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Come on Spring!
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Default Monday (Gotta do it!) Chatter

Here we go again with another week of personal renovation. I always feel renewed and ready to roll on Mondays. I think relaxing all day yesterday did the trick.

I'm hoping it's dry enough out there later to get some gardening done. I know I have asparagus and rhubarb to pick and vines to prune so that will keep me busy if the earth is too wet to work on. It's been way too cold anyhow. I have fuchsias ready to put into my porch planter but I keep bringing them indoors at night. There are no seeds in the ground yet as it's way too cold to till and plant. I get so twitchy in May and it can be such a mean month!

Disney seems to have an ear problem and keeps shaking her head. We will probably go to the vet yet again later today. I think she's had the problem for a while but getting groomed may have exacerbated it. Holly is very careful but may have got water in her ears.

This is going to be a funny week as I go for a colonoscopy on Thursday - just routine - so Wednesday is also lost with delightful "prep". I was planning to cook ahead this morning but no need if there are two days when I won't be eating much real food. Maybe I should plan something "special" for Thursday supper after the procedure.

So here we go, forging ahead into the week and we are past the halfway mark for May. It's Monday - make it count but stop for a coffee first.
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It's chilly outside this morning! I took my coffee out on the porch but didn't stay too long! I love to sip my coffee and look out over my flower beds. I managed to get my herbs in yesterday and and plunked a couple pepper plants in the ground, but there's still much to keep me busy out there.

The girls have off school tomorrow, and we're trying to come up with something fun to do. We had planned to go to Hershey Park, but they're not opened during the week yet, as are most amusement parks. There's always the zoo or the aquarium, so we'll find something!

Ruth, I remember how anxious I was last year for my first colonoscopy, and it was all for nothing! You're right, the diet prep the day before is the worst part of the procedure. I hope Disney gets something to help her ear pain today!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's cold here too but not below freezing. My Mom called in a panic last night because all her spring flowers are blooming and she was worried about them. Looks like she didn't have a freeze either.

Ruth - I'm still holding back my seeds too. There's just no point in getting them in too early. Except that I want to Hope the vet takes care of Disney's ear today.

Cottage - I was going to join DP for her morning walk but I'm a wimp. It's way too cold! What herbs do you plant?

I'm officially on vacation! DP decided to take Wed. & Thurs. off but work the other days. She has less vacation time than I do (new job vs 11 years on the job) so wants to save some of hers since we don't have plans. Of course I have my usual insane list for the "unplanned" days - garden/yard work, spring cleaning, cardio & some strength work. Then there's laundry and cooking. I always try to pack so much into days off. I might try to find time to get one of tattoos redone too. I'm a little nervous about how much it might hurt without the extra padding but it really needs it.

Right now though I'm just going to sip coffee and watch the birds
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Good morning chicks!

Ruth - I hope your procedure is only routine with very boring findings!! Hope Disney's visit goes uneventfully as well!

Cottage - It tis a wee bit cold out this morning, huh? Giant just had a coupon for Hersheypark, I was thinking we might have to go there this summer. The kids are finally starting to behave better!! (for a while there, I loathed overnight trips...they just got too wound up!!)

Cyndi - enjoy your time off! Sorry the kitty got sick (are they dissolving struvites?), but at least you get to relax. Enjoy!

Me - I have no surgeries scheduled (?!?!)... good for me, bad for the boss! I told her I'll work Wednesday evening instead. But, I think I'll go to that rails to trails today!! I'm hoping to have a 7-8 mile run. Then of course, bunches of errands. It looks like it will be a beautiful day! I also baked a spaghetti squash (didn't know they were that expensive )to make southwestern squash casserole.

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Good morning Cyndi and Twynn!

Cyndi, I planted basil, rosemary, fennel, lemon and English thyme, dill, cilantro, parsley, sage, chives, and candy mint. I have a large herb planter, similar to a strawberry pot, that I plant them in since I don't have a good spot in the yard near the kitchen to grow them. Have fun today, how ever you decide to spend it!

Twynne, have fun on your rails to trails! Nice day for it!
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Come on Spring!
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Poop! It's Victoria Day today and the vet is closed. Poor Disney will have another day of ear flipping, I guess. I'll give her another couple of treatments later.

Just did a wee walkabout and the crab apple tree is glorious!
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Good morning ladies!!! Happy Monday!

Ruth - I hope Disney's ear doesn't bother her too much. And good for you getting your colonoscopy done this week! Way to take care of yourself.

Cottage - I hope you find something fun to do tomorrow with the girls.

Cyndi - Enjoy your "vacation" today. Sounds like although you're not headed anywhere you'll be very busy. Remember that it is supposed to be a vacation, so be kind to yourself!

Me - Had a really wonderful weekend. First off, my FiL came home from the hospital yesterday, which is GREAT news!! I've promised to cook dinners for them this week since he's finally home (and we only live 1 1/2 miles away). So that means dinners are completely heart healthy.....which just also happens to be South Beach Friendly. Tonight we're having Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers w/ Lentils. Made some new friends at the Gala that we went to on Saturday and ended up going over to their home for dinner last night. And Survivor had a fantastic finish. It was really a GREAT weekend!!!!
Today I've got a couple of meetings at work, workout after work, and a yummy dinner. Should be a good day!
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Good Morning!

