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Default TGIF on the Beach!

It's Friday! YAY fer all our Mon-Fri 9 to 5er's! Cawfee is a perkin a load of towels in the washer bed made: Time to sit, have a cuppa joe and crank us up fer the day! "The girls" came out with a clean bill of health at the Vet's yesterday..They did Mama proud.. the Vet commented that she hasn't seen such well behaved Terriers. .And the SUV passed inspection ...DH is workin from home today and he is doing a "cut over" this weekend.. Great $$$ but a PITA since we have to stay close to home and can't frolick ...
The one legged stork pose on the scale has yielded a 3 pound loss since last Friday... so a big Whoppppeeee fer me! Stayin on Phase 1.5 and keeping at around 1200 cals seems to be working
Ok Crossword puzzle and the Dreadmill await!
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Come on Spring!
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Sheesh! You are so darned perky in the morning, Schatzi! I've been awake since 4, lying in bed thinking about life and the weekend. My Girls are still zzzing downstairs. They even missed Ralph's departure. I'll go down and bark at them in a few minutes because I need my cawfee!

Today i will work in another walk with Miss Lucy who behaved really well yesterday. There is hope for her passing her test on Tuesday. We didn't get to see Harry yesterday but will do that this morning. This afternoon I help my dear BIL set up for a weekend art show and will be at the opening this evening. Somewhere in there I need to finally make that ratatouille or there will be a dead eggplant in my fridge! Another crop of tomatoes will be yelling at me soon. The garden can be a tyrant sometimes.

So what's happening with you this TGIF?
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Hey there, everyone. I just finished making a pasta salad for Jake to snack on later since I may be getting home late this evening. Some friends and I are taking our little ones over to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden NJ today, and we'll be getting a late start so I don't know what time I'll be getting home. As long as Jake has something to eat, he's happy.
It was still pretty dark out when I got up, I thought maybe we were getting some much needed rain, but it's dry as a desert out there. We need rain so bad, my flower beds are parched, and only flowers that are doing well are the ones I planted in pots.
Just got a call, our plans have been changed, and now we're going to the Please Touch Museum in Lancaster. Apparently there's a big Eagles game in Philly this evening, and the traffic will be horrendous, so it's a good call. I'm sure the kids won't mind.
BTW, you all would have been proud of me yesterday, I managed to stay OP all day! Keeping my fingers crossed that I can do the same again today.
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wow, you guys have big days planned!! Enjoy! I have today all to myself. DF asked what I was doing today and I PROUDLY said....NOTHING......I think the beauty of that was wasted on him because he tried to give me a list of chores for the day. I said no. They're his chores anyway and I don't ever do that to him on his day off. He's a good guy - He understood.

Eating has been bad with a capital B-A-D but I'm exercising my butt off. Problem is that I didn't have a butt to start with! It was always flat. I need to work one ON. ha! Eating will improve today. Time to get back on track - what are free days for if not to help sort out life and get you back on track!

Everyone have a wonderful day!!
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Hi everyone,
thank you all for your suggestions yesterday. I need to toss my scale. today i am up 2#. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i am so disgusted. do any of you graze all day ? i cut up celery and cheese and i have that to snack on all morning. Maybe that is bad huh? i have eggs in the morning then i just snack. (Good Snacks tho) Then lunch , and nuts as afternoon snacks . I actually count out my 30 pistachios!! Am i doing something wrong?
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Live, Laugh, Love
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OK, I'll be the grumpy "it's too early to be up" crab. All you girls are way to happy to be up in the morning.

So Terry FINALLY got the car back from getting the turbo done. Terry's been working on the turbo for months ($4,000 worth of car crap to make it go even FASTER than it did before) and got it back from the exhaust being done yesterday. I went out to eat for Grandma's birthday last night, and once I got home, he called to say he was coming home.

Then I did what a good wife should never do. I asked "How's it running?" He said that it picked up really well when he accellerated, and then said "Is that... oh crap that is me smoking. I need to pull off. I'll call you back."

To make a long story longer, basically when Terry was done with the car, he forgot to tighten the bolt on the oil pan or whatever, and all the oil in the car leaked out all over the place. We had to sit at the gas station and wait for the tow truck for 30 minutes, then once it was home, he had to de-oil the car because oil spattered all over it.

So we went to bed about 11:30, and I had the priviledge of getting up at 6:45 to take him to work this morning, when I don't have to work until noon. He said "Oh, you can go home and go back to sleep." Uhhuh. That'll be the day.

Sounds like you girls have loads planned today. Schatzo, you've already accomplished so much! I think I'm going to lie on the couch and do NOTHING until I have to get ready for work.

I've been so bad this week. I've eaten out every single night. Too many freakin August birthdays, but somehow I'm 134 so I'll take it. Gaining a pound from having Outback, Olive Garden, Mexican, and Irish food every night... not too bad. I can drop that one quickly I hope. Now it's time to really be serious now that the birthdays are over. Volleyball starts again Wednesday so that'll help me get back to the Y. Argh.

Hope you all have a great day. Talk to you all soon. Grumpitty grump and such.

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I can do this!
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Morning, chickies!

Schatzi, I don't believe you need have some serious natural 'up-an-at-em', girl! "dreadmill" indeed! Glad your girls had a clean bill of health. Congrats on the loss...yay for you!!! I'm starting to stress that I'm eating too many calories...I'm in the 1800 to 2200 range most days...less than that seems like starving to me! I was eating much more than that back when I was losing 4+ pounds a week...but apparently something's slowed down!

