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Default I need support big time!

Hello everyone,
I'm new here but not new to the SBD. I did the diet after both my pregnancies and was succesful both times. My first is 3 years old and my second is only 13 months.
I am a huge carb junkie so obviously with the holidays and this awful winter I have been stuck in the house eating cookies and brownies way too long.
I have gained about ten pounds which for me is a lot, and what scares me is that once I start to gain I just totally let myself go. I was an overweight child and young adult so I am terrified of going down that road again.
Due to my bad eating habits I have really bad sugar spikes which then result in a dip and my moods just go up and down all day. I feel like I am robbing my children of the wonderful mother I want to be. I become so wrapped up in food and the guilt that comes with it.

Ok, so I have decided that I am going to go on the SBD starting Feb. 1st. I am a vegetarian but I cook all our foods so I am not afraid of that part at all. The fact is that I go on a diet for three days and I do well but then my sugar falls or I have a bad day and it all goes down the drain. I really need support, thats why I'm here. I hope and pray I can do phase one well, thats the hard part. After phase one I'm on a roll but just getting through those two weeks is the hard part for me. Please help me get through it.

With two little ones who are both underweight the house is always full of carbs, not necessarily bad food but things that I love. I have to do this though, I just have to and I will!
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Welcome to the boards. It's a great place for support, advice, and a swift kick in the rear when you need it! There are a lot of veterans around here who have mastered this way of eating, so you can really count on their advice. I'll simply share what they told me the when I first started. Be sure to get your dairy and beans in for the first week. Beans are a great souce of "legal" carbs and can really help with the sbd flu that tends to come the 3rd or 4th day of the diet. Make sure you're eating enough, you should never find yourself hungry. Plan, plan plan. Know your menu from the time you wake to the time you go to bed, plan what you're going to eat. And lastly, find the Phase 1 chat. You'll find other people going through exactly what you're going through, which will give you support.
Good luck on your journey!
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Welcome to the boards!

Some people experience that sugar/bad carb LOW...not to mention lack of caffeine. But hang in there, it's totally worth it. They usually only last a day or two. You will feel so good and have soooo much energy when you start and get over the hurdle (if you even experience it).

I echo what hmac said! Welcome again...
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Welcome! You are in the right place. The South Beachers (and the forum as a whole) will give you the support you need! Come back here often.. i find that the more I post and come to the forum, the more successful I am!
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I agree with the others, and I can definately relate to finding that belly full of carbs and no more baby, and wanting your figure back! stick with it, you'll find it, and don't be afraid! the ladies here are great for advice and feedback, and as a fellow vegetarian, I find this diet very easy to follow. good luck to you, and we all look forward to getting to know you!
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!!! I've been in and out of the boards and can relate to being a carb junkie. I'm trying again too! If you have a bad day, which you have to accept that you may not always get it right, draw a line under it and move on. The whole day/week/month is not a fail. Your life is full of how many seconds, minutes, hours. Think of all the time you've spent doing good things, rather than knocking yourself over the head for the bad!!!

YOU can do it. You just have to stay organised and have a plan. Good luck!
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usam! As usual, the Beachies here have given you sound advice to boost you along. A strict 14 days of Phase 1 will banish those sugar cravings and give you a feeling of well-being and energy.
Something that will help your entire family is to get rid of all the bad carbs in your house and switch to whole wheat and whole grain products. Your wee ones will still get the carbohydrates they need in their diets, plus they will be setting the precedent for eating healthier for the rest of their lives, too.
Good luck to you, and I hope we hear from you often!
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Thanks to all, I'm in awe of all the support here. I'm really excited to start tomorrow and scared. I have stocked the house with healthy veggies and dairy and have my menu set.
Mind over matter is what I keep saying, mind over food that's bad for me!
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My inspiration!
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Hi!!! I too have two little ones -- a 3.5 year old and a 10 month old, so I know exactly how you feel! It is hard, and I plan to start monday, so I hope we can help each other through!!!
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Default End of day one, not bad

So today was day one and I have to say it wasn't hard at all. We went to a super bowl party and I managed to stay away from all the carbs. I ate fresh veggies and one turkey hot dog without the bun.
I am not hungry at all but its probably from eating so much yesterday...
I am sure day three and four will be hard.
Glad to see a few starting tomorrow, we can be on this journey together.
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USAM- glad day one went well for you! Just keep going no matter what! I guess you are not a full vegetarian from your last post? Maybe I read the first post wrong... anywho- I am a vegetarian but lacto-ovo so I eat dairy... my motto is nothing with a face!

SBD is a great healthy way of life and this group of gals are the best support system you can find! good luck on your journey!
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I actually am a lacto-ovo vegetarian I have not had meat in 15 years. I just noticed I wrote turkey hot dog, that's what I give my little ones so I am sorry. I had a tofu one. Ooops!
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Come on Spring!
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Come and join the other Phase I Chickies on the Phase I thread where we share ideas.
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