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Default Happy December Thursday Chat

Happy December!
I love the Christmas season, even though most days don't have enough hours in them to get everything done! I don't know what I'll have in store for me today, but I do know I have to get an early start so I can get my Curves workout in before I have to take the girls to school. I have my lunch packed and am taking a mini ww bagel w/ peanut butter with me for breakfast, so I'm prepared for whatever is on the agenda.

Thanks, H-ko, for the suggestions. I stopped at a mini-market for gas, and that's where I got the SouthBeach cereal bars. I know I could have ordered the green salad at McD's, but by then I the sugar cravings had kicked in. Those darned meal replacement bars are trouble!

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Who needs sleep?
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Cottage - I wonder if there is something you could get to carry with you or keep in your car in case of emergencies that wouldn't trigger your cravings? Obviously you couldn't keep cheese or raw vegs or yogurt or anything since those all need refrigeration, but I wonder if there is something else that is more shelf-stable.... Maybe packages of nuts or seeds? You could get a few to keep in your car or purse, and munch some when you get ravenous while out & about - that would tide you over until you can get somewhere that offers you some OP choices - a store or restaraunt or whatever. Hopefully they'd be satisfying enough that you wouldn't be desperately hungry and just get anything to fill you up, nor would they trigger cravings. Just some thoughts - I know that getting hungry while on the run is a big problem - I've had the same problem myself!

Hello everyone! I made it to bed before midnight - yay! I was trying to finish The Tempest last night, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. So I went to bed at 11, and now 4 1/2 hours later, I'm up and at 'em (well, or will be shortly) and sipping coffee (usually reserved for evenings) while I wish you all a terrific day!

This is DS's last official daycare day during this quarter, so I'd better make the most of it! I've got to finish a bunch of readings and post comments, revise and submit my final essay, and do some more work on my city (which must be postmarked or handed in by Monday).

DH took Saturday off this weekend. He has a test Saturday, and I have my final in Britlit Sunday/Monday. But the main reason he took it off was because it's our anniversary on Sunday - 13 years! We will probably go out, although we aren't positive what we'll do or where we'll go. We did decide against a babysitter for DS, though - I think we'll make it a family celebration.
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Good morning ladies!

Cottage- Oh my goodness! It's December already. I love Christmas season too and have been driving my coworkers crazy with Christmas music. LOL Here's hoping you get everything done today. I'm glad you have your meals planned out.

Heather-- CONGRATS! Wow! 13 years! That's terrific. I hope you have a great celebration.

As for me- I took a new class last night to mark off on the gym's holiday bingo. The teacher was nice. I was the ONLY new person. She said my form was good for a newcomer and she wanted me to try it again. She announced to everyone at least 10 times that she was pregnant. Sometimes, I have trouble with that b/c I would actually like to be. But, I am concentrated on my dream of being slim and healthy for now. I have another class planned for tonight. That will be 3 squares this week. It is definitely motivating me. I am even considering a class tomorrow!

Well, I hear my young one crying/whining. Everyone have a good day!

Oh, I forgot the best part. There was a BRAND NEW scale in the women's bathroom at the gym. It said I weighed 157. I almost kissed the scale. That is my new favorite scale. LOL (I am thinking it has to be pretty accurate. Since it is new, surely it was recently calibrated!)
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Chicks~~

I can hardly believe it's December! My goodness, where the heck did the year go??? It seems like just yesterday that I was out in Oregon visiting my sister--and that was in JUNE!

Not a whole lot going on around here. I seem to be fighting the sleepies lately, though. Can't figure that one out. I'm getting enough sleep at night, but mid-afternoon, I want to just crawl under my desk and snooze.

Cottage, since you're out and about a lot, why not carry an insulated bag in the car with you? Then you could carry some yogurt, some cut up celery smeared with some peanut butter, or other non-crave-inducing snacks.

Lately, my favorite afternoon snack is plain Greek-style yogurt. It's thick and creamy and very satisfying.

Heather, congrats on your anniversary! I hope you and your DH have a nice celebration.

Well, I've got to go figure out a lunch. I know I have one more yogurt stashed in there... Maybe some vegetable soup is hiding in the pantry.

