clean the kitchen today!!!!!
  • Good day Ladies!!! I did make it to the gym!!! Slept well, so it made a huge difference in how I felt...did my hour of weights and tomorrow I will do my cardio. Waiting to get DD1 from the bus, then lunch...I have been really watching what I have been eating, was going well, but now I am starving...thinking a big salad with crab meat and hard eggs will help. gotta run off as I can't see the door from here.

  • Omg..I did this workout dvd today...'Jillian Michaels 30 day shred' and ughhhh my legs are all wobbly right now, lol. If I'm ever on TBL, I wanna be on her team!!! LoL!!

    My damn weight keeps bouncing around. I dont get it. I'm never gonna lose the 5 pounds. I keep working out and I'm eating right and I either go up a pound or go down a pound. I dont get what I'm doing wrong.
  • Hi Quick fly by and catch you later. Leaving in a few minutes to go to doctor with Dh and to Walmart to get med refills. Jane you can go to the website and download info at http://www.mckenna.com/ . Of course, you can call any time. I'll be home all day tomorrow and I'll have the cell phone with me today.

    All you JL's have a great day.

  • Okay..I was looking at the 4 rules on the McKenna website..and I noticed a lot of that stuff is what dh does. He's a natually thin person (i hate him, lol) but he eats what he wants, he exercises (well..kinda, lol. he usually goes from one end of the ship to the other..and its like the size of a football field-maybe, i should look into that, lol), he stops eating when he's full, he enjoys what he eats!! I feel so freakin stupid..cuz he's been saying all that stuff to me since I've known him and I never listened!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhh LOL!! I'm gonna buy that guys book today.
  • Hi Ladies,

    to the JL's Linda. We look forward to getting to know you.

    Francie - I watched my DH who is thin after I read the 4 Golden rules and realized that he takes a bite of food and puts his fork down and chews his food and he too eats what he wants, when he wants and stops when he is satisfied. He does need to exercise more, but he already has most of the basics working for him. I thought that was interesting.

    Well, ladies the problem I find I am having now is learning to recognize "hunger". For so long I have eaten for the taste of the food or eaten just what a diet said I should be eating. Not only that, I am finding that I usually can't decide what I really want to eat when I do eat. Wierd hugh? I assume for the same reason... always ate what a diet said I had to or needed to eat. We left the doctor's office today and went to Walmart to get meds. I returned a pair of shoes and got another pair. They were sandles and the sides weren't caught in the stitching and were coming apart and I had only worn them twice for just few hours. I had just bought them 2 weeks ago. Found another pair in black and got them although I wanted a brown pair which they didn't have in my size. They are the Earth Spirit shoes that are supposed to be good for the knees and back. Which I hope is true. I have another pair that I wore while we went shopping because I wanted to break them in and see how they would feel walking long term. I bought them to wear while in flight to FL and so far I love them as they are so comfortable. Would you believe I went to Walmart and didn't purchase one item of food? WOW! Can't remember ever doing that before. Then we left Walmart and DH wanted to know where I wanted to eat and I wasn't hungry and he wasn't either. We always go out to eat when we go shopping. Not this time; we came home and I fixed him breakfast for dinner and I had roasted chicken and a salad. I don't know how all this works, but I really don't care as long as it does. Like someone said on the I Can Make You Thin thread, I can live with this forever because it isn't a diet. It is just eating "normal" for me. I don't know how much how often the weight will come off either, but I know it has to come off because I am eating less and satisfied. DH made a list of snacks etc he wants to go to the store and get when we get to FL (maybe why he is thin) so I've decided that I will purchase my yogurt and some fruit when I get to FL so I can eat it some time during mid-morning or around noon and then I won't be hungry again until we go out to eat with the kids or DD makes dinner.

    Hey, those of you who saw the show; did you see the man who lost 182 lbs in one year? I know men lose faster and he had a lot when he stated. I was impressed with the fact that he said it was the easiest thing he ever did. I wasn't going to get the book, but I thin I will order it either just before I leave FL or as soon as I return home.

    Francie - the chicks on the other thread say to be sure you get the cd with the book.

    Jane - I'm not one who is too trusting of someone with hypnotizing me. When I was in college a groups of us kids were together and a guy who was studying to be a psychologist tried to hypnotize some of us and it did not work with me. He couldn't hypnotize me. However, I see no problem with self-hypnotism or using a cd that I have listened to and trust. There is a thread here on 3FC and they are seeing a real change in themselves especially their self-esteem improving. I for one can use that A LOT!!

    Sue - So glad to here that your Mom is already feeling better and hope this continues to improve so she can enjoy her life. It sure will make things better for both of you when she feels good for a change.

    Ellen - You are doing so good with the exercise and I'm trying to get with it, but it isn't easy since I know I won't be able to do much of it while in FL although DH told me that DD told him we are going to the Palm Beach Zoo one day and there is a lot of walking I will get to do then. So maybe with our one day at the mall walking and the zoo one day will be a way to help me to get in a little bit of walking done next week.

    Tammy - Good to hear from you.