As is usual, it is warm and sunny here. Yesterday afternoon it was 85 degrees in the shade. I think its amazing considering we are almost a mile high. The Colorado River runs higher every day. I enjoy my biking because the trail is right along the river.

I'm biking to the pool this morning for my H2Yoga class. Lots of gardening today its just deciding what to do first. I think the plants are hardened off just fine, so I just need to decide where I want to put them this year.

I will continue my "personal renovation" today, thanks Ruth.
Cottage, what an incredible group of herbs you have! It must smell heavenly when everything really gets going.
Cyndi, enjoy the freedom of your vacation days.
Twynn, enjoy your run today.
Ruth, hope Disney gets better. My animals always have an issue when the vet is closed.

Have a happy and healthy day everyone!

Debbie R

Good morning Heather. Enjoy all your food endeavors. Cooking healthy is so rewarding. I missed it!!Who won Survivor?

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Originally Posted by Ruthxxx View Post
Poor Disney will have another day of ear flipping, I guess. I'll give her another couple of treatments later.
I've been warned that Oscar has a bout of ear flipping, himself, and possibly some ear flapping, as well. We're going to watch Oscar and Sophie while my parents are in the Keys (AGAIN, jerks) because last time when they boarded them at the vet, when I picked them up, the woman at the vet said "I separated them because I noticed that she's on a special diet and he's not, so I didn't want them to eat each other's food." There were special instructions NOT to separate them, and only 1 blanket and doggie bed was sent. SO, we are going to be dog-sitters. I'm still trying to figure out how Tom, Oscar, Sophie, and I are all going to fit in our bed.....

Hallo to everyone else! I need to go put some tea on and start the housework. I took the weekend off from laundry and dishes since it was my birthday weekend, so now I really need to get caught up. It's also grocery day, I need to hit the bank, plus I have deliveries to run and hopefully an appointment tonight. Whew! The tea will be needed!

And after all that "Where do you find your Fast Lane Tea?" stuff and I said I found it at Walmart, they've since stopped carrying it. Did Celestial Seasonings just STOP MAKING it???? Are they INSANE???? They can't get people hard-core addicted to something and then just TAKE IT AWAY, no warning!!!! I've tried other black teas, and they just don't do it for me!!!!!

Ahh. OK, I'll drink up the last of what I have and try to make due with Tazo.

Hope everyone has a delightful day and it warms up! I'm tired of freezin my ta-ta's off in mid-May! This is swim suit season! Not that I'm ready for the swim suit Tom got me for my birthday.

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Getting healthy again!!
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Good Morning All

weezle- My understanding is that they did discontinue it not that long ago, there's petitions to bring it back on the internet. My sister used to drink it all the time. However she has had good luck still finding it online.

Yesterday was supposed to be my first day of Phase 1, and it kind of was, because I didn't cheat or anything. However for me its always easier to start something on a Monday so I am calling yesterday my practice day. I also didn't keep a food journal yesterday and my nurse practitioner (doctor) definitely sees that as an important thing for me. So I grabbed a new notebook this morning and did good writing down breakfast.

Its been awful warm here in the desert, about 100* yesterday and should be about the same today. Getting reared up to start my gym class not this week but next week. 2 days a week for 11 weeks. Cost $20.00 so its cheaper than the gym and the class is designed for people who are wanting to start working out. Only the first two days will be in Phase 1 and probably will be more introductory than working out, so I shouldn't experience any phase 1/workout problems that I have heard about.
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I can do this!
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Quick pop-in...this is break week, but I had to come in to do a couple hours of work. Hope everyone's doing great and as reenergized as Ruth...what a great way to start the week!

Ruth, our vet gave us some ear cleaner for Angel, who used to do a lot of ear flipping. You pour it in, massage it down into the tubes, and then let her flip away. Then you clean with q-tips. It's a little messy (so good to do it outside), but it works like a charm and even has an ingredient that dries the liquid so there won't be further problems. Angel's ears have been clean as a whistle since we started using it once a month, and it's been a year now!

Weezle, check your local Big Lots (or similar store...maybe even dollar stores?) for your tea. I found lots of my favorite Celestial Seasonings that was discontinued at our local Big Lots and stocked up. Still have one box left...
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Hello everyone,

Sounds like everyone is having a nice if somewhat busy Monday. I just got done with my walk and its about time to get back to work.

Tonight DD2 has play practice and that is about it. Her cleanout phase went well except for Friday was a nightmare poor thing it was day 1 of cleanout and she had two accidents at school. I finally just brought her home, so now we are on maintenance and keeping our fingers crossed for the next two weeks of school left.

Chelby- We watched Bride Wars, Under the Tuscany Sun, August Rush and omgosh I cant remember the other- something like heaven or something like that with Reese Witherspoon. They were all good, but I think I liked August Rush the best.

Hope everyone has a lovely evening.

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no longer single
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it has been a very long weekend...with trying to get everything moved to my new place. i was off plan to say the least and don't feel guilty about it but back on today
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Hi ya!

We are having a cool, sunny day in Alabama. Very unusual for this time of year. Last night got down to about 47. We slept with the windows open. It was wonderful!

Only 4 more 'sleeps' till our long weekend at the beach. We're so excited!

DH told me long ago that if I were to go back to work, I could buy a new-to-me car. We're watching a Dodge Charger on Ebay. Keeping my fingers crossed... Let's stimulate the economy!
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