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Come on Spring!
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Default Tuesday Twitters - August 1

Good grief! It's August already!!!!! There's not much left of summer so enjoy it as much as you can.

We had a t-storm last night but not a drop of rain, just more humidity. The outside of my window is dripping. The air quality is supposed to be terrible today so there will be no outside wortk for me today and I'll keep my inhaler close by. I cancelled Hershey's job last night as it was just too darn hot to drag her around a nursing home doing visits. The common areas have AC but not the rooms so we gave it a miss.

Today I'll hang out indoors and catch up on accounting, some newsletter writing and maybe even some sewingroom tidying!

My back deck is not too hot as yet so grab a beverage and sit down and chat a while.
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Happy Tuesday!
They are calling for triple digits today! 100% humidity. Ugh! Taking the kiddies the 1/2 hour drive to mom's to go swimming after tutoring lessons this morning. I can't believe its August already!

After a very bumpy part of a week last week, I seem to be settling on the beach fairly well. I am having a hard time planning well enough , so I seem to be hungry alot because I don't have any acceptable food where I am at times. This too shall pass. I am exercising, so hey, that's a huge plus.

Ruth, Enjoy your day in away from this heat.
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Rise N Shine All you Beachers! Landlubbers! Lurkers and Hypocrites!!

It's gonna be a balmy 102 here today But never too hot fer a cuppa CAWFEEE Stay in doors and putter about sounds like a plan to me too. DH is working from home today and will be under my feet...
Kmy to you Joisey goil!!!

I have calls to make to realtors to get solid directions on plots of land.. and this crack house needs a good cleaning... but first I need to go water.. and have my date with Gilad... and a strawberry smoothie for breakfast (can I get a yum?)....

and Alrighty Chicks don't ferget today is the BIG WEIGH IN!!! Read the post here
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gotta lose it!
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I'm up...been lurking, but not posting. All the stress in my life is driving me crazy & to the frig! I HATE MY boss quit & the district mgr put my peer in charge & she is always tellling me everything that I do wrong, and she tries to "delegate" her work on me. Everytime I know I have to work with her I get a stomach ache....I'm like one of those kids with a bully. I know this is for a short period of time, so I keep my chin up & tums in my purse!
My sister may not have her wedding.....her fiance' s divorce didn't go through - one would think that this would of been taken care of BEFORE she started planning a wedding. So my father has all this money into deposits, etc that are non-refundable & there may not be a wedding - great.
I need to get to curves....some exercise would help me greatly!
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Soon missing you !!!!
Chin up sweetie, like you said this mgr is temporary.. I hope you like yer job just not the mgr...
Oh man! That is just terrible about your sis and all Dads $$$... is there anything her DF can do with the lawyers to "push" it through in time?
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Good morning everyone! Today is my late day and I blame the diet for this...I can't sleep past 6:30 anymore!!!! ug. I use to look forward to waking up around 8 and slowly getting into my day. Not now - I am cracking to go by 6:45.

Seems like it hothothot everywhere right now. Yesterday my office had it so cold that we were having to use heat packs to keep people warm and I actually did 2 HOT STONE massages! In August!!! I finally put a heat wrap around my neck and went to sit outside for a while in the sun. I called DF and mentioned that it didn't get nearly as hot as they thought it would and he said he'd almost passed out from the temp change - inside to outside. He works outside all day long and has been having real trouble staying hydrated in this heat.

I slipped last night. I didn't even want to - mostly. It was a spite slip. Df has been cheating all over the place, right in front of me and losing weight. Last night we had a fight and he tried to lie his way out of it. First time this has ever happened (that I am aware of). I was so shocked and hurt. I needed time to settle back down but the more I thought the more I worked myself up. I went to the store and they had Harry and David moose tracks. I've never had anything from their store and decided I've been good for this entire time. I deserve it. I know, I know......anyway, It was sweat but not good. Made me feel like a hamster on a wheel for about an hour. Not ready to do that again for a good bit.....

