South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Smile just checking in

So I started SB yesterday. I did it 4 years ago & lost 50 pounds. It was amazing to me, to lose that much weight. So I gained about 10+ pounds back since this summer. Definately time to go back on.

Yesterday wasn't soooo bad. But I'm not a fan of eggs, and I'm having a hard time mid-morning. I get hungry, but I can't stomach any of the foods on the list as a mid morning "snack". The thought of veggies or cheese or meat or anything like that as a snack is yuck to me.

Sugar free Jello and a small amount of peanuts have been the only thing to get me through my mid-morning hunger.

I am going to try some breakfast recipes. A long time ago I tried a crepe recipe and all it seemed to be to me was a very flat flat omelet. I'm going to look in to "muffins" or the breakfast cheesecake recipe.

Bye for now.

PS, kindof funny, yesterday when I got on the scale it said 162, today it said 158. Don't worry, I'm not kidding myself. I know it's water loss, but it sure does make one feel good to see it the numbers down.

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Welcome Interspace8!! I agree...the water weight loss is nice on the scale - just wish it kept up day after day
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Back to The Beach, Interspace! It is a misconception that you have to eat eggs for breakfast every day in Phase 1, and I'm glad you've discovered other alternatives. Many of us even enjoy leftover supper for breakfast.

Congrats for being down 2 lbs. already! Regardless of whether it's water weight or not, a loss is a loss!
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Welcome! Mornings were hard for me... not much of an egg fan and nothing seemed to stick for long. I finally found a breakfast that works - crockpot refried beans. It is a great combination of protein, carbs and fiber, IMO. Some days I don't snack before lunch even, which is saying a lot for the sticking power for me! I also like leftovers in the morning; soup is great this time of year. And if I am out and about I'll do a skinny latte. But unlike you, I am fine with cheese mid-morning. Think outside the "morning" box and choose something else. I liked the cheesecake recipe, made them as muffins. Good luck!
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I was just "not" a breakfast person at all. Although not generally recommended, I have a protein smoothie every morning...I never miss. Last fall I got a Vita Mix which has made them even better. I add every vegetable imaginable-yesterday was cabbage and spinach. I know there are beachers who eat a leftover from dinner for breakfast, too.

Best wishes!
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Smile thanks everyone!

Thanks for your support! It's nice to feel so welcome!

A protein smoothie sounds like a fantastic idea.

I made the cheesecake last night. Super yummy! it's not very good for you fat content wise, but one slice is enough. It is very rich. I was shocked at how good it was. A tad bit grainy because of the cottage cheese, but overall, I'd do it again.

So far so good today. I'll miss my vino tonight. Oh well!
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Interspace, nice to meet you. I've only been on the beach now for a few months so consider myself still a newbie. I made the SB cheesecake once but it was soooooo good that my portions were out of control so haven't made it since. Hope to see you often.
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