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Default snack bars

during lunch time at my school i'm always tempted to go buy a bag of chips or a candy bar. are there any good snack bars that i can have so i'm not starving myself through the school day?
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I get the South Beach meal replacement bars, and I have one in between my classes, since I have about a 2 hour break...definately better than vending. But these are for Phase 2&3.

Also, how old are you, and how tall are you? You want to be 105 pounds? I don't know if that's really healthy or not. If you are a teen, I would say you don't need to be all. And if you are an adult...definately not.
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xfudge3, great's a wise thing to stay away from the vending machines! However, the point of SBD is to eat as few processed foods as possible--that means you are trying to eat things that you (or someone else) is making from real ingredients...not things that have been made in a factory somewhere.

So...instead of snack bars (which are actually going to leave you hungrier than before, even if they are SBD brand), try bringing protein and good carb snacks with you to school. In Phase 1, make sure you incorporate a veggie and a protein with each snack, and use lots of good carbs that will keep you from craving and feeling so tired. Great choices are: slices of bell peppers with hummus, celery with laughing cow cheese or natural peanut butter, homemade 3 bean salad (recipes are in the recipe forum), a handful of cherry or grape tomatoes and a cheese stick, or some of the broccoli and cheese salad (recipe is in the recipe forum).

In P2, you can add fruit, which will really give you a boost. Just make SURE that you incorporate some protein and that you end your snack with a bite of protein to keep your blood sugar level as normal as possible. I love pears with laughing cow cheese, apples or bananas with peanut butter, and oranges or tangerines with a cheese stick. Another possible snack (though it doesn't have any veggies, so it is likely to make you less full) is some plain yogurt with a tsp or two of SF jam, some cinnamon, and a packet of splenda. I use SF syrup and top it with ground flax seed in P1, and use the recipe mentioned here along with a tbsp of wheat germ on top for P2. It makes a good morning snack when I have less time to wait between meals.

As to the other issue, great point, Kayley! 105 is low, even for a 5' person. Have you talked with a doctor about this goal weight, Kayley? Are you sure that you need to lose that much weight? Perhaps what you need is more exercise to help you replace fat with muscle or help you build muscle? If you are still growing (i.e. 18 years old or younger), you can severely and irreparably harm yourself by dieting more than you need to and by eating unhealthily. If you truly follow SBD's eating guides in terms of eating less processed foods, good fats and good carbs, lean meats, etc., you'll be eating healthy...but if you lose too much weight, that won't help much. Here's a link to a really wise essay by Geneen Roth. It says, much better than I can, what can happen if you don't think about how what you do now affects your future health. Just be careful, okay? Here's my favorite part:

If, when I was eleven, someone had told me that the way I was eating might cripple me at age sixty, I probably would have kept right on eating Oreos for breakfast. And at age twenty, nutritional guidance probably would have stopped me from raw food diets and the ensuing anorexia. Nevertheless, I still wish someone had told me; I wish I could have made an informed choice about the food I ate and the course I was charting for the rest of my life.

So, I'll be the one to say it now: What you eat matters, not only to the size of your body but to its well-being. Depending on the strength of your constitution, your genetic background, your environment, and your inner life, the food you eat will skew your biochemistry in a particular direction, which will then affect the course of your life. This is not a prediction or a fear-based assumption; it is simply cause and effect.
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