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Default Unsupportive Hubby!

I am having trouble with my hubby supporting me in this new diet. I have tried several diets before that have failed and he believes I will fail at this one too. I am determined to prove him wrong. I am just beginning this diet and love the support system I'm seeing here. I would just like to know if there is anyone else in my situation and how you are doing?
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I was in a similiar situation.

It took me some months to realize that I had to stop looking for support from those who didn't want to support me. I had to look within the find the motivation I needed. Honestly, I am just getting the motivation but so far, so good. I am not going to let anyone stop me this time.
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I have not had a husband for 31 years , but my mother tries to sabotage me trying to make me eat tons of unhealthy stuff while at the same time demeaning me for being fat. When I visit her the way I deal with it is by not giving an inch!!!

Don't mind hubby too much, just quietly follow your plan and he will become convinced that you are serious this time.

Good luck!!!
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I can relate! My DH used to give lip service to supporting me and then do the opposite.

What we need to realize is that WE are the ones in charge of our own bodies and other people can just butt out. I finally learned to not say a word about dieting and to just ignore any comments about what I was eating.

Hang in there, chickies! The support you get comes from within and is reinforced by posting on these forums!

If you are new to this wonderfil 3FC site South Beach, a big !!!
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I agree with you, Ruth. Ultimately, WE are the ones in charge of what we put into our mouths. I've found that if I just don't tell people I am dieting, I don't get any negative comments or people trying to sabotage me into eating anything I can't have.
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Well, if your hubby won't support you, we will!! Be sure to check out our daily thread and post there often. Lots of advice and support around here. Welcome!
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just a few more...
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I actually was lucky enough to get hubby on board and of course he's doing awesome. I touted the heart health benefits over the lose weight part. It is very easy to fail on a diet but if you are jsut making a few life changes to be healthier, it's much easier to keep going

I will not surrender. I will not turn against myself when things get tough. I will never show weakness on the outside. The tougher and tighter the situation the more I will love it.
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I have the same problem throughout my family it's like they are all Jekyll and Hydes or something. One minute they are like "Good job, keep it up, looking good!" and the next they are busy calling me a slob or saying stuff like "oh, well it looks like you fell off the diet wagon?!" I completely stopped telling everyone I am on a diet that way if I do "fall off" once or twice, I won't have to hear anything about it from the peanut gallery.

This week was one of my worse weeks on the diet I had some really good workouts, but I have been taking little bits of food I shouldn't be eating lately. (I have had a lot of birthdays this week)I think next week I will try to start the Phase 1 again just to rid myself of carb cravings.

I hope everyone has a good weekend and can stay stong.

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When I started, DH assured me that my new diet was a fad and would never work. Mind you, after I had shed my first 30 pounds, he was singing a different tune.

One day, after our daily bicycle rides when I once again kicked his fatter butt, he came to me and said, "fat flush me!" The rest is history. We're both in P3/maintenance and between us, probably 130 pounds lighter - WOW, we've shed the equivalent of a small human adult!!)

My point is - ignore your DH. Lead by example, and get your support here!
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