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Default Tuesday's Twaddle

Good Morning,

Well it's that time again. WAKE UP!!!! At least it is the day I do my step workout which I enjoy more than my treadmill (the treadmill makes me want to go instantly back to sleep when the alarm rings). I ate well yesterday. I was telling someone at work yesterday that for every four or five days I eat well I have a day that makes up for that and more. It's like a seven day free for all packed into one day that undoes all the good and adds on a pound or two of bad. I need to break that cycle.

Uneventful day yesterday and no major schedule blips on for today. I clean for my mother after work on Tuesday's so that is where I'll be tonight. Late dinner on Tueday and straight to bed. Makes for a long day.

Weezle - I am sorry about your job problems but your posts do bring smiles into my evening and thanks for that.

Same goes for all of you. I sooo look forward to reading the days posts before turning in for the night.

Have great days on the beach chickadees!!!!

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Whoa! Freaky, you are up SO early! I logged on, having woken up early to do some work and go to the gym, but I'm still half-asleep! You sound alert and ready to go!

I made a yummy dinner last night -- whole wheat pita bread topped with chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, salsa, and RF mozzarella and ricotta cheese. My own little brick oven pizza! Except I don't have a brick oven. My own little gas-oven-that-no-one-knows-how-to-clean pizza! I think the only misstep was the salsa, it seemed out of place.

I tried to stay well away from sugar alcohols yesterday, apart from a tea flavored with SF syrup and a late night jello, because of my weekend excesses which left my stomach delicate and gurbling all day. It still feels off and I'm reminded of an episode of House where a patient was found to be poisoning himself with sugar-free gum (about 6 packs a day will do it). Icky.

With that in mind, have good days, Chicklets!
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Would you believe I went to bed last night at 9? I just can't seem to keep my eyes open once I sit down to relax anymore.

Good morning Freaky and SunLit, and all you other sleepyheads. There's nothing exciting planned around here for the day. It's been warming up outside, so maybe we'll go to the park after lunch. I had the girls out for a while yesterday, and we all really enjoyed the time spent in the sunshine! I just started a load of laundry, and I'll be leaving for Curves shortly. I'm free until 11, so I'm going to try to do some gardening this morning, too.

Beachgal ~ That's a shame about your leg! Hope it heals quickly!
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Default Too tired to think!

Good MORning Cottage, Freaky and Sunlit.
Took BRady to doctor's yesterday and he now has an infection in his right lung. SOt hey started him on an antabotic and a cough medicine with codine.
I slept from 10:45- 3:30 am. I have been up since then. Dh got up for work, Brady started cough at 4 and then at 5 had to give him more medicine he just would't stop coughing. THen I lay doen at 5:30 hopiong for 30 minutes and Quinn woke up for the day. SO after gving up on lseep I worked out at 6 am. Not the best workout becuase Quin needed a drip then he needed a choclate pop. Oh and I forgot my middle son needed a pudding at about 5:10am. SO needless to say I am tired. I think BRady went back to sleep after all his sedating meds and it will be aweful sending him to school. But if he stays out one more day the subsititue will give him extra homeowrk just because she is crabby.
SO yesterday I said I would start another diet. I did it. I did so well and at night relaized I can add more calories. The scale was down a lb this mroning. I don't think I lost that but maybe now the yo yo effect will stop. I feel like if I follow this diet that I can see and read and abide and exercise I am confiedant I will begin loosing again.
WEll time to make lunches and get in the shower. Hope you all had a better night then me. Have a good day everyone!
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Good Morning All!!

Mama- I hope you can get more sleep and I hope your sons health improves. I don't know how you do it all!

Freaky- I know what you mean about likeing one exercise way more. I love the days when I go to Curves, but the day I hit the regular gym and have to use the elliptical is a day that I am usually dragging and less motivated.

Sun- That pizza sounds good. I haven't tried making the whole wheat pizza crust yet, but my Aunt made it and it didn't come out right. Probably, just her cooking though.

