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Come on Spring!
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Default Beach Chat for Friday, March 31.

Hey, it's Friday and the end of the month! I love it when it works out like that! It's a gloriously sunny morning and the temps are going to be great, especially for still March!

I was supposed to work in the greenhouse this morning but the new plant order didn't come so I will be indulging my green thumb around here. I am hoping to get the front perennial bed cut back and raked off as warm rain is expected tonight and the plants will just love it!

So where is everybody? As Schatzi would say:
Wakey! Wakey! The day's a'wastin'!

The coffee's made so help yourself and sit and chat a bit.
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South Beach Life Style
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I AM UP! I just hate it when I first wake up,, well, the first hour anyway, after my coffee and breakfast , I tend to be some better, Just NOT a morning person,, All is well here on the home front, staying OP and doing what I have to, Need to drink more water than ususal today, Water retention for the "monthly" seems no matter how much sodium I decrease I stll have the blahhhhhhhs...................
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Default Where are all the chics today?

Its deserted here this morning. Oh, well, everyone must be having a crazy day this morning. I need to get going but wanted to check in . DD lost here basketball game yesterday, but found out the girl who fell was OK, which made me happy . Stayed OP, but the scale is not moving much and its making me crazy. I'm on phase 2 and I think I'm being conservative about the carbs, but I need it to move or I'm going to get discouraged. I think I'm going to stop the daily weigh ins and try weekly starting today. So every Friday, except a weigh in . Anyway, off to another good day, 17'C here today.
Ruth-you seem to be the green thumb; is it to early to mess with my perianials?
Ms. Crockett- keep up the good work OP.

Stuck in a rut?
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Helloooo? Treats, please!
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Good morning, Ruth and Crockett! I'm running late so just a quick hey to everyone. Gotta jump in the shower and head out! I plan on cooking some recipes from the SBD site later today and will post them here if they're any good. There's this one beef casserole made with mock cornbread that looks good. It's like a savory bean cake instead of sweet. Sounds interesting. Well, have a great day chicks!
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Helloooo? Treats, please!
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'Morning, scrappinRN! We posted at the same time.
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Mornin' ladies,

A little sleepy this morning cause the BF and i were out late at a concert. A buddy of his was having his first show and Eric wanted me to come with. Music was definitely expirmental and unfortunately I wasn't able to resist drinks as well, drank wine but slipped up and had a beer... oh well, it was fun and I'm still down this morning so

I have a training appointment this morning so that should be interesting. Lots of plans this weekend, working both days and hoping to get some nature time... hope everyone has a great day! Tomorrow begins a new month!

Pearshape - Def let us know how the recipes turn out

Scrappin' - I think on Phase 2 you're only supposed to lose 1-2 pounds a week. How much are you losing generally?

MsCrockett - Hang in there! Hope you have a great day! I'm dealing with TOM as well.

Ruth - mornin' Miss chipper! Enjoy your gardening!
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Morning Ruth, pear, Crock & Scrappin!!

I am actually up early too since my allergies decided to flare up. Didn't get to post yesterday as work was busier than expected. Stayed OP until I got to the tanning salon & there were 2 Starbursts on the dang towel. Funny you'd think a tanning salon would be so focused on everyone being tan & skinny that they wouldn't put candy on the towels wouldn't you??

Anyway, nothing terribly exciting going on here. Just work (today is our short day) and then getting my hair weaved afterward. Will probably go out to dinner with DH at a steakhouse tonite. Biggest temptation there for me is actually their martinis...they make great ones but not a P1 treat. Anybody know if filet mignon is considered lean enough for South Beach? I can't recall what part of the cow they cut it from.

Ruth I envy you that you get to work in your garden. I keep meaning to weed my front beds & lay bark but every weekend (including this one) we seem to be getting heavy rainstorms & even some hail. Highly unusual weather for California. The nice weather is always mid-week while I'm at work so it never gets done. I'm starting to think I may have to learn to view dandelions as flowers:lol

Hey Pear, how's your dog? It's so hard when they get old. My dog Shandy is on diurectics for congestive heart failure which make her pee all over the place...totally aggravating because she was so good before. Anyway have you thought of cooking some Minute Rice for your dog? That usually helps settle their tummmies & they think their getting the biggest treat.

