South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Come on Spring!
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Default Thursday Chirping on the Beach - May 16

Good morning from cool but Delta. The usual bird chorus is happening and the seed feeder is rapidly being emptied by some rose-breasted grosbeaks. Lovely birds. I hope they stay around. No sign of the hummingbirds yet.

Another crazy overdrive day lies ahead. I'll spare you the details but lots of baking is involved - definitely overdrive time through until Monday afternoon's Board meeting. Then Village half-barrel planting starts - purple and white this year per the Township orders. At least the weather is improving and I'll be able to finally put away the winter clothes.

My asparagus is going crazy! I do very little except pick in that patch and have been eating it daily! Gorgeous thick stalks that are so good roasted or grilled. Joanne and Karen and kids have been helping eat up the supply but I still have way too much. When I get time, I plan to dry some for winter soups.

Just let Disney in and she tells me it's still pretty cool out there so my second coffee will be indoors planning my day.

Hope your day is gentle and has some birdsong, flowers and other joys in it.
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Default Thursday on The Beach SBD, 5/16

Coffee makes mornings better, even though it's promising to be a beautiful day.

Today's my Friday although I'm working for a few hours on Sunday just to make sure everything is in place for Cindy's birthday party. Her real birthday is today and I just realized I don't have a card to give her with her present so I must remember to pick one up on my way over this morning.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, but it will be a busy one. Tomorrow I'm hitting the plant nursery for the rest of my veggie seedlings and several flats of annuals, and will spend the rest of the day gardening. Saturday I'll be at my SIL's all day, and Sunday is the birthday bash. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get off on Monday since the party will run late into the night, but I have a feeling my name is on the clean-up crew.

So how's your day shaping up?


Morning, Ruth! I wish I were close enough to share some of your asparagus harvest!

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Working on healthy
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Good morning still here but dealing with both moving and Comcast incompetence. Right now all my Internet involves mobile hotspot with my phone. I'm trying not to run the bill up too much. No end in sight so I might just up my data some more.

Ruth - I am an asparagus fiend and eat it every day in season. I love this time of year.

Cottage - happy planting!

I'm off to a staff mtg today then a comp day tomorrow. Better get moving.
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Ruth, can I have some of your asparagus as well? How did the lavendar cookies turn out? Were you able to stop at just one?

Cottage - we can *hope* you're off on Monday....but....
You did give me a great idea though - maybe I can run over the mountain and get a couple of flats of flowers and plant them tomorrow or Saturday. My friend and I are going garage saleing, but maybe plant shopping instead?!

I have a long day at work today, although I don't think it's full. I do have to finish up the bars this morning for the teachers - mocha cheesecake brownie bars. I still have to cut them up and put a drizzle on them this AM.

No walk this AM - it's my morning off . I managed to sleep until almost 6 AM!

I am laughing that as I'm checking to see if my post went up because my internet went out, that Cyndi writes about Comcast incompetence....
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Good morning.

Acupuncture yesterday was interesting. She says it typically takes 4 treatments to know if it will make a difference although some people feel relief sooner. So... I'm going to try again, my splurge for myself to see if I can get over this "my body is falling apart" business.

Not much on plan for me for the next couple of days. Not sure if I already mentioned that my boss was able to take me off the schedule this week so I can rest my foot; standing for hours probably isn't helping it much.

Have a great day, all.
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Good morning it is another gorgeous one, I am getting spoiled.

Karen I hope you get relief soon

CyndiM keeping my fingers crossed they fix your Internet dilemma soon.

Tammy I vote for plant and garage sale shopping

Linda the party sounds like it will be fun. Take Monday off!!!

Ruth how do you dry asparagus for soup? I love asparagus especially grilled.

I bought my annuals yesterday and some veggies. Amazingly I got everything planted yesterday. Finally looking like spring in bloom. Gave my bike TLC, got the windshield fixed, grocery shopped and even bought power ball tickets.

After breakfast going for a ride. Celebrating Mother's Day with DS at Joe's Crab Shack tonight (his favorite place). He wrote the sweetest post on FB on Mother's Day, made me cry.

Been catching up on sleep. Was in bed at 9 and up at 7:30 today. I feel great!!!

Have an awesome day
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I speed read everyones' posts....just so much going on these days! I've weeded, cleaned, coffeed and am heading to the pool. I'm going to an expensive stylist right after to see if we can come up with a plan for my hair...I'm thinking ahead to the July wedding with major humidity. We'll see what happens....

Have a great day everyone!
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Ruth, just fyi my day had birdsong and flowers, with a few minor joys.

Cottage Jennifer and Tammy, I'm jealous: I'm not sure I will be able to do any gardening this year. (knee injury) I'll have to play boss while my husband puts in the veggies.

Karen, I'll second the wish for your foot to improve. Mobility is a wonderful thing!

Debbie, good luck with the hair. I would LOVE to go on one of those makeover shows and finally find the 'do that makes me younger, richer and more beautiful.

Busy weekend here. DS1 is graduating with his Associate's, my parents are coming for the event and staying overnight. Then DS1 needs to move out of his apartment and home for the summer (he's about 15 miles away). It will be fun to celebrate his milestone.

Off to make supper. Have a nice evening, all!
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Good evening, ladies. Spent today getting taught how to shoot by one of my officers. I have never fired anything bigger than a BB gun, but today I shot a Glock 40, a Glock 19, and a Smith and Wesson 223 rifle. The rifle scared me somewhat, so I only put a few rounds through it...probably put about 200 rounds through the Glocks, though. It was a blast and I see now why my friend, Darrell, likes guns so much.

My arms are going to hurt like **** tomorrow, LOL
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