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Default Back to the Beach After 2 Years - Changes?

Hi all,

I see that SBD has a delivery service which I don't think would work for me. However, in reading the delivery it does show that the SBD bars etc. are worked into the program.

Can I get an honest assessment from those that have worked these into their diet as to if it slows things down? I've had good success with SBD before but always craved something easy to carry/eat. My concern is that the carbs look high and they might cause more cravings and slow down weight loss.

Appreciate your thoughts!
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Hi mexigrl. Welcome back to SB.

I don't know if anyone here has tried those bars. Some of us eat Kind bars or Fiber One as snacks but they aren't really on the food lists. Several years ago, before Nutrisystem bought the rights to SB, I would occasionally buy the SB bars (especially for traveling) and was still able to lose some weight.

I would say that you could probably work them in as occasional items as long as you are eating real food most of the time. As far as the carbs, I would look at the ingredient list, the added sugar content, etc and make a judgement call. (I don't know enough about what's in them to say for sure)

Hope that helps.
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I’ve tried them, but they really didn’t do anything for me except make me want to eat more of them! I stick to Kind Bars, Larabars or other bars with “real” ingredients. I know Larabars are not considered SB compliant because of the dates. For me, this is personal preference, if the sugar is high because of natural ingredients I would still choose it over something with added sugar or artificial sweeteners. I know Stevia and Trulia are SB approved but I’m still hesitant. That’s just me though.....Welcome back
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