Have a great day on the Beach!
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GGGGGGOoooood Mmmmmorning!!!!
Theresa"-- I do toooooo! I'm lucky enough this year to not be working and can spend the time enjoying the season and making home made gifts...

HKO: Congrats on yer anniversary and on gittin' some Shut EYE!!!!!

djett: Yer our own Denise Austin! U go girl and get that B I N GO!!!

Mamacita: CAWFEEE!!! U Need a good stiff expresso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I waged a successful battle at da Malls yesterday..I am 99% Done shopping...I pulled out of Kohls hearing this most dreadful grinding sound...This man tells me You best pull over, it sounds like yer transmission...yeah pipes in another guy... So I duly pull into a parking spot.. they come over --"pop the hood" mam..( hmmm! How kind of them)... They're a lookin verrrry serious staring at whatever under the hood... "Rev her up" hmmm sounds okay.. "backer up mam"... GGGRRRRind.."hold ah thar mam" (more serious looks at the engine).. I get out get on my blobby belly ta look under the car..Why Loookeee here.. a big old branch is caught in the underguts...I free the branch, and tell em " I think I fixed my trannie"! I certainly didn't mean to bruise their egos, but they looked so redfaced! I thanked them nice of them... drove off chucklin' Men Sheesh! They either wanna fix stuff with duct tape or perform major surgery!
Anyways, eating was on plan yesterday: Had a Wendys salad and chili.. and another salad for dinner...

Alrighty time to get more ..what girls?? CAWFEEEEEE! and start my crafting projects!!!!!!
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Come on Spring!
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A sunny and cold day today - December weather. Now we need snow to cover up the gray and brown landscape.

I Love Lucy but....... I swear she is a demon dog! She is definitely suffering from lack of attention (and walks) since my knee operation. She started 7yesterday by chomping up a plastic ball point pen - no big deal. In the afternoon she muched the plastic handle off a pair of scissors. After supper she managed to get my Tylenol3 bottle and opened it! Luckily the count was right for the pills or I'd have one very sedated (or dead) dog! I'm going to consult a dog shrink if I can find one! In the meantime, I may start a play period with her - throwing the ball in the house is fun for them both.

And now....there is major woofing from downstairs which means someone is at my door. Catch up later.
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Well, I gained two instead of losing two in November. I know what my problem was and I plan to keep the demon chocolate out of my house. We've got no parties we are going to so I should be fine.

I rushed home yesterday and had just enough time for all three of us to take a short bike ride. I sure hope Brian gets his new bike soon. He's really excited about it now that he has finally learned how to ride without training wheels. For a long time, he preferred his scooter and never worked on the bike.

We did manage to get the tree up last night. Tonight we'll start to decorate it. Then there still is the outside stuff and the Christmas cards. December is just TOO busy!!
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Schatzi- Thanks... but I CAN'T STAND Denise Austin. She is way too bubbly for me. That's funny you said that b/c a coworker was joking and saying I was getting addicted. I have a long way to go before that happens! I always have this urge to bolt right before class starts.

LMAO about the transmission! I'm glad it was something mild! I'm sure they were really red faced.

Congrats on your shopping progress!!

Ruth- Poor Lucy! I hope the playtime helps.

Barb- bummer on the two pounds, but at least you have a plan!
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Default Head hung low......

Hi all, I'm here with my head down.....I'm not too proud of myself. I had a bit too much celebrating this past month..... , I've avoided the scales.....and avoided the site............feel like a hypocrit.....sigh.

Anyway, I actually stepped on the scales this morning, did a reality check, fixed my ticker and I feel a little bit better. I'm not totally sunk....I can do this!

Barb, cool that you guys are riding bikes. We're in a snowstorm right now. I'm not sure how I'm going to get my exercise in now. I love running outside. Tree up already? Wow, you're my hero!

Ruth, I'm glad your knee surgery went OK, I've been thinking about you. Maybe Lucy will do well with some one on one time.

Schatzi, I have a "check engine" light on.....can ya come on over and fix it for me???? Also, I need someone to do my Christmas shopping.....I've got the hum bug!

Mama, I'm with you! Where did the year go????????

djett, congrats on finding a wonderscale! Take it home!!! You exercise queen you!

hko, congrats on almost being done with school! And the anniversary!

cottage, hi! Good to read your post!

