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I vant to draw your blood
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Default Thursday Beach Chat 11/11

Good Veterans Day to the US Chicks and Good Remembrance Day to the Canadian and other Allied Chicks~~

After my dramatic loss that first week and a half, I seem to have stalled out. I'm not too worried about it. I know that happens. I still feel great. What amazes me is that my scrubs feel so baggy on me.

I'm contemplating, pondering and thinking about starting something like Curves or some other circuit fitness program. There's one near where I work that takes about half an hour. It's not very expensive and there's no contracts or anything, so if I don't like it, I can quit without taking a hit to my wallet. Any of you other Chicks ever tried any of these programs? What were your experiences?

Dinner tonight is going to be tequila-lime turkey tenderloin, refried beans, and low-carb tortillas with salad.

Hope everyone has a great day on the Beach!

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Come on Spring!
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Dinner sounds good, Mamacita. Want to make double and ship me some?

Today will be a whirlwind so I'll keep this short.

Rehearsal went better last night as Ted finally put down his book. He needed lots of prompts and skipped a huge hunk of dialogue (including some of my big laughs!) but we did get through it.

This morning I am off to get turned into a blonde 60's woman of a certain age. Danny is probably so excited he didn't sleep last night. My hairdresser does not have a life! I need to pick up some quickie groceries like fish and chicken breasts as dinner will be very early for the next three nights. I'll have to leave at 6 to get to the theatre.

Sorry to be so brief but I'm in overdrive already!
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mmmm... dinner sounds good, Mamacita!
I go to the Y, but I've heard positive and negative comments from women who've attended Curves... I'm sure it depends on what you're looking for, and how much you're willing to put into a program. Personally, I'd say GO FOR IT! If there's no contract, you haven't much to lose by trying it!

I'm heading off to the Y (hate it... HATE IT!!), then having lunch with a friend. At this moment, I'm vowing to make good choices in the restaurant. At this moment.
Then a little renovating, perhaps.

Have a wonderful, OP day, girls!
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Hey, Ruth... missed your post!
I can't wait to see the "new you"!
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Good morning all.

Still doing good OP - had my first craving last night - DH slightly burned toast and it smelled just HEAVENLY! I had to go upstairs and check my email so that I didn't steal a bite. Burnt toast - sheesh!

Mamachiti I wish I had something like curves close to home or work, but I don't. I also wish I had the money for a treadmill, I would get up 20 mins early each morning (maybe )

I haven't managed to find time to exercise yet. I get up at 5am - leave at 6am, start work at 7am, don't take lunch - I eat at my desk, leave work at 4pm, get home by 5pm, make and eat dinner, wash dishes, make lunches CRASH. When am I supposed to exercise?

Last night DH was not feeling well and all 3 of us (DS, DH and me) all went to bed at 8pm (DS's usual bedtime). I know you aren't supposed to exercise right before bed - but I think that is the only time I may be able to manage it.

I just have to win the lottery and then I can buy a treadmill and have lots of time to use it - heck I'd probably hire a trainer too - a really really buff goodlooking trainer - I could exercise ALL the time

Ok back to reality and work - later all.

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Good morning, everyone! It is Day 11 of Phase 1. I don't work today, but I am up early to take a spinning class at the gym. Yay!

I worked out yesterday for the first time in almost 2 months and it felt GREAT! I can't wait to get back into the exercising routine. I know it'll really help my weight loss along and make me feel better.

For some reason, I couldn't resist weighing myself this morning, and I am down only a 1/2 pound this week. (I have been really good with my diet all week.) That's OK, though. It's that time of the month (groan), so I am probably retaining water. If not, I'll live with it and hope that I can lose pounds a week in Phase 2. I'll weigh myself on Monday at the end of Phase 1, too.

On a side note, I made SBD Mock French Toast was sooooo good!

Have a great day, everyone!


PS: Mamacita, that meal does sound good!!!

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Hey there I joined a circuit for women when we wer in alaska I loved it all the women there were great and everyone helped each other in doing there best and to continue going Good Luck I hope you like it
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Good Morning Chickies! I'm a late riser this morning! Well actually I have been awake since 6:30 but laid there for an hour trying to go back to sleep! We are out of school today. Thanks Vets for all you have done for me and my family! Looks to be a busy day for the chickies.
Mama... I am close enough to make it to dinner! If only I didn't have a show tonight!
Ruth... You go you 60's Diva! That sounds like so much fun! How did you get into doin theater? Have you always done it or just since you retired? You are inspiring and make getting older seem like so much fun! Thanks!
Ellis... Behave yourself today! Eat your veggies! Have a good time with your friend!
Bups... Hey just remember your Chickies when you hit it big!
laurlaur... I think we are all scale slaves! Something about it screamin my name in the mornings! Actually mine grabs a hold of my ankle and won't let go til I step on it!
Rugrats9403... Good Morning!
Speaking of scales I did step on the scale this morning and it finally moved after about 3 weeks! Down 4! WooHoo! I hope everyone has a good day today! Lot's to do around here. How much I'll get done is a different story! It is raining right now. If it clears up I may take the kids out for lunch! I like to punish myself! To those to come Hello!
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Happy Veterans' Day! Thanks to all the Veterans' out there!

I'm running behind this morning. The colder it gets outside the slower I am to get up in the am. Still haven't exercised yet - but DS is going with X this weekend so I'm making it a priority. I know once I get started I'll be happy it's just getting started.

