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Working on healthy
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Default Finally Friday Chat

We did it! We made it to the end of the week. Well almost. Just gotta get through today. Anyone want a cup of Red Eye Express?

ETA - I just whipped that out because I never have the energy to post first (well not since the Beach Blanket Bingo incident )

Nothing much doing here - another half day at work and then home. I am picking up my computer all fixed and ready to go. I'll be happy to have my email back to normal and all my stuff. No bike until Monday. This is the most hassle we've ever had with an Amazon delivery. I'll definitely try to avoid this company in the future.

What's on your agenda today?

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Come on Spring!
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(Scratching my head and wondering if I missed the Beach Blanket Bingo episode.) Though of you a while ago, Cyndi, as I blanched potatoes to dry in the dehydrator. My last two Good Food Boxes have included 'taters and I need to get rid of them. I might have one potato per month these days
but I guess I could use them in soup.

Just checked the calendar and this will be my last quiet weekend for a while. That's a good thing because we are going to be buffeted with another cold snap starting tonight. Today I'll do the bird feeders and load up on wood. I may even buy some of those artificial logs for a fast fire on cold mornings. That always seems like cheating but......

Time for another coffee and some dog cuddling. They were covered with snow balls when they came in from potty but should be better now. They eat their snowballs and help each other with the ones they can't reach! Too cute!

Hope your Friday is a good one and Happy Weekend!
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Good morning chicks!

Cyndi - You still haven't gotten that bike??!! Good long have you been trying to get this in the door? Hopefully soon!

Ruth - ahhhh...that sounds so nice! Couple of coffee, cuddling with the dogs, and the smell of a wood fire. Enjoy!

Me - Did I say yesterday would be boring?!? Remind me never to say THAT again! I was wiped out last night (another dog ate victoria's secret underwear!).

Today I work half day, and I'm *hoping* to go running outside when I'm done! I originally thought I could do it with DH since he works 1/2 day too, but forgot DS has no school today . Darned it!

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Red Eye Express sounds great, Cyndi! I put on a pot of regular coffee, but just made myself an expresso while I'm waiting.

I've been sleeping later than usual the past few weeks. This is a hard time of the year for me when depression wants to set in, and I've been trying to fend it off. Nothing serious, but I always feel happier when the sun is shining. The sun is supposed to shine in a cloudless sky all day today, so that's cheerful news!

We may meet some friends for lunch today, with a playdate at the Moonbounce Park afterwards. Maggie spent yesterday afternoon at her friend's house, so I was able to get a lot done, and can play today.

I hope your bike can be delivered without any more hassles on Monday, Cyndi. What a pain!

Ruth, enjoy your day!
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Working on healthy
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Cottage - Have you noticed how late it is staying light in the afternoons? I'm very excited about that. I'm not so good with the dark days either but much better than I was in the sugar scarfing days.

Ruth - Hope you have big non-plans for your quiet weekend

Twynn - The bike thing has been frustrating, especially because I'm so excited about getting it. Hope you get that run in.
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Cottage -- January is always a tough month for me, too. The excitement of the holidays is over. The trees are 'dead'. Nothing is green. I'm a weenie and refuse to go outside if it's less than 40. I need WARM sunshine!

We have another uneventful day. It's supposed to be 65* and sunny today. WooHooo! Auston loves to play outside. He doesn't have 4K on Fridays. We'll go to the grocery this morning. I'm out of breakfast stuff and veggies. Oh,NO!

We had hot & sour soup again last night. Jeff and I are both up a pound this morning. Chinese must be a bad idea for us. That makes me sad because I don't want to cook EVERY day. Do you know of anything fast that we can 'pick up' once a week?
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Good Morning

just sitting here enjoying some quiet, watching the news, kids are on the bus on their way to school, I am going to shower & go to town and get my oil changed etc. I will hop on the treadmill when I get home. I have a 3 day weekend so I'm planning on enjoying it
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Happy Friday chicks,
Not much going on around here. Work, planning menus and grocery list, family pizza night at my mom's tonight. Last night I finally got around to making that chicken Alfredo and it was super yummy. All three kids loved it. That's rare. No big plans for the weekend except the usual catching up. And I may slip off to see Twilight since I didn't go last night. And I must get over to see my grandma. I'm ashamed that I haven't seen her since Christmas.
Cyndi, sorry you are having such trouble getting your bike. Didn't you stay home yesterday just for that?
Ruth, dogs eating their snowballs, too funny. I don't miss the potatoes much, do you?
cottage, I know what you mean. I have had enough of this month already. That reminds me, I've got a full spectrum lamp around here somewhere. I should sit under it every day.
Twynn, hmmm, VS undies must be extra yummy. Never jinx yourself.
Chelby, have fun playing outside. I'm afraid I'm no help. I think anything restaurant-made is pretty salty. I give myself a break by crock-potting or cooking extra to freeze ahead for those no-cook nights.
Enjoy your three-day weekend Joni!
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Morning ladies! Happy FRIDAY!!!!

