Yet another newbie - hope we don't scare y'all!

  • Hi - my name is Sue. I have a really sweet husband and Krista's 14, and I know that it's time to work on my weight again. I weigh about 280 - last year I was about 300 and then I lost about 40 lbs after I had been laid off, and I was exercising (water aewrobics) 4 times a week - then I got a temporary contract, and they like me so much that this week, they finally offered me a full-time position (after I left once for another full-time position, came back, and generally made myself nuts(. In the process, with all the stress, I put about 20 lbs back on. I did make passes at eating healthy, and lately my breakfast has been a cup of Kashi with skim milk and strawberries. But I wasn't losing any weight - I was eating bad in the evening, and I wasn't exercising. Both of my knees need replacement, and even a few steps are very painful.

    My husband bought the South Beach Diet book, and left it on the bedside table. I picked it up over the weekend, and read it - and on Tuesday I started. And I don't think I can do this alone.

    The food stuff makes sense, I think. But late in the afternoon I feel weird, and I am hungry a lot. I'm having a really hard time letting myself eat enough. Does anybody know what I mean? I want to weigh and measure, and stop after 3 ozs.
    And, boy, do I miss my Kashi - all that protein for breakfast seems a little heavy. One of those determined little voices in my head keeps telling myself that in a couple of weeks I can start adding in whole grains again, and the other one is saying stay on Phase 1 for 4 weeks, because I do have a lot to lose, and this is a good jump start to what I want to do.
    Oh, and I've swum .25 miles twice so far this week.
    So, I'll be here!
    You all sound like nice people, and many of you do seem to be really living your food plan - Lord, I do want to do that!
    I'll post again tomorrow - hope I don't sound too crazy - I really don't try to create chaos around myself all the time.
  • Sue!! welcome to the beach!!! Come on in the water is fine!!
    We're here for you when you need us!!
  • Welcome Welcome Welcome!

    Need Support? That Is What We Are All Here For! Hope You Love It Here
  • Welcome! You don't sound any nutsier than the rest of us! Be sure to eat enough and ditch the WW mentality of weighing and measuring for a while until you get through the first two weeks. It is not recommended to stay on Phase I much longer than that. Keep reading and re-reading that book but also check out the revisions in the FAQ section.
  • Welcome, Sue! I was going to say the very same thing as Ruth. We're all crazy here, and all are vying for top position.
  • hey there welcome to the beach!!!
  • Welcome, Sue! You really do eat a lot during Phase 1. I experimented with so many different ways to cook vegetables. Take a look at the recipe section. I filled up on a lot of eggplant, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli and fresh spinach. Now that I am on Phase 2 I am actually missing some of those veggies this week and plan to add more back next week. It is very important to eat your snacks especially in Phase 1. Try a meat/cheese rollup in the afternoon to give you that extra energy. I had trouble eating protein early in the morning so I eat yogurt. Just read your ingredients. And congratulations on the swimming. Many of us took it easy on the exercise when on Phase 1 and then started exercising when we started Phase 2. Do what you are able to do. You will have more energy when Phase 2 starts.
  • Welcome to the Beach. You will love it here. The only thing to gain here is great friendship, advice and lots of laughs. We have lots of quick wit, and great shoulders if and when you need one. Plus you have a hubby who bought you the book so you have support from home as well. Good luck.
  • Your husband sounds very sweet and supportive.

  • Welcome! Just take Phase 1 one day (sometimes hour) at a time and you will have made it through before you know it!
  • Welcome. I ditto everything everyone else says... Remember, you shouldn't go hungry. Make sure you eat enough so that you are satisfied.

    Take Care.
  • Welcome! I agree with everyone here and with Ruthxxx about not staying on Phase 1 longer than 2 weeks. I couldn't wait to get to Phase 2 and it's a lot easier. You can have your cereal then, as long as it's high fiber, which I believe Kashi is. I just started a thread for weigh-ins, so I hope to see you there at the Phase 1 thread in two weeks. Even if you decide to go for 4 weeks at Phase 1, stop in and weigh yourself may help keep you on track. You sound really nice and it's great about your job but it is important to take time for yourself...glad you are swimming!
  • Welcome, Sue! If you are nutty, you'll fit in just fine here! You'll even be OP (on plan) for Phase 1!

    Seriously, I think you'll love this diet. Can you share with us how many pounds you want to lose and how long you've been doing SBD? If you are in the first three to five days, you will find yourself feeling pretty lousy...that's the sugar leaving your system. However, having been on a good diet before (if the Kashi and berries is any indication), you might feel better faster than that. Make sure you are drinking lots of water and getting your vitamins. Some people on here have found that calcium is essential for their weightloss. I find that I have to eat a lot of veggies to keep the scale moving. I know it is really hard to eat a lot, but force yourself to feel full when you eat by eating enough. Otherwise, you're setting yourself up to cheat from hunger.

    Glad you have a sweet and supportive husband! Is Krista supportive too? Your swimming sounds wonderful and must be good for your knees! Are you seeing a doctor for your knees? When will they be replaced? I have no idea if it would be too painful, but I find the elliptical at the gym to be very gentle to my knees. Water aerobics is a ton of fun, also! You almost don't know you are exercising! Can you go in the evenings after work? Congrats on your job and on starting SBD. Sounds like you are on your way to a wonderful new lifestyle!!! :