    Marti - I used to love walking to work when I lived close to my job. Also one time years ago when I lived in Dallas and rode the bus to work, I would walk a few blocks and wait for the bus and then walk another block or two and look to see if the bus was coming. Sound(s)ed strange, but I always felt so good and energized and more alert when I did that. DH and I have talked about walking, but we don't. Some times I think we need to get a dog so I could walk it. lol

    Jules, Van, Angie, Katiecat and everyone else - HELLO.

    I've been long winded so I better close. Have a good evening.

  • Hola everyone!! My mood has been lifted!! I went shopping I bought 2 books (Dead over Heels & The Biggest Loser Success Secrets), 2 workout dvds (TBL Power Sculpt & WATP Walk Slim Fast Firming), 2 bottles of nail polish, some weights, and a mug that has dh's ship on it, a decal that says "I love My Sailor" and a magnet for Fonzo's grandma that says "Navy grandma"..And Fonzo bought some new uniforms & a video game, lol. OH, he did get me my own EN patch LoL!! Fonzo was totally making fun of me for being such a shopaholic while we were in the uniform shop. He said I could go into any store and always find something that I want to buy, lol.

    But ugh..after doing that one dvd this morning..Fonzo came home and I SHOWED him what some of the moves were. Which was a bad idea. I was already wobbly to begin with, lol. But after I showed him some of the moves, I was even more wobbly, lol. We walked all around the mall twice, and all around Target. My legs are KILLING me!!!! Fonzo says that its good that I'm hurting, lol. I tried to kick him on butt, but I couldnt lift my leg, lol.

    OH YA..I'm gonna take up roller skating again. I used to do that ALLLLLLLLL the time when I was younger. No wonder my legs back then were so nice & toned. I havent been roller skating since the 8th grade, so I'm gonna start off just skating around my balcony, lol. I'm probably gonna be really rusty at first, but I'll get back into it. I love roller skating more than biking (which I wanna start doing again too)

    Trish~I told dh about what I read..and he said that he used to do all of that, except he used to exercise more back in the day, lol. OH!! And the stupid bookstore didnt have the book!!!!!!!! I was sooooooooo mad!! The guy said that its out of print!! So I'm just gonna go on Amazon to look for it there. But I'll be sure to look for the book w/the cd. Thanks for letting me know.
  • Francie - from what I read on the website store Amazon is the only one who has it in the USA right now. I think the bookstore was wrong because from what I understood from the website store the book has only been for sale in England except at Amazon.com but will soon be sold in all bookstores in the USA. It isn't out of print. You sound good. Glad you had fun with DH shopping. I used to love roller skating, but would never try it now. Paul McKenna does say exercise is good but says that just do things you like to do. Your roller skating sounds like yours.

  • hello ladies....how are you all doing?

    nothing really new on this end......I feel like I am going to pee my pants. I have my normal Crystal Light Energy this morning, and then I had a pop at lunch time. Ever since then I have been drinking kool-aid so I have been drinking plenty of water, and I am about to float away any minute now!

    I fell back asleep on the couch after I put Brandon on the bus! I woke up to someone unlocking the front door, and I almost jumped off the couch. I looked out the door wall, and noticed that the van was there. A couple of seconds later, in walked Tommy. I said "what are you doing home?" and he said "they sent me home. they didn't have any more work for me." To which my heart kind of stopped but then he told me that he has to go back into work tomorrow....they just ran out of work for him to do today!

    oh, and the last company that he worked at......well he heard on the news Tuesday night that they closed up! Tommy had predicted it right after he started working there, and wouldn't you know it, they closed up shop for good!

    Brandon had a rough day with going potty on the potty, but we are getting back. He went to the store with Tommy, and I forgot to mention to Tommy to ask him while they are out if he has to go. Logan again took his diaper off today! I am getting so mad because he has done it at least once since Monday, and it seems to be only when he is poopy. Marissa is growing up so quickly......she has changed so much in the past month! she is so long and skinny now since she started crawling! she will crawl all over the place, then sit up and then clap for herself!

    I do have to say though that I weighed in at 233.4 lbs this morning.....which is amazing since Monday I was weighing in at 237.6! I just got my butt in gear, did some major exercise and I have been limiting my pop intake and upping my water intake!

    Linda~ welcome to the group! I am sure that you will love it here!

    as far as Logan, he is still taking his diapers off. he only takes the ones that he poops in off......so I am guessing he doesn't like the feel of them on him. I will keep up with it with him.....I figured that it would take some extra time with him to get him ready.
  • Hi Chicks.
    Hi Chicks.

    Well you will never beleive it. Yup I moved again (at work) ..........Only this time my stuff was moved for me! Which is unusual since they usually only do that if you get fired!!

    But alas I was not fired.......I am still here. Downstairs, with all the others, so we are all "together" again. lol. Sounds like Humpty Dumpty, doesn't it? lol.

    My Boss approved my time off for next week, so I get to leave early next Wed. so then DH & I can hopefully go to the Outlet Mall on the Thursday after.

    Well thats about it. I will do indies later or on the weekend when I am off.

  • Hi-ya ladies!

    Computer issues lately! Starting to be a pain. Just won't go online. Anyone else having issues like that????

    I've no time to be on, I'm needing to get some dinner before it's way too late and I need to make sure I get my exercise in.

    But I'll be back on later before bed or if I'm too tuckered...I'll chat w/you all in the morning.

    Until then......