Cottage-Have fun at Curves

I have to work til 3:00 and then I am going grocery shopping. We are having a little birthday party for our co-worker today and there will be lots of healthy food because she had the gastric bypass surgery and she can't have any sugar. Finally, a healthy birthday party. I work with 30 women that love to cook so there is usually a ton of bad stuff that I can't have, and it usually is very tempting. Anyways, I hope everyone has a great, successul, day. Talk to everyone throughout.
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Good morning fellow babes! Wow - I'm gone for a few days and it sounds like so much has happened. Welcome to all of the new chicks on the beach!

Beachgal - Hope you heal up quick!

Weezle - Hope you find a school that better appreciates you. It really makes me mad that you're being treated that way at one of our schools. (I'm a fellow Lutheran.) These are people that should set a better example. Okay, nuff said.

Cottage, have a great workout. It's getting warmer here too. Spring's here! My tulips and daffodils are starting to come up!

Mama - Man, sounds like you've really got your hands full. Hope you get some rest and that everyone in your house gets healthy soon.

I'm off to the dentist this morning for a checkup and then off to work. To anyone else I missed, good morning!
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Come on Spring!
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My bath is running so this will be a bit of a quickie.

Thanks for the early start-up Freaky. I was up and about at 5:30 today but didn't get a chance to pop in. Doggy duties called.

Mamahulk, you certainly have your capable hands full, I hope the medicine helps ease your son's pai and your stress.

SunLit, the pizza sounds good and I agree about the salsa. I saw that episode of House and had forgotten it! I hope the tummy settles down soon.

Cottage, GARDENING! Is your snow all gone? Want some? I can be there in seven hours with a load for you.

Bella, what an opportunity to switch everyone over to healthy eating! Enjoy the party.

Jana, You have the dentist and I have my orthopaedic surgeon appointment today. It's doctor day!

This morning I need to go to town to meet with my knee surgeon. The knee is certainly not all better so I guess the operation was a "qualified" success. Next step will be a replacement but I'm hoping to hobble through the summer without going through recovery again! I am going to book myself in for physio although he seemed to think I didn't really need it!

Last night I got a phone message about a Community In Blooms meeting! It's funny how some things get spread through the Village grapevine and others don't. In the Fall I firmly stated that I would NOT be doing CIB this summer but would still order and prepare the plants at the greenhouse and give a decent discount. I plan to stick to my guns. Last summer just finished me with that group of "volunteers"! The day I got home from the hospital from the knee operation, they called to ask when I was going to put up the Christmas decorations on the Village gazebos. When I mentioned the operation, they just asked "Well, when will you be able to do it?" I told them where the stuff was and to go and get it! Grr! Anyhow, this spring and summer, I'll be doing my own gardens only although I'll continue to do the Fairground planters.

Gee, that was sort of *****y! Sorry but crap like that gets me steamed.

Ignore all that! it's a gorgeous sunny day but 8ºF! Before I go to town, I may put on my coat and have a coffee on the deck in the sunshine. It's dry and sunny and the Girls are enjoying lying out there these days. The birds definitely think it's spring. There are spring songs and "other activities". I guess they're just practicing.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!
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Helloooo? Treats, please!
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Good morning, chicks! Just a quick hey as I've got a massive headache and am running late. Hope everyone has a great OP day!!
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Smile Happy Tuesday!

Good morning everyone!

Freaky - Enjoy your workout. As soon as I'm done here I'm gonna pop my Leslie Sansone DVD in and get to it. Still trying to wake up.

Sunlit - I was feeling yucky all weekend and I bet it was the sugar alcohol. I didn't have any yesterday and I felt great.

Cottage - Enjoy the sunshine!

Mama - I'm sorry your boy's not feeling well. Try to take a nap sometime today. A mama's gotta have her strength. My little one (3 years old) didn't want to go to school today and he was kicking and screaming as I put him on the bus. Not fun.

Bella - Enjoy the party! Finally a party where you don't have to sulk over not being able to eat anything.

Jana - Dentist! EEEK! At least it's only a checkup.

Ruth - 8 degrees! And I was complaining about the 27 degrees here! Enjoy your warm bath.

Pear - Hope you get to feeling better.

Well, I went to my first TOPS meeting last night. It seems like a really nice group of ladies. Plus I'm probably the 2nd thinnest person there. Only downside is that they don't seem to be losing any weight. The group had a net gain of 11 pounds! Is that a bad sign? Or could they just be having a bad week?

