South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Come on Spring!
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Default Finally Friday Flap-In

Today I plan to focus on not getting "into a flap" about anything. I feel a bit "flappy" this morning as my "mudder" left all the addition windows open last night (no screens yet) and have the mosquito population of the county is now in my house. Grumble, grumble but this too shall pass.

Donna and I are off to the gym for 7:30 and then I go to town for a haircut and shopping while she vacuums for me. I love coming home to a house that someone else has spiffed up. Things are pretty chaotic with my diningroom stuff in the livingroom but I am surviving. Sanding and painting happen next week and I'll be over the hump.

After my dashing around today, I'll pick up my darlings at the kennel and spend the afternoon on the porch doing some special hand sewing and personal pet therapy. Then I'll glide into the last long weekend of the summer.

What's on your plate for today and the next three?
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Default Friday Fun on the Beach!

Happy TGIF! It's Friday, it's the start of a long weekend for most of us, and for me it's my last day of work before my vacation. I don't have to be back at work until next Friday!

Another glorious day is in store for us. The girls have the day off school, and I promised Audrey we'd go to Staples to look for "locker accessories." She's a big girl now that she has a locker, and wants to get a mirror and other stuff to deck it out. Today is the last day of polo season, and there's going to be a big BBQ bash after the tournament, so I'll probably be able to drop the girls off and make it a short day for me.

What's happening in your day today?

You beat me to it by 2 whole minutes, Ruth! Ugh, that must be awful with a houseful of hungry "skittles"! Maybe Donna can suck them all up in the vacuum.

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Good morning It's going to be a multi-pot day around here. Went my friend's house last night to drink wine on her porch and they were having a surprise get together for me. It was a fun evening of wine drinking and guacamole eating (there will be Phase 1 after all the wedding stuff is done!) that went later than I'm used to. Then I woke up in the middle of the night with DP's ick thing - lots of congestion. It's nothing coffee can't fix

Ruth - it's no fun waking up with all those little blood suckers buzzing around. Sounds a lot like camping! Hope the gym sets the right energy for the day.

Cottage - Is this the Maine vacation? Here's to an early end to the workday and start to the vacation.

I've got the usual weekend chore list ready to go. We were going to head to the coast for a day but unless DP feels a lot better we will stay around here. Looks like no escape from chores for me Time to have some breakfast and start planning my attack. Hope your Friday turns into the long weekend in no time!
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Cyndi, I hope Julie is over her sickies by the wedding! We're leaving early Tuesday for Maine. It's just going to be a short trip this time, but I'm still looking forward to it.
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Ruth, Mosquitos are the pits! The joke when I lived in Louisiana was that you could saddle the mosquitos and ride them.

Cottage, Hooray for a last day before vacation! Are you going anywhere fun?

Cyndi, Wine and guacamole... It doesn't get much better than that!

Me: I am so excited today! I've been saving my money since going back to work. Tonight after work, we are going to look at a 2003 Chevy Tahoe. It's black and loaded and low mileage and very cool! When Auston was 4 months old, I hurt myself getting him out of the backseat of my wonderful Sebring Convertible, so we traded it for a very un-cool, practical minivan. I'm SO ready to sell the minivan, especially for something cool!

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Morning all. Came to school earlier than usual to get some stuff done...lesson plans posted, word cards etc. Friday is test day so it should be an "easy" one for me...not so much for the kids!

It's been a long hard first weeks of school and I'm SO ready for the 3 day weekend! Got a handle on the behavior problems (for the most part) so at least that is getting better.

We are going out with my son and his precious girlfriend to listen to some jazz tonight (outdoor old coverted gas station. Cool patio made from the gas bay) should be a lot of fun.
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Good Morning

Just a quick hello. I slept in and now everbody is up messing with my early morning routine. We had a nice family cookout last night and we're meeting everyone at the pool this morning. Lexxiss goes to the vet and I think I'll stay close to home while the rest of the gang takes a drive....we'll see.

Ruth, at least the mudder finally showed up...not very thoughtful, though. Enjoy the porch since all the bugs are in the house. I sure don't miss mosquitos.

Cottage, nice to spend the day with the girls. I remember decking out my locker.

Cyndi, sounds like a very nice evening you had. Have a good one. Hope Julie is feeling better soon.

Chelby, I love Tahoes! The one you're looking at sounds nice. Ours was a 2000 and never had one problem.

Cat, Is Beau back or is this another son. Get through your day and have fun tonight.

I didn't get back to say hi to everyone yesterday.
Daisy, I sure am hoping that with kindness, your DH can learn SB principles and how important it is to your success. Hope last night was better.
Schmoodle, thanks for your kind words.
Melanie, I refuse to call you fat even though it was your choice. It just doesn't agree with me. Welcome back. The two main contributors to belly fat are white flour and sugar. I'm making progress and know that my belly is getting smaller . The key for me is sticking with it.
Sunshine, I love when I read your post and see you are staying OP. You are a very good example for me. You rock!!
Pearlrose, you are very close to onderland! Let's go together!

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Ack! I hate mosquitoes too. Good luck getting them to go away (permanently would be nice).

Ds is still having his morning nap, but I teach in an hour and 15 minutes. I may have to wake him, which isn't my first preference. I honestly don't know how this is going to work out today.

Down a half a pound today, finally. Slow, but at least not going up, right? Went to CostCo with ds and dh yesterday and it was torture - cheesecake samples, brownie samples, pasta salad samples... Every other time they have some interesting cheese or meat to try, but not yesterday. I was resolute but it was hard!!

Happy TGIF day, everyone!

Cyndi, did you hear that Ben and Jerry's has temporarily renamed Chubby Hubby (at least in Vermont) to Hubby Hubby in support of same-sex marriage? I think they need a new flavor for the ladies too.
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Hello everyone,

Sounds like everyone is doing well and anxious for the long weekend.

Chelby good luck with the Tahoe, hope everything works out.

Debbie okay sounds good we shall go into onderland together, tomorrow I weigh in so we shall see if the scale will cooperate this week and move down- I have been op and watching my grain consumpation that always slows me down.

Everyone else

Tonight DS football game
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