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Default Mixology Monday

I've got nothing going on today. I'm just gonna relax and watch General Hospital at 3pm. I'm still waiting on Oprah to do her weight loss show on her talk show. I'll let you know Debbie when that is due to happen. I encourage everyone to catch her talk with Tyler Perry on 11/5. I'm going to see For Colored Girls by Tyler Perry when I hit 40lbs lost! Luckily, my sister doesn't go to school for two straight days this week, so I don't have to worry about waking her up and can go rest should I need to. Have a great Monday!
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Good morning, FoodObsessed!!! We have GOT to figure out a clever nickname for you...I feel silly calling you "FoodObsessed" all the time, LOL

Plans for today are 2 more hours of work, gym, sleep, gym, then another night of OT at work. I'll have Tuesday off and then I work Wednesday and Thursday...I leave for SC on Friday, yay!!! Hope everybody has a good day!!!
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Haha, I just say FO, yes, a better nickname would be good, something cute

I have nothing today either. I am hoping to get started on my scrapbooking. I have 2 boxes of memorabilia in my dining room, and the other day by accident, I spilled a glass of water in one of them. I took some pictures out to lay them out to dry, but didn't get to everything I am worried about what I will find. I am supposed to go to physical therapy, but forgot to make the appointment.

A friend sent me another picture of my daughter and me on facebook I'll share it, she was supposed to have a matching wig on, but she wouldn't wear it, she took it off when we were in public :-/

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I forgiot to mention, I gained another pound and ate off plan yesterday, today it's back in line, back to P1 for a week. It's ok, I can better help my DH (who I am upset with atm)
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning and thanks for starting us up OPie. I guess OPie could stand for On Programme but we do need a cute name for you.

Beloved, what a great picture of you! Your daughter is awfully cute too. Sorry about the pound but stick with it and it'll go.

It was pretty quiet around here for Halloween with only 20 kids or so. I did succumb to some of the goodies and the scale shows it this morning. I guess I'm not the only one. The leftovers are now in the garbage - way down at the bottom!

Today is one of "those" days. I wish my secretary wouldn't overbook me! I have my Victoria's Quilts meeting this morning and can't duck out early as we have a presentation to a woman who is moving away. I'll really miss her as she is one of the most knowledgeable members of the group and has been very encouraging and generous with her quilting knowledge. The afternoon will be spent chained to my desk as I'm bogged down again with accounting work. I think it breeds and multiplies when I'm not looking.

We've had a couple of killing frosts here but my Swiss chard is still going strong. If it stays dry for a day or two, I may get some of the outside work done. No sense trying to find a man to do it around here - deer hunting opened at midnight last night and the mighty hunters will be sleeping all day. Maybe we'll have a late snow that stays - a few flakes yesterday melted on contact.

On with the month. It always seems right when a new month starts on a Monday. (Time to change my avatar.)

Happy Monday and Happy First November!
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Be happy.
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Good morning ladies

I made it though Halloween weekend unscathed! Now on to November and it's challenges. The first challenge will be working with 5 year olds who were up too late trick or treating last night and who will probably bring candy to school with them today despite the reminders not to on Friday.

Beloved, what a nice picture of you and your daughter. Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy your down day, hopefully there will be no unpleasant surprises when you open your box of scrapbooking things.

Natasha, you're a real worker! It seems like you're always picking up overtime hours. Your trip sounds great, and it's just a few days away now..... Thank you for the suggestion about the brownies. I did make them once and I agree with you, they are very yummy. I still struggle with portion control when it comes to sweets. I pretty much stick to yogurt and fruit for desserts and sweet snacks these days because I'm not tempted to overeat them. I usually do OK when I'm baking things for church or community events because I get them right out of the house, but every now and then the batter just BEGS me to take a taste.

Good morning Okie! Will you do anything special with your sister on her days off? Have a great day.

