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Default Moving to Phase 2

Today is my 14th day of Phase 1 (11 lbs down )- I will be starting Phase 2 tomorrow. Iím going to follow the recommendations in the book and only add one fruit and good starch for a week etc. Iím going away this weekend and am a little nervous. I would appreciate any advice or tips on Phase 2 transitioning and/or vacationing!
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My advice for vacation would be plan, plan, and plan some more. Have some "rules" in place. Are you going to stay 100% on plan? Or leave room for some treats? If it's the latter, would you have 3 bites, or one per day, or what? What is your strategy if you are out and starving and your family goes to a place where everything is deep-fried and the only veggies are iceberg lettuce and pickles (yes, I have had this happen)? If you go off-plan, what is your strategy afterwards?

When I have traveled places where food will be out of my control, I tend to bring things with me, whatever travels well depending on where I am going (cooler in the car for car trips/camping, sealed things in a suitcase for air travel, bars/nuts/dried veggies in my bag for snacks. I have carried on to an airplane cottage cheese with grapefruit segments, cut up veggies and hummus, cheese sticks and lime slices for my club soda. Also any big airport will have some kind of nice salad you can purchase for carry-on). If you know where you will be eating out, check the menu online ahead if you can and decide what you are going to order before you get there. If you can't check, decide on certain parameters, such as a lean protein and salad or veggies ONLY, not to be swayed by other saucy choices. It's really hard with other people have food to share on the table and/or there is a basket of bread or chips. BE STRONG . Also, even one alcoholic drink makes me hungrier and less likely to say , so I have to be careful with that. Oh - and also I try to do a grocery store run when I arrive at a destination if I wasn't able to carry refrigerated food with me - for Greek yogurt especially, cut up veggies and hummus, etc. etc.

It all depends on where you are staying and how long you will be there. The critical detail is to always have healthy options and not be stuck starving with only white-bread and processed cheese sandwiches available (yes this has happened to me as well). Leave as little as possible to chance.

If you search the SBD forum for "vacation" you might be able to find several good threads where we have discussed specifics. I travel frequently so I have had to implement LOTS of strategies to stay on plan.
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Thanks so much Emma! Very helpful advice. I was thinking some of the same things along the lines of grocery stores. I am very all or nothing so I think I will have to stay on plan the whole time or one glass of wine will turn into 15 followed by a late night Mcdonalds run. My husband has horrible eating habits and I've been able to survive the last two weeks watching him eat everything from Pizza with a side of fries to two different kinds of ice cream bars in a row so I should be okay! Very great suggestions!
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I was supposed to move to Phase 2 today but decided to wait another week or so. It is going pretty well with Phase 1 and I am satisfied with the food I am allowed to eat. I do miss the fruits but I love vegetables and seafood! I can wait another week...

TimeForMe83: My husband also has terrible eating habits....I can't believe the amount of sugar and fat he's having in a single day!! Yikes! I can't stop myself from telling him how bad this junk food is for him
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I moved to phase 2 but I am doing it very slowly. I added steel cut oatmeal this morning. No cravings and I stayed satisfied until time for lunch.

I'm planning on oatmeal for the next few days and then add a fruit.
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