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Default Please: Support needed for NEW SBer

Thanks, Ruthxx- I just found this part of the site!

Cross posted from "300+" 40's support group
Hi, all--

Please, I could use some serious sisterly diet support.

I am in shock. I finally weighed myself today, in preparation for starting the South Beach diet (first diet I have done in many years.) I have been fluctuating between 280-310 for the last few years, and I knew I'd gained weight this winter, but I was not prepared for...

342 pounds.

342 pounds

342 pounds

Holy crap. I started to cry; I was so sick to my stomach.

Some history: I am 43, married with a 21 year old son and an 11 year old daughter (yes, I needed a 10 year break between kids.) I have had excellent luck three different times in my life losing major amounts of weight.

1. Age 21--I lost 55 pounds on the old Overeaters Anonymous program (very strict; protein, veggies and one fruit a day. No breads, pasta, potatoes, or any starches.)
2. Age 22--(post birth of son) I lost 45 pounds on same program (not breastfeeding)
3. Age 28 -- lost 55 pounds--same diet.

The problem is it is almost impossible to never eat bread, pasta, etc and I couldn't figure out how to incorporate those things and still lose/maintain weight.

In the past, I have found the Zone to be an excellent way to lose weight and feel good. In addition, I have lost 10-15 pounds many times in the spring to combat post-winter weight gain (I live in the chilly NE.)

But not this spring; quite the opposite in fact. My health is suffering. I am having a really hard time just WALKING AROUND this spring, and I know it's time. It's time--it's time.

Please, any help/support/encouragement you all can give would be really really helpful.

I need to lose I DON"T EVEN KNOW how much weight--I'd love to get under 200 (maybe 180?) but frankly, I like having meat on my bones and I think plump is sexy. But this fat is not sexy and it's in fact very dangerous. I don't want to die from fat! I'd rather go out in a blaze of glory, you know what I mean? Like saving orphans from a burning building or something.

Anyhow--thank you for reading this far and I welcome any thoughts/encouragement/advice especially from any other SBer's out there or similar programs. I have had great luck on the Zone diet was well (very similar to SB, actually)

Please, let me hear from you and I will support you as well. We're in this together, right sisters?

Hang in there and let's talk soon--

~Maribelle, ready to finally get to work!
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Hi Maribelle!
This is the right place to be! There are so many amazing women here ready to offer encouragement whenever you need it! I have spent the past four days reading all the posts here and getting meal ideas.
I read your reply to my other post then saw this one, just want to say *thanks* for your suggestions! After I analyzed my pantry, I found that I am feeding my family too many prepackaged foods and carbs, and cereal which I thought was healthy, but had a ton of sugar added!
I can sympathize with you on the whole scale shocker you recently experienced! I wasn't able to form a coherent thought for about 2 hours after seeing those numbers!!!! But it does make us more determined than ever to shed the fat luggage for good!
Be sure to check out all of the recipes here on line and the emergency guide for phase 1.
Cheers to us!


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both Maribelle (what a pretty name!), and Luc's mom! You have both come to the right place to change your Way of Eating, you will find lots of help and support here from all of us. to your success!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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I'm new here, too! Just started SBD today. I have tried before, but always go back to my binging, which is my real issue. I lost 70 pounds on WW and gained back 20. I am looking to get those 20 off and keep it off this time. It's great to have a support base to turn to! Good luck and I know we'll both succeed!!!
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Hi Luc'sMom, Cottage by the sea and girliegirl--

Thanks For the GREAT WELCOMES--wow! I feel so much better already knowing that I won't have to go through all this alone. Whew!!

Luc's Mom--You're welcome for the suggestions--I have found out so much be learning to read labels. So much of the advertising is so deceptive--we empower ourselves and our families when we stay informed.

Cottagebythe sea--thanks! I *love* your name too--and having a "cottage by the sea" is a dream of mine some day!!

Girliegirl--you are more than halfway there--good on your girl, don't let the setbacks slow you down at all. You're here and we are with you--together we will rise, lighter than air.

Together, we are unstoppable.

~Maribelle, getting excited about the possibilities!~
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Maribelle...excited and huge possiblities there are here! Loads of great women who know exactly how you fell! Speaking from a 41 year old who topped the scale at almost 300! I've done SB for 5 months and the last few have been slow with the weight coming off, but after rethinking my soduum intake it seems I'm back on track! You'll love the way you fell(especially from everyone here!). I can't say this enough...once you make it through the 1st 2 weeks you'll enjoy the new way to look at food and life! Explore this place there is so much info that will help. Plus an added bonus is we're all here for you!

Keep it movin'
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Welcome to you all! Maribelle - we are the same age and it does get harder to do this as you age. I started this for my health. I was on three blood pressure meds and my doc wanted to put me on cholesterol medicine. I have an 8 year old that I wanted to live to see grow up. I have followed South Beach now for two years and it works great! I'm off all of my meds and my cholesterol is normal. I can go out and ride bikes with my son.

You have more to lose and it needs to come off at a safe rate. With South Beach, the important thing is to make sure you are eating enough of the right stuff. You want to eat 4 1/2 cups of veggies a day. I've learned to snack on veggies. I REALLY like raw zucchini. I used to do red peppers with hummus but now I normally eat the zucchini or cauliflower. There are tons of recipes here. I dont' have a lot of time but I love to cook. Some recipes are very easy. I really like some out of the South Beach Quick and Easy cookbook.

You have a wonderful attitude that will go far to help you to be successful. Check out water aerobic classes. It is much easier to exercise with the water to help remove some of the stress on your body. Many people taking water aerobics will also be overweight so you don't need to worry about how you look in a swimsuit. Even walking in a pool would get you started. And welcome again to the beach. We have a wonderful group of friends here!
Barbara - Started South Beach 5/22/4 Restarting 8/15/16
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