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Default How did I let this happen?

It has been WAY TOO LONG!

I South Beached 7 years ago and went from 190 down to 135.5 in 7 months.
I came to this site religiously for ideas, support and encouragement.

Then I fell off the wagon.
And crashed.

It hasn't been pretty and life has been so stressful.
Food has been my friend.

I'll step on the scale in the morning (Monday) as I start Phase I.
Then I'll post a number.
Totally scared, discouraged and angry with myself.

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The past is the past today is now.
You know that you can do this and we are here for you.
Your number is just that a number. Now you are working on all of you.
You can and will do this.
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Come on Spring!
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RNMOM - so nice to "see" you again. Welcome back. Remember that checking in daily is the key to long term success.
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Welcome back! I understand exactly how you are feeling!
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Back, RNMom! Wow! Long time - no see! But it's great to have you back with us!
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Be happy.
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Welcome and don't get caught in a negative thought pattern about this. Give yourself credit for re-finding a support system, which is one of the most important elements of weight loss success. Welcome back!! Don't focus on a number on the scale - focus on changing your behavior, and the weight loss will follow. Posting here every day is an easy way to help reach your goal.
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I too have "been there done that" more than once. You're back and that is all that matters!!! I too was down between 130-140 and maintained for almost 4 years and then crashed and burned and am back up to about 170.

Being accountable here is invaluable - I actually had a "clean" weekend mostly because I knew that I was posting on Monday
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Kudos to you for coming back. Today is a new day!
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Welcome back!!!
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Welcome back! I have lost and gained so many times that I can very much feel you pain.
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Don't worry girl, we all have our downfalls. It took me 5 years to get the weight off and keep it off, and then I gained half of it back in 1 year. We can do it! So nice to have you back!!!!

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Way to go on coming back! That is the hardest part
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Morning RNMom, nice to meet you. Now that you've found your way back, hope to talk to you every day.
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