I lost another pound! That's 9 so far. I know it's probably just water weight, but it's so motivating to change my tracker.

Toodles everyone!
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Hi everyone!

Freaky - I don't like the treadmill either. Sounds like you have a busy day, hope you have a good one!

Sunlit - I have to watch the sugar alcohols too. They really mess with my stomach.

Cottage - Sounds like your body must be needing some extra rest, I know once I sit down at night I am done. So I have to get everything done first because once I'm on the couch, it's all over with.

Mama - My youngest daughter, Abby, has allergy induced asthma and she has a really hard time with the change of seasons. If I make sure she takes her Zyrtec on a regular basis, it really keeps her asthma under control. I also find that if she's got a cold, I use her albuterol inhaler once or twice daily to keep her "open" so the cold doesn't settle in her lungs. I learned that in '04 when she had pneumonia 3 times between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Hoping your son gets better soon!

Bella - I don't think I've ever been to a healthy birthday party!

Jana - Good luck at the dentist, I'm going tomorrow and I hate it! I'm such a wimp.

Ruth - Good for you on putting limits on what you are willing to do. Unfortunately with some people if you give an inch,they take a mile.

It's another cold day here in Maryland but they are calling for it to be around 70 by Friday. I hope so!

Not much else is going on. I have a hair appointment this morning so I'm leaving work early. I'd better go get the bills in the mail so I don't have to come back!

Have a great OP day everyone!

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Christine & Pear - We were posting at the same time! Have a great day!

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Freaky You are so dedicated to your exercise- I wish I had a fraction of your motivation!!

SunLit Your pizza sounds delish! I had taco soup for dinner- about the 5th time I have eaten it. Getting a bit bored, but am trying not to grocery shop before DH gets paid.

Cottage Enjoy your day! I was in bed by 9:10 myself last night. I am not a night owl, so this is farily typical for me.

Mama I hope you can get some rest soon. Listening to your night made me worn out. I hope that Brady is feeling better soon. I am sorry to hear that his teacher is such a jerk!!

Ruth Good for you for saying "no"! I think this is probably a word that you don't say often enough!!

Pear, Jana, and Bella Have a super day! :flow:

The sleepover was fun- they played, we ate dinner, went to the park, watched a movie. They were up until at least ten giggling and talking. I think I wound up falling asleep before they did! They just stumbled out of DD's room a minute ago. They are already playing. Too cute......

Okay, believe it or not, I am down to ONE load of laundry today!! I have been cleaning and doing all kinds of stuff around the house for days. I am doing this one load today and then RELAXING!!
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Oh What a Beautiful Moooorning...oh what a beeeautiFul DAY..I gotta a la la Feeeeeeling everythings going my wayyyyyyy!

Freaky wins the earliest of birds award!!! I do the same thing... good as gold for about 5 days and then whoooops.. I slip up..!

Mamahulk -- poor poor DS.. I hope the medicine will help jiffy quick!

SunLit, I love the description of your oven! The pizza sounds AWESOME!!!!!! I saw that episode too, just love House! I DEfinitely know what you mean about the effects of those SF alcohols ... Been there Done that! I found taking some fiber helped me git it allll out (I know that aint a problem heh heh, but it helped to get the gurgling down..)

Cottage, GARDENING! I'm convinced it's for us grown ups who still like to play in the dirt.. Today I do battle with the weeds.

Bella, -have a great time at the party!

Jana --hope the doc pronounces you cavity free!

Ruth: hmmm Is there anything else that can be done to git that knee even more better? And hmmpf! I hear ya about "volunteers" you know what they say..the more you do, the more they want.. so you stick to them guns!

I'm enjoying my 3rd cup of cawfee and watching the cardinals and song birds at the feeder.. Then time to don my Ms Greenjeans and play in the dirt!

Have a SUPA DAY!!!!!
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Christine and Tyra Good morning!! I also have a "date" with Leslie Sansone sometime this morning. I like those workouts for days that I can't get outside to walk.
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Apparently I need to type faster- good morning Schatzi!!
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