Here's to a new day!!!!
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Recovering Sugarholic
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I just about died when I hopped on the scale this morning. I have gained 9 lbs in the past 2 months. Is that even possible? I should know by now the minute I stop writing down what I eat and watching every bite that goes into my mouth I gain immediately. I am on Paxil, which is one of the worst medecines for gaining weight, and the fact that I haven't gained 60 lbs since I started it I am going to have to count as success--still, I know that when I stay OP and exercise I can lose too. I HATE the fact that I have to constantly think about what I eat. I am so jealous of people who don't have to do that. You can see my blog for further thoughts on that!!!

Why is everything about food? This morning our new director is taking my team out to breakfast to get to know us. Couldn't we just do that over coffee?

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Morning all,
It's hot,hot,hot here, too, going up to 101* with a heat index of 105 - 110*! I stopped at Dunkin Donuts after Curves for a latte, and the guy thought I was nuts for not wanting an iced latte! Sorry, but I have to start my day with a hot beverage or it just doesn't seem right.
Yesterday I managed to get an appointment to get my hair done, so I feel good about that. I spent the rest of the day grocery shopping, doing laundry and cleaning the house. When Jake got home we got in the pool for a while, but it was even too hot for that. Today I'm helping out my friend with her cleaning business. I know you all must think I'm nuts to want to do that on my week off, but she's a lot of fun to be with and it's only going to be for a few hours. Besides, she cleans for some of the very public personalities around here, and I'm dying to see the insides of their homes.
I have a bounty of peppers right now, so I'm going to make stuffed peppers for tonight's supper and freeze the extras for Jake to eat the week I'm in NY.

Soon, I miss you, too! Sorry things aren't going too well in your life right now. That's awful about the wedding, I sure hope it gets straightened out in time.

Jessie, that's too bad about your weight, but at least you know it's due to the medication. You're doing the right thing by staying OP and exercising, and I'm sure your body will thank you for it eventually.

to all, I have to run for now!
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Hi Ladies

Its going to be another hot one again, Going to go out early,so we're can get back to our A/C home.No walking today, may take a bike ride with my stationery bike if my body can take it,as I'm not having any snacks between meals.

I'm thrilled as of So far I lost 2-lbs. I know its water but going up each week by following the beach to a tee,I had no idea what the problem was. Now I know its bread/grain and a possibility it could be fruit also.

I'm surprise,lowing the carbs lower than what the SB recommends,I'm not hungry.What I'm really doing is still Phase 1 but leaning to Atkins more by eatting more protein[l/f] and limiting the veggies.2 1/2 c per day.

Ruth-Stay cool,I can't believe summer is almost gone,the only thing I won't miss is the HOT HEAT. I'm actually a winter lover, Give me and I'll be happy..

Schatzi-Its going to be hot here too,but cold drinks are on our menu.Hows about ICE COFFEE,it tastes as yummy as hot. Sometimes I think it better. Put down I weight in my journal early this morn and will report back to this board at the end of the month.

Soon-I so sorry you all those crosses :cross:you have to bare. Nothing worst to hate your job,especially when the people you're working for are IDIOTS.Happy that all in the past for me as I'm retired for 9 year now.Sending you good : vibes that everything straighten out.

Hugs BB

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Morning gals!

Yep- more hot weather here. UGH! All I want to do is be able to run an errand without sweating!

Soon That must be so stressful to even go to work. My DH was in a situation like that a few years ago and was just miserable every day he had to go to work. I hope it improves soon.

Cottage Yum! Stuffed peppers- they are so good as leftovers.

Schatzi As always you crack me up- "Good morning hypocrites!:

Ruth Stay cool indoors today- sounds like the perfect reason to curl up with a good book.

Me- Last minute laundry and tidying as tomorrow is the day! We have about 5 days of meetings, inservices and prep time until the kiddos come back to school.