Ruthie, I hear you on demanding gardens...between the tomatoes drooping over, falling on the ground, and getting eaten by our voracious squirrels, I'm having trouble keeping up! And that's not including what I need to do once I get 'em inside! The Romas are ripening fast...I need to do some peeling and stewing soon... Enjoy your visit with Harry, hon. Congrats on Lucy doing well and on going for that walk with her...that has to count as cardio and strength training! Hope you are thinking happy thoughts about life, hon. :

Cottage, congrats on being OP all day!!! Too funny about Jake...hope he gets up the energy to get the pasta salad out of the fridge and eat some! Enjoy the museum...sounds fun! We got rain last night that's continuing it's heading your way...

LG, enjoy the blissful day!!! I love days like that, but my DH doesn't get it either. He doesn't see the point unless you have a list to complete. But then, he doesn't get the point of shopping for anything other than what you came to get, so...

It's a drizzly sad day here today! I had a ball class at 5:45 with a dear friend who's six times perkier than even Schatzi. Can you imagine? It was fun...a good workout. I'm spending a little time this morning reading the gobs of spiritual/self help stuff I've collected, then wrapping up a birthday gift for a friend and some word search puzzles for my grandmother. I have two literacy tutoring sessions with a friend's daughter and one with a young teenage mother. Should be fun. I also have a meeting with my psychiatrist. It's time to start taking me off my anxiety meds. That's going to be interesting... I have group therapy tonight then cuddling on the couch with DH to watch a movie we rented last weekend but never got around to watching: Casanova. Did anyone else see it? Looked funny and cute.

Enjoy your Friday, chickies!
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keen, it sounds like you're still craving if you're eating all day. Or is it just a habit that you need to break? Try doing other things with your hands and someone, do crafts, read, go for a walk, etc. Chew SF gum (but watch those sweet treat cals.). Are you in P1? If so, it takes 3-5 days to detox completely, then those cravings should be gone. If not, you might think about doing P1 again to get rid of the cravings if that's what's getting you. You want to eat every three hours or so, but not in between, okay? I know that can be hard and you are certainly choosing good things to eat, but it's a habit that's really hard on your body. You can do this! Don't let that scale get you down, okay? There's no way that you ate an extra 7,000 calories yesterday, so those pounds are probably a reflection of your body freaking out about not getting enough calories. Try eating a little more at your meals (maybe then you won't feel so hungry in between) and really bulk up on those veggies with your meals AND your snacks so you stay full longer.

Weezle, sorry you're having a hard day. I hear you...I got up at 5 so I could motivate DH to go to the gym...I got 3.5 hours of sleep. Yikes!!! I hope you had a relaxed morning to make up for your early rising!
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Mornin' all. My coffee buzz is starting to kick in finally! Had an interesting night. I was drifting off to sleep last night when I heard a loud bang - or at least I thought I heard one. Wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not. Looked around the house and didn't see anything, so I was going to go back to sleep when the police rang my doorbell. Turns out that someone called in a report that a bunch of kids were roaming around the neighborhood and they saw them "throw" a bike at my house and hit the garage door (that explains the loud bang). It was a brand new bike, so they figured that they had stolen it somewhere and were getting rid of it. Of all the types of vandalism they could have done to the house, I'll take a little scuff mark on the garage door!

Looking forward to lunch out today - Ghengis Khan. Should do okay there since I can pick and choose what I want in my stir fry. No rice for me, thank you.

I'm at work, so can't really read & reply to everyone until later. Have a fantastic Friday!!!!!
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Good Morning Ladies

Nothing new, just getting my house ready for my children & grand children this weekend.The weather is going to be mild,thank goodness for that. First Day We're going to take a boat ride to the vineyard,have lunch than back to the cape again. The next day find something the kids would enjoy[maybe an amusement park.]

Schatzi-Big congrat on moving that scale downward. Calories count,even on the SB. I'm around 1200-1400 calores per week,which works for me also.

Ruth-We're almost finished with our tomato plants. Don't see any new crop growing.Can't complain as we had more tomatoes than we did last year.

Cottage-Have a great time that the museum,wish we had a touch museum in our town,that would be a great place for my g-kids to visit.

Little Grasshopper-Sending some good : vibes for yourback on track plan. I usually give myself a day off on W-I day.

Keen-Don't get on the scale,our body flucuates every day,you'll find it to stressful doing that. Eating all day isn't helping CALORIES DO COUNT. Try eating low carb or GI foods. Fill up on protein like HB eggs,beef jerky,turkey roll ups with cream cheese filling.

Lisa-Sorry you having so much trouble with your car.Sending yopu good :vibes,so you can get back on track after all those birthdays.

Have a wonderful weekend and Hi to all the post after mine.

Hugs BB
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Morning, ladies. Last night was busy. I ate a quick early dinner, went to Curriculum Night at the school, and had just enough time to run through spelling practice with Brian before I left for the pack committee meeting. Then home to get him to bed.

Tonight there is nothing planned so I'm hitting the gym after work. I've managed to schedule the cat's checkup at 8:15 tomorrow so I won't be missing my weekly Powerflex class.

We tied for a record at 104 degrees yesterday. It's just too hot to do much outside. Maybe Brian and I can make it to the city pool this weekend. I can't believe they are closing in a couple of weeks. It won't get cool here for quite awhile.
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