Pottery show this weekend and a big craft show. I wasn't going to go but my friends are twisting my arm

Have a great day!
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Good morning, gals! I'm back from donating blood. Hemoglobin was good as was blood pressure and temp. I almost had too low of a pulse though. It was 50 and they want 50 or higher unless you are a well-conditioned athlete. I don't know if I could convince them of that. I did clot at the end but I think they got just enough. I ate my Triscuits with peanut butter that I brought and drank their water. I feel good about being prepared so I didn't eat their snacks like I usually do. I'm sure glad they have water instead of just juice like they used to.

Mama - your dinner plans sound great! I think I am doing Broccoli Cheese Soup tonight. Last night was gumbo with extra okra and I have leftovers for lunch today. Yummy! I love soups when it is cold.
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Morning, everyone! Thank you to all our veterans and those currently in action.

Mamacita, congrats on the loose scrubs! Yay for you!!! Go for Curves...everyone I know who has joined it has had a very good experience. And you can't lose...just leave if it's not for you! Your dinner sounds fantastic! Care to share the recipe?

Ruth, of course, we want PICTURES of your gorgeous 60's alter ego! Glad the lines are going better!

Ellis, GOOD FOR YOU for going to the Y!!! That's awesome, especially if you don't like it. Is there something there that would be more fun for you? Maybe Mauv can get you going with bellydancing! Have a fun lunch. What's on the renovating plan?

Bups, Yay for resisting the toast! I know what you smells so good to me too! You have a busy, busy life! Can you fit in a walk while DH does dishes? Maybe fit in a walk at lunch and actually take one? Can you get away if you work on it? I hope you can fit some exercise in. It does make all the difference in how you feel, look, and how your weight drops off.

LaurLaur, sounds like today is a day for doing healthy things for yourself! You are very gentle with yourself, which I admire! What do you think of spinning? It kind of scares me...I'm afraid I'll fall off the bike from exhaustion halfway through!

Hi, rugrats!

Congrats on the loss, Bamie! Good for you for sticking with it!

Enjoy the craft shows, Anchor. They sound fun!

Barb, glad the blood giving went well. Do you usually have such a slow pulse? That's awesome...I'm just thankful that mines not over 90 like before! The soups sound yummy!

Have a big presentation in class tonight. Should go well, I hope! Lots of homework to do this weekend in prep for our trip to Europe...I don't want to get back and freak out over the holidays and all my leftover homework, so I better get busy this weekend!

Looks like the scale dropped a little. I'll give it another day before reporting it in my sig.

Made this Roasted Butternut Squash lasagna last night. It was too much work for a regular dinner dish, but boy is it good! Not enough protein, though...but very, very yummy! I'll have some for lunch with a salad and some beans, and then a salad with chicken breast for dinner in the school cafeteria while we go over our presentation.

Have a great day, chickies!
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Well work has been so slow and boring all week and it's been a real challenge to not eat out of boredom. Thank goodness for websites to read up on and stuff!

I am debating, and have been, on the idea of picking up two little mice for pets at work. They are small, clean and relatively easy to care for. Yes, I know Rats make better pets, but I think they are too big for work. I could also go Hamster, but someone said hamsters bite a lot.

Any suggestions? I know, I am so silly. Nearly 28 years old and looking for small rodent pets to keep at work. Still, it'd be nice to have something to break the monotany and cheer me up on the stressful days.

Dieting is going good. After stalling out for about three weeks, I have been losing slowly but surely for the past two and it's really exciting. I can only imagine the results I /could/ be getting if I were to actually get off my butt and exercise.

Next week. (As always.)
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Lilwolfe are you allowed to bring pets to work? I would think maybe your co-workers may complain - not sure of your work situation so maybe it is do-able.

My sister has a Betta fish (Chinese fighting fish) at work - easy to look after - no not cute and cuddly but they are very nice to watch - my son has one that responds to our voices - we say "Hiya Spike" and he swims to the tops and circles and will follow your finger on the outside of the bowl - very cute actually.

It's pretty slow at my work too - I do a LOT of surfing Gives me time to plan too though (menus etc...)

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Hi chicks I have time on my hands today so I thought that I would pop in and say HELLO. Things have been very hetic between working 2 jobs and teaching dance on sat as well as organzing fundraisers for daughters dance troupe other than that life is boring. I have made the decision that I will get back on track monday after I get to the store to stock up the shelfs again. I need to read all the bios and previous threads to get fimilar with all the newbies. Missed you all like crazy and figured I may as well just bite the bullet and come out of hiding. Talk to ya all soon.

ps. how did you chicks get your ticker tape things on your signature??
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Spinning is GRRREAT! I was addicted to it this past summer before I completely went nuts and started eating crap and stopped exercising for a few weeks. I am very happy to be doing it again.

I'll tell you, the first time I did a spin class (and some of the harder-working classes after that, even), I thought I was going to die!
About 15 minutes into it, I didn't think I would be able to get through it! But, somehow I did, and I kept going to classes after that because I felt SO GOOD after taking it. It's so high energy and fun...and you really can go at your own pace and with your own resistance choices. You set the intensity of your workout--no one really has to know what resistance level you're spinning on! Sometimes, if I am really overexerting myself, I just adjust the resistance and I am fine. However, almost every time I've taken a class, I really want to challenge myself, so I usually end up getting an excellent work out!

Try it! It's really fun and burns tons of calories! I promise you won't fall off of the bike or pass out!!

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