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Question jello question

Just wondering if anyone knows whether jello is constipating or
not. I can't find an answer to this anywhere! The reason I am
asking is I started the SB Diet 2 weeks ago. Even though I am
eating a TON of vegies and cutting back on the cheese as well
as using Bebfiber before lunch and dinner, I am still having trouble
with constipation. The only thing I can think of is the jello, since
I never ate this on a regular basis before this diet. I drink lots
of water plus the tomato juice in the morning. I lost 5 pounds the
first week but nothing the 2nd because of this I think! If anyone
can help me out here, I would appreciate it.
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I have had a few problems with that too. I use the Sugar Free Metamucil, and that helps. Don't know about the jello....could be!!!
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Candlelady, I didn't lose anything the second week either. I think your body has to do a re-org! Try adding more fat to your meals - olive oil and garlic to saute veggies or flax seed oil in salads.
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Talking Pheww..I thought it was just me

I've been having that "problem" myself..but I'm not eating jello.
I've been eating a TON of salad, using oil etc. also having protein, veggies
Haven't tried the metamucil yet....

Maybe that's why I'm feeling so bloated....

Geez, maybe I'll lose 10 lbs...

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Angry jello

I am glad I am not the only one with this condition!!!
It is Benefiber that I have been taking because it has not taste
and does not get thick!!! Maybe I need to switch to something
else. I don't miss the pasta, bread and potatoes but I do miss
my fruit. I am going to stay on phase 1 another week to see
what happens. Maybe I am not eating enough!! I do not always
eat everything on the daily menu. I do mix and match though
because I do not like alot of the things on the menu. I subst.
orange roughy for Salmon, etc...
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I think have heard that geletin would cause constipation. I've never had that problem-knock wood. But one time, my kids were eating lots of gummy candies and they got constipated, and those kind of candies have gelatin in them. Who knows???
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Try taking magnesium tablets for the constipation. I take the ones with calcium and zinc added. I find that the bulk laxitives get me too bloated and take days to work~~but that's just me.
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I had that problem until I started eating 1-2 slices of whole grain bread a day. I tried the Metamucil, it didn't work except to give me horrendous gas pains.
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Citrucel is what I use...doesn't give you that bloated feeling and is much easier to drink than Metamucil. I have IBS, so I need to take it.

I do know that it takes up to two weeks for our bodies to adjust to this way of eating. You could experience any number of things, headache, constipation, stomach burning, chest pains, tiredness, weakness, mood swings, etc... This is the detox stage as you know. Each and everyone of us are different and it also depends on how poorly we ate prior to this. But trust me, after eight days, I felt great...I am in my 12th week now. I am off my Nexium (for acid reflux), I do not have to sleep on two pillows with my head up any more and all systems run smoothly as long as I balance my diet.

This is a learning experience!!! Hang in there!!!!!!!

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Meg Congratulations on 12 wks! Thats terrific! Have you noticed a BIG difference in your clothes yet?

Keep up the great work!
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Hmmmm... I have IBS, and I go ALL THE TIME!

Meg, my acid reflux is gone, too! DH and I used to have a large container of Rolaids/Tums beside our bed. We'd automatically pop a few when we got into bed, but no more!!
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Default I don't think it is the Jello?

I found a website that listed remedies for constipation, and gelatin was on the list! Everyone's advice sounds good, especially about the veggies and LOTS of water. Good luck!
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Love your quote true!
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Thanks Frannymae...I looked all over the place to find out about
jello and const. but could not find anything. The only reason I ask
is this is the only new food I have really added. I eat it to curb
my craving for sweets which is my big problem, and it does help.

Also thanks to Meg for her great advice. I have a problem with
texture in foods and beverages so I chose Benefiber because
it does not gt thick and has no flavor or sugar added. What is
the Citrucel like?
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Thanks Karen! It's been slow going...have thyroid problems and I am menapausal so I don't lose weight fast, but this has been amazing!!! Just being in CONTROL and not having any cravings is success for me. This is my 12th week and I have lost one dress size, 16 pounds and feel great. I have regained my self esteem and feel like there is light at the end of this tunnel.

Ellis....Isn't it great! Glad to hear it helped your acid reflux too!!

Candlelady...hope you are feeling better. The Citrucel is the best fiber drink I have found. It has a tang flavor...they also make a clear plain flavored drink, however, I didn't care for that. The orange flavor is not thick and gritty at all and you can buy it sugar free.

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