It was neat last night, b/c at the birthday party I took DD to, several people had really noticed I lost more weight this summer. It felt quite good. (I am not bragging, I have done so many diets unsuccessfully that I feel great to actually be sticking to something!!)

Anyhow- need to get things moving around here.
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Default Hiya

I can't believe it's August already! Where has the summer gone....heck, where has the year gone? Before you know it there will be and time for Beachbum, it's a good thing you weren't close by when you said you were a winterlover or I might have hurt you. Idaho winters are LONG and cold and I am solar powered, I start to wither.

Anyway, a nice soaking rain in the wee hours of the morning, today shouldn't be too hot. I'll be able to get my run in without melting all over the place.

Ruth, that is so cool that you take your pets to the nursing home. Is there anything you DON'T do? You are the ultimate kind person.

Kmy, stay cool today and keep exercising, that's where I don't do so well.

Schatzi, clean the crack house????? Really? And I thought you were this reserved, upstanding kinda person. Good luck with finding a plot of land, I hear building a house is really fun.

soon, Sorry about the job right now, it's the worst to have to be somewhere you don't like or with people that are like your manager. We went through that this past year at my work and I had many sleepless nights.

grasshopper, for you too. Ice cream, the ultimate comfort food.

Jessie, yes 9 pounds is possible in a couple of months, I've done that in two weeks. It really can jump on fast, can't it? I do much better if I don't stray too far from the scales. I know we've debated before about how often to weigh, but if I do once a day I behave better.

cottage, have fun cleaning! YUCK! The fun friend makes you seem more sane though AND seeing the inside of "lahtedah" people's houses.

beachbum, on the two pounds! YOU ROCK!

Kiko, having people notice that you've lost weight is a cool thing. Sometimes it seems so slow for you that you don't notice, so when others notice then it's a boost! Besides BRAGGING allowed.

Well, I've got class today, cleaning (cottage and crackhouse lady are welcome) and getting our apartment ready for renters. We still have our soldier for one more week then he's back to Iraq where it's really hot. 135 when he left. Have family coming this weekend, I'll have to be extra diligent to eat OP.
Everyone have a great day!!!!!
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Sorry I love the beach and outdoor BBQs but this heat that we have in the summer is unbareable. I don't like living in the A/C day and night.So I'm a snow person,but I won't drive in it,just the cold of the winter is for me.

Luckly I live far from you, don't want to be hit either. We moved north to have the cooler weather,I guess it don't work that way.

Thanks for the congrats on my weight loss,I hope I can hold on two it by my official W-I. on Monday.

Hugs BB
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Shrinking Mom
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Hello Chikies!

Today was the first day of school for my older 2 boys. 4th grade and kindergarten.....when did *I* grow up and become a mom?

The 2 yo os down for a nap. I have had lunch and I am laying low until the boys get home.
These early mornings are hard to get used to

Hot here in Georgia also. You break a sweat just standing outside. The temp change from inside to outside is enough to take your breath away.

Enjoy your days and KEEP COOL!!!!!
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Hey ladies,

I'm back again... really need to get on here and vent more often! Life has been insane recently, with tons going on! Was in Oregon for a week, bought a house, BF's car got totalled and he got a new one etc. etc.

Been on and off my diet, and I think I'm still pretty well maintaining (although I think weight is closer to 150 than 145) - Starting last week I got back into weights and have been doing pretty well... Feeling down today, after I got upset with my dad and trying to snap out of it.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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I may be working from home today but I've been really busy. I just now got a chance to read this thread. I did make it to the gym last night and I've stayed perfectly OP yesterday and today but I was still at 150 this morning so I have officially changed my ticker. I really think some of it is TOM so I'm hoping it will drop.

I've got my willpower ready and am prepared for the National Night Out block party tonight. I'm going to go make the coleslaw I am bringing and I'm going to eat some Chipotle Beef Burrito ahead of time so I can stick to OP stuff while I am there. No hot dogs for me!
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