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Default Has anyone really lost big with SB? I need

to know.
Last year I picked up SB book and found it pretty easy to follow. I went on the Sweettalk board for ideas and support and lost about 30lbs.

I health issue combined with lots of tests and stress led me back to my old ways and the 30 lbs found it's way back and my blood sugar #'s were horrible again.

I've gone on low carb boards, considered atkins and then said no way as my doc hates it (he was all for SB when I explained the basics) and that's what I liked, it was pretty basic. But I never hear any great success stories. Everyone seems to be struggling all the time. I need some motivation. It doesn't seem like this is a very popular WOE among the support board.

Anybody? Please!!!!!
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S/C/G: 180/135

Height: 5'7

Wink I do lose with the WOE

I always do well with this diet, I lose on the average of 8-10 pounds a month. It is the most reasonable diet for my lifestyle that I have ever tried. For additional help, I read all I could about Insulin Resistance. There is a book called "The Insulin Resistance Diet" that helps you gauge the amounts of low glycemic carbs you are eating in any 2-3 hour time period and it helped me very much as a companion book to Sugarbusters. I think, for me, that one has to regulate the carbs. I could never have an all carb meal.

This works well for my son, too.

Take care!!!
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I lost about 50 pounds of fat eating this way and exercising starting just over three years ago. I've maintained my scale weight by continuing to eat this way with the addition of more protein, more frequent meals, and a lot of weightlifting. I found it the easiest diet I ever tried- but I was totally committed to losing weight and was THERE mentally.

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i luv my dog!
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A couple of years ago I worked with a gentleman who was in his 50's and had a sweet tooth. His job involved being in the car a lot and many restaurant/fast food meals. His Doc pointed out some issues he needed to address, and among them said he was on the road to diabetes. Doc suggested the SB lifestyle WOE.

He followed the program and lost about 30 pounds (maybe more after I left) and got his health in check and his Doc was happy. He said it wasn't a drastic change for him but that it did include letting go of soft drinks and saving the sweet treats for special occaisions.

He carried around the small companion book to help him make informed choices.
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I lost 75 lbs with SB & WW about 3 years ago. I started with WW and added SB after I saw how successful I was when I eliminated the sugar and white bread. I feel great and don't miss sugar
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Ack! Never mind, I'm on the wrong board!
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Back fat Be Gone!
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Talking Through the struggling

As you know it is hard the first week to DRASTICALLY change your eating habits and a lot of us are in this forum complaining because we need the extra support the forum offers when starting out. I'm on week 2 of phase 1 and it's easy as pie now. But the first couple days that I started I was on this forum seriously about 10-15 times a day. Now I feel great and check this forum only every couple days. I'm happy to make this change by starting the SB, it makes me realize how crappy I really ate before. I hate getting my pic taken now, they are always horrible. I just want to go back to when every pic turned out good, with no double chin. There isn't a diet out there that isn't going to be easy or cause a little bit of struggling, may as well start one that the doctor's agree with. I had success with weight watchers also, but found it to easy to get away with eating stuff that really isn't that healthy. I rather make this lifestyle change with the SB, and if I really want to have a slice a pizza one day, then just walk an extra mile or two on my treadmill, then go back to eating healthy again the next day. My doctor really encouraged me to chose the SB diet.
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Hang in there. My son was seeing a cardiologist who wanted to put him on cholesteral medicine. I gave him the Sugar Busters book and he started eating the Sugar Buster's way. In a year he lost 80 pounds and at 6'2 he is now 196 plus his cholesterol went down 40 points, and the fatty liver he had been diagnosed with was normal. I don't know why I waited but I have been on SB for 3 weeks.
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Wink Lost Weight

One of the girls I work with lost 129# over the last year. She only has twenty more to go. She and her husband did SB together and really stuck to it. She is the one who gave me the inspiration to try it again
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Default Sugar Busters

This is very positive for me to read this board as I've been put on the Sugar Busters diet by my physician. In reading the book it almost seems too easy. I was on the Atkins diet and that was rough....I'm not a meat and egg eater. I am hopeful with the mixture of diet/exercise and SB that I'll see some results.
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Over on the Sugar Busters support board, there are several women who have lost over 100 pounds on this diet. My doctor recommends it to all his diabetic and overweight patients as the healthiest diet you can be on. I agree!
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