LOL Ruth, we have the same problem with deer season here. At school we've got custodians on vacation this week week (our season opened Saturday morning) and most of the church meetings have been rescheduled or postponed this week. My DH will go out a couple of times, but he's more into the 'guy bonding' than the actual deer hunting. In the 30 years we've been married he's never once brought home a deer. (Shhh, don't tell anyone. )

Time to pack my lunch and head out the door. Enjoy your Monday friends!

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Good morning Okie, Natasha, Beloved, Ruthand those to come!

Thanks for starting us up today, Okie, and I hope you have a great OP day!

Natasha, enjoy your short work week and have a great time in SC!

Beloved, your Halloween pictures are so cute! I hope your box of memorabilia isn't ruined and you can salvage most of it. With a few days of good, clean eating, that extra pound should slip away, so hang in there!

Ruth, it's a good thing you trashed the leftover Halloween treats! We had a deluge of trick-or-treaters but still have some candy leftover. It doesn't bother me having it around, though, as Jake always has to have his stash of candy. I did treat myself to one little miniature peppermint patty, but that was all.

I think I'm finally getting over this cold and feel so much better today. It's a good thing, too, because it's observation day at Audrey & Maggie's cotillion classes this evening. I sure don't want to be coughing and sniffling throughout that. I'm sure I'd get a lot of nasty looks from the "proper society ladies."

Wow, the first of November already! Before we know it, the holidays will be upon us!

Morning, Heidi! You snuck in there while I was posting!

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Working on healthy
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Good morning I was kept awake by coughing last night so not as much sleep as I hoped. Luckily today is a relatively easy day, just two center visits then off to the local campaign headquarters to work on getting out the vote tomorrow. For now I'm enjoying some leftover soup. Hope your Monday is a breeze.
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Good morning ladies!!

I NEED to start checking in here more often, it keeps healthy eating at the front of my mind. Thank goodness, I shipped the halloween candy out the front door this AM so it will stop whispering (yelling?) my name!!

I made a wonderful soup that I posted on Cyndi's FB page...I'll have to post it here too, it is DELISH!!! THe neighbor loved it too, so I sent her home with a bowl .

Have a great day!!
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Default Happy November!

Good Morning

I had to chuckle last night...we hit the road at 8pm and as soon as we started I was calling my friends making pool appointments. We got in about 1030pm and it was lightly raining...about 43 degrees. It has cleared up so should be nice.
My pool appts: 9-11am Water Yoga
2-3 pm Pool walking w/friend
9-10pm soaking at the therapy pool
We have a week here and I might just do this every day!

FoodObsessed, thanks for getting us started. LOL, girl, the call has come for a name for you and I didn't even start it! Make sure you let me know when Oprah does her show. Everytime I hear about the movie I think of you because I know your going! See ya later!

Natasha,nothing like working your butt off before vacation!

BelovedK, good luck on your scrapbooking. It helps me with weight loss to get unfinished projects done. Love the pic!

Ruth, lol at not finding a man around...the highways here are full of guys w/campers/4 wheelers/and camoflauge gear. I haven't checked my kale yet...think Bing and i will check the mail soon. Great job chucking the's very Beck.

Heidi, I'm anxious to hear your school report. BTW-flavored yogurt is my dessert of choice, too. I always overeat sweets.

Linda, glad to hear you're feeling better. I laughed, coughs and cotillion definitely don't jive!

Cyndi, I hope your Monday is a breeze, too.

Twynn, haha I couldn't see your pic but knew who it was...I saw the recipe and think I'll try it. Great to see you! I know you're busy.

OK, out for the mail and chard check. Have a great day everyone!
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Happy November! Time sure is flying by this year. Yikes.

Okie - I have not seen GH in over two decades, since we watched all the Luke and Laura drama back when I was in college. Dating myself here.

Natasha - SC for fun?

Beloved - great pics, this one today is my favorite so far. I'm a scrapbooker too, when I actually have taken pictures! I don't do that enough.

