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Default 20-something's bios

Here we go. Just cut and paste. I sorta borrowed this from other bios. So feel free to add extra categories as you see fit Also, if you have a beginning pic, feel free to add that, also. Yeah, it sorta makes load-time a little slower, but isn't it worth it?

*cut and paste:*






Marital Status:




Weight high:

Weight currently:

Weight goal(s):

Are you following a plan? If so, which one?:



UserName/RealName: Seren Dee/ Seren

EMail: [email protected]

Age: 21!!

Birthday: October 26, 1980

Location: Indiana

Occupation: Medical Records Clerk/ Full-time student

Marital Status: Boyfriend

Children: Nope

Pets: a cat named Shae

Hobbies: Computers, anything mucis, sleep!! Reading!

Weight high: 250 lbs

Weight currently: 240lbs

Weight goal(s): 130 lbs

Are you following a plan? If so, which one?: Weight Watchers, sorta


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UserName/RealName: wenwella/Danielle

EMail: [email protected]

Age: uggggg 26

Birthday: October 21, 1975


Occupation:Registered Nurse (pediatrics)

Marital Status: single

Children: none

Pets: none (getting puppy in spring )

Hobbies: whose got time for hobbies?? LOL wish I did, knitting, reading,and putering

Weight high: 206

Weight currently: 151-153.5 (depending on scale)

Weight goal(s): 145

Are you following a plan? If so, which one?: Weight watchers

Comments: started in March 2001, don't have time for meetings so I've been following plan on my own, so far, so good!
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Angry A little about myself

RealName: Melissa Howard
E-mail:[email protected]
Age: 26
Location:Leonardo, NJ
Occupation: Permanent Substitute Teacher
Marital Status: Single
Children: none
Pets: Pebbles - cat (acts like a dog at times)
Hobbies: Scrapbooking, crafts, rafting
Weight high: 296
Weight currently:249
Weight goal(s):146 (will I ever get there?)
Are you following a plan? If so, which one?:Weight Watchers

Comments: I have so much to lose, but I am trying to take it small steps at a time. I think having buddies in my weight loss journey will help me to be successful.
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S/C/G: 200/200/125

Height: 5'4"


RealName: Christine

EMail: [email protected]

Age: 26

Location: North Carolina

Occupation: Mom

Marital Status: Married (one year this month!)

Children: daughter (she's almost 3)

Pets: 3 cats

Hobbies: reading, art, travel, puters

Weight high: 195

Weight currently: 155 (last official weigh-in) think I'm higher tho

Weight goal(s): 130 (until i get there and decide its still too high?)

Are you following a plan? If so, which one?: my own ..calorie counting

Comments: Been at this 8 months now.. and I'm stuck! I need to get remotivated!!
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UserName/RealName: HappyAl/Allen

EMail: [email protected]

Age: 20

Location: North Carolina

Occupation: Full Time Student/University Annual Fund Phonathon Caller(not a telemarketer...really!)

Marital Status: Boyfriend

Children: Not until science finds a way to...

Pets: At home, two cats, Lefty and Gazoo

Hobbies: Singing, watching tv, reading

Weight high: 223.5

Weight currently: 214.5

Weight goal(s): 200(when I began college) and 160 the "normal" weight for my height.

Are you following a plan? If so, which one?: Eat little of the bad stuff and just enough of the good stuff (health wise, lol)

Comments: Just bought one of MTV's The Grind workouts. I like to dance so maybe that'll be good for me.
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UserName/RealName: Jibbelle/Marcie

EMail: [email protected]

Age: 27

Location: St. Louis, MO

Occupation: Biochemist (and working on Masters in Biotechnology)

Marital Status:have a boyfriend of 3 years

Children: none

Pets: one dog named Casey

Hobbies: who has time????

Weight high: 290

Weight currently: 260

Weight goal(s): 248 by Christmas (that will be down by 30 lbs)

Are you following a plan? If so, which one?: Doing LA Weight Loss

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