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Default Beach Chat Wed. June 20

Good morning!! another beautiful morning on the deck. I should take a pic (and that keeps me going during the winter)

Just finished reading all of yesterday's posts...sunburns..eating bear ...falling on and off the wagon.. commiserating about the batwings, lol. I am SO very self conscious of my arms but one just has to wear t-shirts in summer. I just bravely do it. And will continue to work out.

Ruth, meant to comment about Jazz getting 'tangled' by one tiny clump of grass and looking forlorn til you come to the rescue

CyndiM I hope you don't work at that store that had the poor deer running around for 20 minutes!! the news people were making all kinds of jokes but all I could imagine was it's terror.

Well it will be a hot one for Vermonters today, we RARELY see the 90's but its 70 at 5:20 a.m. so it will be hot. Have a great day!
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Come on Spring!
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Well, Holly, here in the Great White North it's 74F/23C and heading into the mid 90s with the humidex even higher. That should melt the rest of the snow. I'm sure glad I have AC and lots of Indian cotton clothes.

Did a lot of driving around yesterday doing errands and am glad to get some niggles cleaned up. Unfortunately I didn't get out into the garden except to harvest the rest of the spinach which I had last night with chicken and ww couscous. I love that stuff and will make tabbouleh today.

I am also off for a pedicure after gym this morning. This is a rare treat for me and I've decided I deserve it. My sister raves about Andrea at the spa in Westport (25 mins away) so I'm giving her a try. My sister gets pedis and manis all over the world, including Rome and claims this lady is the best. (I am gritting my teeth to get past having someone touch my ticklish feet!) So today's problem is - red toes or bright pink? I'm meeting my friend Anders for lunch afterwards but doubt that he cares.

Stay calm and cool if you are in this heat and remember to drink your water.

This has been a public service announcement.
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Good Morning Chicks- I am jealous of your warm weather and sunshine, it is over cast here and calling for thunder showers and I think they just might be right for a change. So it is an indoor day for us today.

Holly your deck sounds lovely, we are in process of fixing ours up but I love my deck I can sit on it and look at the ducks, and geese floating on the water. I love where I live. Enjoy your day.

Ruth- A pedi sounds wonderful, I love red polish . It is nice to spoil yourself every know and then. I hope you enjoy your spa time. I
love tabbouleh is the recipie posted. I think I will make myself some

Me- Not much just going to try to do a little more house organizing and if I am lucky might get a little reading time in. I am reading Super Charged, I have not read it yet. This week is going to be rainy the rest of the week so a perfect time to get it read.

Enjoy your day Chicks.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Heading into a hot day here too. I'm working and would be willing to stay as late as possible. No AC in my house. I know I will be enjoying the cool breeze on my porch tonight and avoiding the house.

Holly- No deer renting videos here I'm much further south. I agree, poor thing must have been terrified.
Hope the AC is working where you are today.

Ruth - Enjoy your pedi and soon to be sparkly toes

LC - Happy rainy day reading

I had a wonderful massage yesterday, a birthday gift certificate from a friend. The therapist is my old yoga instructor and insisted I call her and come to her house for another treatment when I'm ready. How awesome is that?! We also talked a little about a show of Julie's photos. She had been talking with Julie about doing a show there but it never came together. It's just a few miles from my house so would be easy to set-up. I also left with a job description for a position they have. All in all a very productive hour!

I think I'm going to cook some greens now because I won't want to cook for the next couple of days. They will be good heated up with some fish. I can live on that and smoothies until the temp returns to normal.

Listen to Ruth, she is wicked smart

Happy hot hump day
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a lovely hot and sunny here today too. I have my patio doors wide open, i am on the first floor and only have a juliette balcony so can't sit on it but can at least open the doors and sit by it. moved the apartment around today to get my quilting frame close to where i can sit by the open doors. so quiltitng this afternoon
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Morning chicks!

Holly - keep cool! Thanks for starting us off...

Ruth - For summer, I'm thinking bright pink. We expect a full report!

Little chick - Ahhh..I would love to do some reading today!! But the guilt of needing to do housework and errands sets in...

For me - I had a surgery cancel (oh DARNED!) so my day at work should be short with only one complicated one. Then probably errands and housework, although with the way I slept last night, I'm sure a nap will be thrown in! It will be too hot for a trail run, and I'm not sure I could go without the pup anyways, it would break her heart . She acts like she doesn't feel to good, I should be starting chemo tomorrow or Friday.

BTW - esp. Ruth - did anyone ever read "the art of racing in the rain"? It's a book written from a golden's point of view. It was enjoyable!
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Happy Hump Day!

It's going be a sizzler here today, so we'll either be indoors in the AC or in the pool. I'm glad I found time to get all the rose bushes deadheaded yesterday before we took off for errands!

Holly, coffee on your deck sounds like a lovely way to get your day started. I really enjoy having my first cup out on the patio, watching the antics of the birds, and this year we have several rabbits joining the Breakfast Club. As long as they realize my garden isn't a restaurant, they're welcome.

Ruth, go for the red! I've never had a pedicure either because I have a real phobia about anyone touching my feet so I always paint my own toenails, but I'm not very good with it. Where are you and Anders having lunch?