Ruth - Great job tossing the leftovers! My husband used to hate the idea that I threw out perfectly good food but has now even done it once himself. I am waiting for a frost to kill our ragweed.

Heidi - And those kids will probably be extra tired today!

Linda - That cotillion bit had me LOLing.

Cyndi - Oh I like soup for breakfast sometimes too. Warm and cozy feeling.

Twynn - I was just asking about you the other day! How are you and what's new?

Debbie - That's a lot of pool time! Enjoy.

I did not eat one single piece of Halloween candy this year! First time ever, I am sure. And, I stayed clear of the neighborhood buffet table last night. Okay, I did come home and indulge in some OP bread, which is a bid downfall of mine, but I figured I earned it. Not the best mentality but I am still calling this a win.

The teen got 4 early action college apps submitted, but not without a lot of drama. Now he needs to try to write a better essay for the schools that he really wants. Poor kid has done 3 so far that we all agree just aren't cutting it.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning!

Day 6 of Phase 1. Breakfast is hard to eat, I am not hungry at all, but I try to eat something to stay energetic.

Have a great week.
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Good morning all!!!

I did not do good eating wise this weekend but I am determined to make November mine and stay on track!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Good morning (and afternoon to some)! I was on time for work this morning, but it's Monday and the first of the month, so I was getting things closed out for Oct. and opening things up for Nov. Now I'm settled in and feeling less frazzled about my day!

FO: Sounds like you have a nice, leisurely day planned. Enjoy your free time!

Natasha: You and I are in the same boat this morning; I'm up a pound as well. I know we can stick with it and work the rascal off, though!

Beloved: What an awesome picture! You're daughter is a cutie!

Ruth: I've been gone for months, but you're as busy as ever!! I can't believe that deer season's already open. This year has just flown by.

Heidi: Good luck with all those kiddos in their candy comas this morning! I'm sure you'll be fine.

Linda: I'm so glad you're over your cold! Enjoy the observation for the girls tonight. Hope those high society ladies mind their own business!!

Cyndi: I hope you have a great day and get some great sleep tonight!

Twynn: You and me, both! Checking in here really puts me in the right frame of mind to start the day. I shipped the candy out with my sisters this morning and good riddance!!

Debbie: Oh how I wish I could spend that much time at the pool. Maybe some day! Enjoy your week!!

WT: Congrats on avoiding the Halloween excess!! That's a great accomplishment!! Good luck to your son with the college essays. They are tough, but so worth it when they get him into the college he wants to!!

Hello, Randi and Pearl! Have a great day!

Today promises to be busy at work, but I'm up for it! I've got to get a lot of reservations and registrations to be completed for upcoming classes for the staff and myself for the rest of the year.

Tonight we're having 15-bean soup and salads and I'll be heading to Zumba from 7 - 8. I was out of town and then sick for the past two weeks, so I've really, really, really missed being there! I also got new "dance" shoes to wear, so I'm hoping I don't get stuck on the carpet as much tonight.

The house is a mess from all the frivolity this weekend, but my office is closed due to the elections, so I'm going to tackle the cleaning then.

Hope everyone to come has a great day!!!

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Well blah. I did NOT do well this weekend. I don't know what was with me. Well no, part of it, I know was that I was really really busy and I didn't have my fridge/pantry stocked with my fail-safe foods, so I ended up getting super hungry and making bad choices, not awful choices but not ones Dr. A would like! Or the scale for that matter!

I had major car drama, and basically nearly paid for my brakes to be redone because the place I went for an oil change said they are at 10%. Well we're driving to San Diego this weekend, which means up and over the grapevine, which is kind of a mountainy area. So brakes would be good So I took my car into the hyundai dealers for a second opinion and they said my brakes are at 80-90%! So the first place was either incompetent or scamming me! Arg! But I saved myself $200 by going to the Hyundai dealership to get a second opinion!
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