Well need to fix something for breakfast & put myself together for work.

Have a great OP day everyone!!

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Good Friday Morning Ladies

I'm feeling SUPER to day and my spirits are uplifted.Ithink I needed the well needed rest that I got last night,I slept all night,not bathroom scene for me,and that made all the difference.

I'm going to relax this weekends and have a long called for bubble bath that I haven't had in in long time. In order words I going to pamper myself over the weekend.

Thanks for all your support,I really appreciate it. Cyper SB sisters.

Hi Ruth- I'm awake,thank for your PE,I didn't have a chance to answer it but I want to thank you for your kind words,I really appreciate them.I don't want to take advantage,but knowing that your there is worth everything.I love the Spring,our perrywinkles are out[voilet blossming ground cover] and our crocus are putting the little heads out also.We received a bunch of cut daffodils from the Amercian Cancer Society. the other day when we went out to the center. There beautiful,but they don't seem to like our dirt, they don't flower.Had beautiful ones when living in N.Y.

MsCrockett-I hear you, sodium is my problem lots of times,as I tends to crave salt more so than sugar since being on the Beach. I'm up to 96 oz of water just for that reason.

Scrappin-Don't weigh:goodscles: in every day if it upsets you, I have 1 grain/bread carb per day as thats all I can have in order to get my weight down. You must find your balance.Good Luck.Its was terrible trying to hold on the my weight loss,until I found my balance.

Pearshape-Have a great day,as when you get back I be gone for the afternoon.

Hi Sarah & Sue we posted at the same time have a great day.

Hugs BB
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Goal: A Healthy Me
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Good Morning Chicks! The sun is shining, it's Friday, the scale is down and the tank is clean! The Tank Is Clean?!?! (sorry, way too much Nemo watching around here

I am soooo glad it's Friday It's been one helluva week and I'm really looking forward to some down time. I didn't go to my yoga class on Wed so I'm going tomorrow to make it up which guarantees me at least 1 1/2 hours of peace and quiet without a little one hanging off of me. DH has also promised to be around most of the weekend so I should have some help which will be nice for a change.

Broomy - hope you have a nice dinner with DH!
Sarah - Yeah for you on being down!
Pear - that recipe does sound good - please post if it turns out good.
Scrappin - I'm so glad that little girl is OK.
Crockett - Hope you have a good OP day.
Ruth - Have fun in your garden and enjoy this beautiful day!
BB - I'm so glad that the doctors have a positive outlook for DH. I'm sorry I misinterpreted your post yesterday. I'm glad you can share with your family and friends. Take care

Everyone else - Have a great day!!!
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chick on the beach
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Default it's 70 now

seems everybodys up and at em it's already 70 and it's only 8:30am here i gess this will be a busy day going to get my hair cut and to the tanning bed it's bad enough i have cottage chesse legs but there white to oh no just can't have both ive walked almost a mile on the dreedmill already i gess ill get the whole mile in today my son is going to his first school dance tonight..awww..and he needs a new shirt and a hair cut so this is going to be a busy day this is my last day of peace and quiet they are out for spring breack next week ow well but need to run so everyone have a good day ...kisses

broomy:i know what you mean you can go any were that something sweet is poping out at u im going to the tanning bed to day wish me luck with those candies

beach bum....happy bubbles

and all you other ladies i missed have a great day
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I'm so glad it's Friday! Even though I had off Monday, this week seemed like forever for me. I'm hoping to just have some time to relax over the weekend, it's been pretty hectic here lately. What I really should do is start my spring heavy-duty housecleaning. The windows and curtains both need a washing, and my carpets can use a good shampooing, too. I've been comparing prices for rug shampooers, is the Bissell Pro-Heat the best one to buy? Usually I have someone come in to clean them, but it would be nice to have my own carpet cleaner.
Nothing exciting is going on today, but the weather is awesome so we're going to enjoy some outdoors activities again. I have to take the girls shopping for a birthday present, we'll probably stop to pick up something on the way home from school. That's something I wish their mother would do with them.
See you all later, I need to tidy things up around here before I get the girls.
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Mornin' all. Decided to wait and post until after I got home from Curves & grocery shopping. Stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down another pound, so I made my March goal of 5 lbs by the hair on my chinnie, chin, chin. Don't think I wouldn't have made it if I hadn't been home and focused on good p1 eating.