Well, I need to check on a patient, take care ya'll!
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Good mornin' ya'll

I only have a few min. So hello to everyone, sorry not to do individual hi's

I haven't been in the site steadily lately. I have been staying op, but I love coming in here and am going to make a conscience effort to join in daily. I do come in and read up on everyone from time to time. I hope you let me come back and join in the fun!!!!
I'm looking forward to December and hopefully starting some good habits for the new year!!!

Talk to you all soon and have a GREAT day!!!!
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Awww, Hugging my nurselette RN MOM! oh darlin, I should be BANNED from this site if ya had to stay 100 percent OP all the time.. I'm strugglin to get back 100 percent myself..and have Found 3 pounds to prove it...Ya know I had a bah humbug year one year... I did no decorating, I actually put a BahHumbug "sash" on my door, (oh DoooNot doubt the schatzinator heh heh) I put all friends and family that I would not be able to buy gifts this year..and actually stuck to my guns... It was as Queen Elizabeth annualis horribulus ( HKO CHECK MY LATIN!!!!!) ... Sigh, Dr. Schatzi orders some holiday music , if u have a fireplace, a loverly fire... a glass of Merlot , simmer some cinnamon spice poupporri (SPELL CHECK!!) , and reflect on yer blessin's doll... Do what ya Can to stem yer Scroogieness feelings!!

Tammy: U R DOING SWIMMINGLY!!!!! Please do pop by each day... I miss yer Pancake Face avatar...(hmmm P A N C A K E S )
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Who needs sleep?
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O Great Schatzarina - I don't speak Latin! But it looks good to me - at least, I know what you are saying! I am in between "bah, humbug" and "Dickensian" - I love Christmas and could easily go overboard, but DH is really a Scrooge, so we sort of compromise. We joke about him doing all his holiday shopping at the "sharp stick shop"!
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Hi Ladies

Didn't have a chance to get on the board this morning.Went out grocery shopping, BORING!!! I know,but it had to be done.Couldn't believe my eyes when DH turned the wall calender to the December.

Have to get started on my Chrstmas shopping,I hate the crowds pushing &
shuffing. I think is going to be On line shopping this year.

Heather-That why I never go to bed early other wise I be up all night also.Happy you go some sleep.Happy Anniversary and many many more.

Schatzi-Your post are eyeopeners even at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Happy to hear that it was a branch and not the transmission, They are VERY expensive to get them fixed.

Barb-Sorry about the two pounds. Its hard to be good at this time of the year.Just be careful.

Ruth-Has Lucy ever done that before?????????????Chewing on Plastic,she couldn't be hungry??????????Hope you find the problem.

RNMOM- Your not a hpyocrit,You post when ever you want. We'll all going to have troubles with the scale this holiday season.Just do the best you can.

Have a nice evening Hugs BB
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Owned by Dixie
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Hey Ruthie, put that treadmill to good use and put miss Lucy on it!
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Hi, chickies!

What a week! This is the first night I've been home where I haven't had to do homework, go to choir practice (we have a performance next Saturday) or move kids from here to there. It's also the first day that I didn't need to show up to work by 6 am and stay till after 7.

We've had audits going on at work (I work for a medical device manufacturer) and a 3-day meeting with people from all of our facilities. Guess who coordinates all the catering, copying, and finding people! It's enough to make you crazy! I work in a 150,000 sq. ft. building and the meetings were at either side of the building. I got a LOT of exercise over the past 3 days. And on top of everything else, I had a migraine for 3 days, until one of the managers introduced me to cure. (I've never taken someone's else's prescription before, but it hurt SO much. I was sitting at the conference table with a number of our staff, snuggling my head up to a cold water bottle.) Today I finally had some uninterrupted time so I completed 12 of the 14 expense reports I needed to get done.

WHEW! Thanks for letting me share. I plan to sit quietly tonight. AHHHHHHHH!

By the way, I sneaked onto the scale today (just for giggles) -- down 3 pounds. (I love this little carrot guy!) I never noticed how much I rely on starches, especially potatoes, to fill out my meals. In any event, I've stuck pretty closely to the plan. Saturday is our company Christmas party, so I'll be off plan for that night, but right back on Sunday.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

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