Cyndi - I'd be so upset that you haven't gotten the bike yet. I hope it comes Monday with no surprises!

Ruth - Your pups sound like they are too cute together. I'd love to see that kind of sweetness. Good luck getting everything done today.

Cottage - Maybe that's my issue this week. I, too, have had a hard time waking up, thus not getting up in time to exercise. I must do better next week!!!

Twynn - Sorry you had such an unexpected busy day. Those aren't fun. I do much better on busy days when I plan for them. Hopefully you'll get your run in today.

Chelby - Schmoodle's idea of crockpotting is really good. There's a great site called Crockpot 365. There are some great recipes in there. Good luck.

Joni - Enjoy your time off!

Schmoodle - Glad to hear that you found a dish for the whole family to enjoy. Make sure you remember for next time.

ME - Today is our school's talent show, and I'm super excited!!! There's always a whole lot of unintentional humor that goes along with these presentations, and there are also a lot of good performances. It's always a HOOT! Tonight Rich and I are headed out to dinner for a review for him. I'm planning on only eating half of what they serve us. I'm really going to focus. I'm hoping it'll be a good night!
Have a fantastic day, ladies!!! BLESSINGS!
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Happy Friday Ladies!!!

Cyndi - Wow, I would be upset too, hope it comes in Monday.

Ruth - Aaawww that is so cute, your babies!! Have a great day

Cottage - My husband is the same, I am glad the sun is starting to shine and stay out later.

Twynn - Hope you get your run in today.

Chelby - there's always subway and quiznos- they have salads.

Joni - Enjoy your time off!

Schmoodle - Hope you get to see Twilight, DD1 loved it.

Hmac- That school talent show sounds like fun, enjoy.

As for me- today is wfh yeah me . The buyers for blazer fell through, yikes, but I relisted on Craigslist last night and someone is coming to look at today. So wish me well that I will finally get rid of it. The kids are off to WinterJam so they will be gone tonight but we will have to pick them up in the morning- busy weekend but as long as get the house cleaned in between I will be happy.
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Cyndi- yikes on the bike fiasco, I'd be PISSED!!

Ruth- fake logs are not cheating, anything to stay warm!

Cottage- My kids love those bounce places

Chelby- what about fajitas from a Mexican joint? Wrap it up at home with a WW tortilla or eat it without.

Me: Back on plan after a few minor hitches earlier this week. I'm finished with phase 1 but only down 5 lbs, but I'm thinking my Zoloft might be contributing to the slowness. I plan to start going to the gym I've got to get this body in better physical shape. DS1 is at school today so just me and the babe at home and he was so sweet to sleep in til 9! I woke up with a killer headache that I haven't been able to kick. I need to return the bedding to JCPenney, it just didn't work with my room. I want to run by the video store and pick up some new releases. DH will be hunting all weekend so maybe I'll get some stuff done around the house.
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morning girls. terrible headache this morning I'm excited to go to the salon today although I hope this headache is gone!

meeting friends for sushi tonight, should be a good time. I missed my maki!
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Finding success on beach
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Hey all! TGIF! DH and I are having date night tonight. My DS asked earlier in the week to have a "play date" with grandpa. He can't wait to go to my parent's house to play with my dad's new train set! My dad is a big kid and loving the fact that DS is so into trains. My parents called yesterday and want the kids to come tonight, stay overnight and play tomorrow too. They are so excited!! So DH and I are going to take advantage of the alone time and go out for dinner and a movie. I really want to see that Revolutionary Road. It opened today, hope it isn't packed!
Cleaning house today. Trying to get it all done in one day, we'll see if it really happens. Laundry, gym, shower. There is a long list to accomplish today!
I am under my ticker weight! Whatever I am doing my body likes, trying to stay in this place!!
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Lots of stuff going on today. I found out today that my older sister owes $1800 in back taxes and her house will be auctioned off next month. After Feb she has no place to live. She is disabled with emotional issues and probably should be in a group home. With the divorce I'm not supposed to send her that kind of money until it is final and it probably won't be final in time. Our younger sister can't help either. I would let her move in with me but the stress would be more than I could handle. I feel guilty for not doing more but there is only so much that I can do.

One bit of good news. Robert's lawyer faxed mine a motion to withdraw from counsel. So he is quitting as Robert's lawyer. Apparently Robert was a lot for him to deal with plus I don't think he has been getting paid. My lawyer is going to wait until it is signed and then he will file a motion for mediation and for a trial date. That might actually get this resolved quicker. I hope so.
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Barb - this sounds like it might be the beginning of the end...let's hope so, at least.
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