L.C., it's so nice to have you back, just like the old days! I keep up with you on FB, but it's nice to see you here, too. Welcome!

I'm going to leave the girls on their own at the Big House while I'm at Susie's this morning. We stocked up on books for their summer reading at the bookstore yesterday, so they can get started on that, and they can walk up to their grandparent's if they need me. After lunch they can decide whether they want to come here to my pool or stay home and swim in their pond. I refuse to go in the pond ever since I saw a snake in it, but the girls are fearless.
I think supper will be a nice, cool salad if I can scrounge together enough lettuce from the garden, and I know we'll have several cucumbers that will be ready.
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Good Morning

beachers! I'm running a bit behind and have a few things I need to get done before work, including smoothies and getting Kirk set up with his meals for the day. I want to leave a bit early, too, so I can stop and get an orange. I need to get back to taking my own lunch to work during these stressful times. For me, it breaks the connection, "what am I going to eat?" in a spot that has so many bad choices.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning, Beach Buddies! I really need to re-read this after the coffee kicks in! But for now:
Ruth - enjoy the pedicure! I cannot stand manicures, but LOVE pedis.
And Cyndi - a massage? ooooh - now I really feel the need to give myself a spa day. Not like I've ever had one. I've had 2 pedicures and 2 massages in my life. Adored them both! Hmmm - methinks I need to learn to carve out a little more time for myself!
But - not today!
I have to make communion bread for church. We're having a really sad funeral tomorrow and over 300 people are expected. For our little church, that is a huge number. So, I'll be baking in 90 degree temps. Fortunately, we put central air in when we replaced our oil burner (100 year old home), so I should be able to keep it healthy in here. Poor family - young dad had a heart attack the day before Father's day. Left a loving wife and 3 young girls - 10, 12, and 15. So - even if it's miserably hot, I'm still honored to make bread for his service.
Then I have to cut out and get sewing on DD's Cinderella gown. EEEk - it has to be done in 2 days. Time to get crackin' the whip!
I was going to go for a run this morning, but should probably check the temp outside. I'm not in great shape yet, so don't want to push is if the heat is too bad!
Keep it cool everyone. And hug your loved ones!
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Good morning hot chicks! Looks like we are all going to be glistening in the heat today. Just think the pounds should literally melt away....ahhh if only that simple.

Ruth I love pinks, for some reason they just make me happy. Who knows a trendy color may catch your eye. in that case I say GO for it. I rarely go (I do my own) because I have issues with people touching my feet. The girl who I do use knows not to touch my arches or she gets splashed!

Relaxing with the pups enjoying coffee and a smoothie. Plan on hitting the bike path today and heading south over the aqueduct. Will pack extra water today and a snack for the ride home.

Just had to share work a co worker, who usually sees me in my "flattering" uniform saw me in jeans and a t shirt (ok not much of an improvement). She complimented me on my legs being so long and slender. Tw words that have never been used to describe me. She has been seeing a nutritionist and asked me what my secret is. I very proudly shared SB and this forum with her. Then yesterday I was able to wear, with confidence, a pin striped pants suit which I have not worn in five years! The pants draped so nicely. I guess I am bragging, for which I apologize, but I cannot remember the last time or if ever I felt this good.
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Good morning!

I ended up working yesterday instead of today. We have a HUGE sale starting and I spent several hours marking down prices. But it worked out fine for me since my dinner plans for last night had gotten cancelled.

Today I have a routine mammogram. Nothing else planned at the moment.

After a long run of LOVING and eating zucchini pizza almost daily, I hit a wall yesterday. I think mostly because the store that sold my low-fat cheese stopped carrying it so I went with fat-free and it just is horrible. Sigh. Fortunately I have some Better Than Tuna Salad to get me through for a few days while I figure out a new "favorite" lunch. Anyone else get in a total rut like me?

Holly - I have deck envy. We just have a view of our (very close) neighbors.

Ruth - Enjoy your pretty toes.

Little Chick - Reading on rainy days is the best!

Cyndi - Massage envy!!!!

Eileen - Sounds like a lovely setting for quilting.

Twynn - Our book club did read that one. Fun.

Linda - Water snakes - eek!

Debbie - I'm glad my only temptation at work is the clothes!

CatMat - So sad.

Jennifer - Yep, hot here too. Enjoy your ride. Woo hoo on your very visible success!
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Morning everyone,

Sounds like everyone is in full swing of summer. I am crazy busy trying to get everything done before leaving for Colorado on Sunday.

DH left today to go to Texas for a funeral and then will be driving home Thursday and then him and the girls are leaving on Friday to go back down to Texas before meeting me in Colorado on Sunday. Glad I don't have to do all of that driving.

Sorry no time for personals got to get back to work

Have a great day everyone!!!
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Just a quick hello! Still OP - exhausted but OP. Ready for the "flu" to go away!

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!

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My rainy day turned out sunny and hot and humid. Outdoor bootcamp is going to be a killer.
Hope you are all enjoying your day
Lisa hope you feel better soon.
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Hi everyone. I just started last week. I weighed in on Tuesday and I am down 2.4 lbs. Yippee! Glad to see the scale go down for the first time in two years. I have been doing really well. I like experimenting with the recipes.

Big victories last week:

Avoided the break room cake
avoided the father's day cake

I'll keep you posted.

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