South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Talking Beach Newbie

[Hi Everyone. I just wanted to say I think this is a fantastic website and I think you are all wonderful. What a great support group you have here. I feel so lucky to have found this!

I am on day two of the Beach Diet. I have had a headache the last two days that creeps around in the evening time I am wondering if thats a result of my sugar craving in my body?

I have also been cooking all day! But I have enjoyed it!

I moved to Texas three years ago and put on about 30 pounds! I can't believe I let it go for this long. Iam determined to get my body back and take better care of myself and QUIT thinking about food all the darn time! Those are my main goals.

Thank you for listening. Any advice is appreciated Y'all have a great night and I look forward to joining this group!

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Default Headaches

Welcome to the Beach!!

Yes, headaches are typical! You are detoxing from the sugar. I had a headache the first night till the next morning. Just make sure you eat every 2 hours so your insulin level stays down.

I was never a cook and I've been loving it too! Believe it or not, you actual forget to eat!! I have to teach myself to keep my eye on the clock. I don't want to gain weight just because I was late on eating. I'm on my 9th day and it gets easier all the time. My DH tells me not to give him so much food for work, our stomachs have definately shrunk! We eat more veggies than anything else. What a change in life this has been!!

So, enjoy

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Welcome, karen!
The headaches, or other similar symptoms, will only last a couple of days, like Barb said. Just eat plenty of food from the allowed list, and in a couple of days you'll feel better than ever.
Good luck on SBD!
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I, too, had headaches. Days 2 & 3....hated them, and it worried me until I asked and was told "normal'.

Glad you are here.


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Welcome TexasGirl! Glad you are joining our group. Be sure to check in on the daily thread, that's where a lot of people check in each day with updates, etc.

I think you'll really like this new way of life....I know I do. I've only been on this healthy new lifestyle for one week now, and I can already feel such a difference in how I feel (not to mention, I lost 6.5 pounds my first week). And it definitely will get easier as you go along, your body will adjust, and you won't have to think so hard about what you can and what you shouldn't eat.

Have a great day, and again, welcome!!
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Hi Texas

Welcome to the beach!
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Welcome Texas!
I hope your headache is gone today...
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HI TEXASGIRL!!! My real name is Karen too!!! I had headaches at first too. They stop after a while. It IS worth waiting them out!!!
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Hi Texas Girl,

I grew up in Georgetown, outside of Austin.

I, too, had a headache last night (day 2) and I just feel a little achy all over today. I was wondering if was a cold or part of the plan. I guess I'll hope it will go away eventually like everyone has suggested.

Good luck!
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Hi! Just stick to it, everyone is right when they say it is worth it.
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Hi to Everyone! Thank you for such a warm welcome!!! I am going to try and figure out where the "daily thread is"
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Angry Howdy fello Texan

Karen,good to have u aboard,, I am close to being ur neighbor,,live in Rockwall at Lake Ray Hubbard,,Wl b glad to help u on your new journey to a new way of a healthy living I

ve lost 6lbs in 3days No headaches for me,,my kind of diet!!LOL
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Welcome Texas Girl! You got the advice already and it was good! By this time next week you'll be on the way to the new you!
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gofishin50 you live real close! What a small world it is!
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Erika, Seems like we started the same time! Thats great!
So far no headaches today. Iam hoping it will not creep up tonight!

I have not gotten the book yet, it is on it's way! I wanted to get a head start on the eating part. Can't wait to get the book in the mail to get some great recipes

let us know how your day two is going!
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