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Come on Spring!
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Default Wednesday Beach Chat - August 15

Good morning. It's supposed to be a sunny day but isn't doing well so far. The bench and deck chairs are pretty wet from an overnight rain so we'll just hang out inside this morning.

The house smells great from yesterday's chili sauce making efforts and it looks like the jars all sealed properly. The next big batch of tomatoes will get made into salsa.

Got some bad news yesterday when I heard that my friend Anna is in hospital with heart problems. She's 83 and a real dynamo so this is quite unexpected. She is secretary of the Mill and I'm not sure how we will do without her. It looks like she'll be out of commission for some time.

Off to the gym at 7:30 this morning so had better get some breakfast into me and get organized.

Happy Hump Day!
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Good morning! It's pretty drippy here from last night's storms, but we're promised a glimpse of the sun before more rain moves in this afternoon.

Ruth, I'm sorry to hear about your friend and hope she gets well soon.

The girls and I are spending the morning at Grandmama's, then Maggie and I are going shopping for a few more school supplies while Cindy and Audrey are off to a dr. appointment. Then home to pick yet more tomatoes and figure out what to do with them.
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Ruth - so sorry to hear about your friend.

Cottage - I realized I am down to one tomato plant...I had planted two, but something happened to that is why I'm not crazy overloaded like you are!! I do need to go pick cherry tomatoes and cukes though.

Sad news yesterday - brought my pup in to remove sutures - and her shoulder where I did surgery has been huge. We've assumed it was because of side effects (there's no lymph return, so fluid is retained) but I decided to aspirate - and it's cancer. Even my friend/oncologist hadn't seen it happen. . So, I think it's time to throw in the towel - and enjoy the time we have with her, which I don't expect to be too long. I was a bit of an emotional basket case last night (and weirdly enough, *didn't* eat much...odd for me), and not too improved this am. I am so ready for 2013 to be over with!

Otherwise, it's off to crazy work. I saw a gorgeous oak entertainment center on craigslist last night we're going to go look at. And then my brother, whom I've seen once in 15 years, will be here Friday to have our own closure for dad. (bring on the wine!!)

Maybe Ruthie can cheer me up with some of her tales?!?!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's starting out rainy here, but we still need it.

Ruth - Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope she is able to get back on her feet with some help.
Now you have me thinking about canning again. This year it won't happen but next year I really want to branch out and try some canning.

Cottage - Wow, school shopping already! As hot as it's been I can't believe summer is almost over. Happy tomato picking!

Twynn - I am so sorry to hear about Reesie. I wondered last night. I really hope you two have some more really good days together.

Not much here, just a day on the road. It's my first full-time day back at the old job. I like the new supervisor very much so far. He was in the car with me yesterday and made me stop so he could take pictures of cows. I offered to find goat, chicken and pig farms for him too He seems very clear and direct and also gets that we need to have time to have lives too. Hopefully that will make the year easier.

Tie to get breakfast. I'm thinking smoothie, lots of fruit in the fridge and it all needs to be used fast.
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Good morning. Ruth and TwynnB I am so sorry to learn of your sad news.

First day back to work and nothing changes lol

Did spend the day in the kitchen yesterday. Zucchini bread, zucchini muffins, squash casserole, squash salad, zucchini pancakes and weekly veggie prep kept me quite busy. The past week I seem to be self sabotaging and it has to stop. Tonight I will fire up the dehydrator for zucchini chips. Can you tell zucchini is abundant here!

I am happy with the zucchini bread. I opted to use whole wheat flour, agave and all natural no sugar added applesauce in place of their unhealthy counterparts. My neighbor gave it their seal of approval. I froze half a loaf for myself later and kept half out for a late day treat. That will count as my grain for certain.

OK coffee cup is empty, but the zucchini pancakes were quite tasty. Have a great day.
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Good Morning All,
Ruth and Twynn, SO sorry to hear you both got bad news yesterday. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.
Cottage, I think I would love shopping for school supplies again, especially if I didn't have to be the one paying for them!
Cyndi, glad you are liking your new boss! That is always a nerve-wrecking experience!
Jennifer, all your zucchini goodies sound amazing!!

Off to the restaurant for work soon...I have office days today and tomorrow, which to me is a glorious thing. Not working on the floor at all, just getting caught up on so many things and getting some things organized. We catered a meal for 200 last week (it happened to be a memorial service) and the church where the service was held was so happy with how it went that they asked me to create quite a few different menu options that they could use to offer all people who are serving meals through the church (meetings, etc.)! I'm thrilled for the opportunity and it could be a great financial opportunity for the restaurant. So I have to put together those menus today and try to come up with some at quite a few different price points.

Okay. Enough talking about what I'm going to do at work, time to actually go to work! I hope everyone has a great day, more hugs to Ruth and Twynn.
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Happy Wednesday!
Ruth - so sorry about your friend. Hopefully it's something fixable.
Twynn My heart is breaking for you. I hope you get longer than you think you will, and that the end path is clear.
It seems to be one of those times. My prayer list just keeps getting longer these days.
Cyndi - it's funny you said that about Back to School shopping. I had the sudden realization that it is no longer early August! September will be here before we know it! But right now, 10 AM will be here before I know it, so I must fly! Have a great day, chicks!
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Twynn and Ruth - Hugs to you both.

For those who asked, my new phone is a Samsung Galaxy s3. I chose this primarily because it does a lot of fun/great stuff and is the same one my DH had so I had him as tech support. I got it yesterday and am LOVING it. My old "dumb" phone was just 4 days shy of 4 years old! So, I'll be spending my day learning and experimenting and playing with it more.

And making a Costco run to stock up DS and his roommate for college and for my weekend guests.

Have a great day.
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