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Finding My Bliss
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Default An Eye Opening Experience with SUGAR!

So, I followed a low carb, whole foods, vegan diet for 6 months, during which I ate 20-40 net grams of carbohydrate a day. It was low GI and had no added sugars.

I mostly ate plant based proteins, fats, seeds, nuts and green vegetables. I felt GREAT along the way, aches and pains and small irritations became less significant.

Recently, I changed my diet to include Summer fruits.

This lead to an "expansion" of the variety of foods I eat (which resulted in the first week ever maintaining and NOT losing, since I started this journey!).

I had bread a couple of times (good quality, artisan bread) and didn't experience any horrible cravings or after effects. Great, right?

Things have been going pretty well. I've still been eating healthy, whole foods, and much fewer carbohydrates than I did 6 months ago. I haven't had refined sugar or "junk".

Until last night.

I ate three Uncle Eddie's cookies with Silk Plus soymilk. Both have "evaporated cane juice" and the cookies are made with flour.

The results?

I felt like I had been DRUGGED last night. I literally began to feel as though I had taken a sleeping pill. My heart was pounding, my mouth was dry and I felt miserable.

This morning, I am now gassy and bloated, my belly hurts and my head aches. My BREASTS are swollen and tender, like they are during PMS (which went away while low carbing). I feel like I have a hangover.

Nothing else had been changed but the addition of refined sugary food, and I had such DRAMATIC (unpleasant) effects!!! 3 cookies??? Seriously???

I consider that experience to be a lesson learned. It may be a "sample of one", but I am the "one" who matters, in this case, and I got all the proof I needed that I do better without *any* sugary foods!
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I am familiar with that "drugged" feeling. Any time I carb out on sugar or
very processed flour type products I feel that way. When you clean all
that out of your system and stay off it for a while and then put it back
into your system it really hits you hard. We all have heard about being
sleepy after you eat a big meal. I think if the truth be told it's because
that meal contained alot of starches, processed foods, high carb foods,
topped off with a sugar desert. I am so much more alert when I eat
the SB way.
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Hey Soulbliss, did you read about my July 4 food experience over in the carb counter section? I had a similar reaction to a single mouthful of brown sugar baked beans.

The feeling really stunk.
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Working on healthy
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I went on a food bender after 1 margarita with an hfcs flavoring in it It's scary to think that stuff was in my diet frequently just a year ago and i didn't realize the efect it was having on me.
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I get very tired from sugar. The high only lasts so long. Then bam...i have that fog thing going on.

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Onward and Downward
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As a practicing diabetic, I tend to get that "coma" feeling from an overindulgence in any kind of starch -- not a fund feeling at all.
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Happens to me too. Scary isn't it?
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soul bliss.
i find that really interesting.
i have a question though about your diet before the cookies and silk.

Had completely eliminated ALL sugar for those 6 months?
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I haven't seen SoulBliss in a long time. Does anyone know if she's OK?
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I know how that feels. If I eat sugar even a small amount I will become jittery and shaking. I think I'm insulin resistant so I am trying to stay away from sugar as much as possible. SUGAR IS BAD!!!
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Default eye opening experience with sugar

My dear husband had a similar experience. He doesn't eat like I do. He still eats small amounts of sweets and to a much less extent bread and cereal. We went to Ryan's one evening for dinner and he ate all the stuff he doesn't normally eat. Mashed potatoes, bread, breaded and fried pork chop, and lots of dessert. Later on he was feeling like he had been run over by a truck.
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