Weezle - How'd you guys do with the storms last night? We had some minor damage here in town, but it didn't turn out too bad. Unfortunately, the same town about an hour east of here got hit with a tornado again. That was the same place that got hit really bad by the same storm that got you guys a couple of weeks ago.

Ruth - Enjoy your sunshine!
Crock - I'm just the opposite. I'm SO a morning person - hopefully not too annoying to those around me, but always up early. My body just automatically wakes up at 5:00 every morning.
Scrappin - Glad to hear the BB kid is doing okay - man, that's just scary! Keep up the good work and the scale will move.
Pear - Ooh, new recipes. I've been trying new stuff all week, so I'm really looking for new recipes right now. Please post them if they work out.
Sarah - Sounds like the concert was fun. Hope you enjoy your weekend, even though you have to work.
BB - You definitely deserve a pampering weekend. Enjoy it!!!!
KellyJ - Congrats on the loss!
Cottage - The ProHeat is the shampooer that I bought and it worked great.
Broomy, want_it and everyone else - and have a great weekend!
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Hi everyone! I went out to dinner last night for the first time since launching my diet on Jan. 1. I ended up having a small steak at the Cheesecake Factory, along with broccoli and sauteed snow peas & zucchini. I was annoyed by the server who refused to find out definitely how much the steak weighed, along with what the snow peas were sauteed in (tasted like canola). I conserved all day long, though, in anticipation of a heavier than usual dinner. It was yummy.

Kelly J -- Enjoy yoga. I did a yoga tape at home on Tuesday and oh, was I bored. Guess I'm not zen enough.

Broomy -- I hope filet mignon's okay, because I ate some last night.

Beach bum -- Lots of luck to you and DH and hang in there! You sound like you're handling everything well.

Sarahslacker -- you're so diligent with exercise, the effects of that beer will probably be nonexistent!

Pearshape -- I'm really interested in the mock cornbread recipe!

Ruth -- Enjoy the great weather!

Scrappin -- experiment with the carbs a little, try eating them at different meals, see what works best for you. I find I can eat up to two grains and two fruits each day, but I usually bypass a second grain, since I've never really liked bread.

MsCrock -- Yup, water's key for me, too. I drink it constantly.

Have a great day, everyone! It's gorgeous in Boston and I'm going to walk at lunchtime (not shop, hopefully) and go to the gym after work.
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gotta lose it!
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Morning everyone......I'm with you Crock - I'm not a morning person! Last night I closed with "junior" and he had problems with the deposit. It came to be 11 & I asked him what was going on because I wanted to go home. He looks at me & tells me he's off by $400!!!! So I started counting everyone....both safes, all 7 registers & Junior was actually right he had an extra $351. After counting a second time, I looked & the previous day's deposit was still there, I checked it & it was off - so after midnight I finally found the problem - so I'm extra tired today. And I came home & had a beer & it was GOOD! I checked the scale today & I'm down 6 lbs total for the month!
Well I'm off to Curves and work, mall (gotta buy little sister a b-day present - even if she's a brat!) and then my party. My friend Julie is having a girls' night at her house....her friend Lisa makes beaded jewelry, Victoria does massages & I sell AVON. We are suppose to bring a bottle of wine....any suggestions? I'm more of a white wine gal myself.
See ya later!
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Morning, gals! Last night was a PTA meeting and our den had the flag ceremony. They did so great. The choir put on a mini-musical Music Man. Tonight Brian has a class at church that I will be taking him to.

This weekend will be busy as usual. We've got the Trash Bash from 8:45-noon. Then DH heads off to train club and rocket club meetings while Brian and I go to the school carnival from 3-6. I will be working his class's booth for a half hour and then the rest of the time I will work a table promoting our cub scout pack.

Sunday isn't too bad. Church in the morning and then meeting up with other leaders in the afternoon at the Twilight Camp warehouse to go through supplies and see what we already have.

My team leader is going to work this weekend so I finally get a weekend where I don't have to work. I've worked the last four Friday nights and I could use a break.
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