South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default Wednesday's Chat

Good morning on this lovely June day! We get to enjoy one more perfect summer day before another heat wave hits us.

Yesterday was busy with shopping, haircuts, and we had some friends over for a playdate in the afternoon. I loaded up the girls on the golf cart and took them over to an old swimming hole where they had a blast! I used to go swimming there way back when I was little, and it sure did bring back memories!

I'm not sure what we're doing today. We'll have an hour or so of school work first thing, then maybe I'll bring the girls over here to swim if they don't have a riding lesson. Dance lessons are over for the summer, so I should have an early day today.
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Come on Spring!
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Default Hump Day Chat on The Beach

Good morning and ! It's a misty morning here in Delta aka Mayberry and the deck is dry. I'll put out the cushions which I remembered to bring in the house for the night. Hershey and Disney are lying out there planning their doggy day. (I somemtimes wonder what dogs think about - besides food.)

Today and tomorrow my sick car and I will be circling the township picking up school work for the Fair. I'll have my cell phone and my CAA Plus card with me just in case the car croaks. It goes back on Friday for yet another stab at fixing the darned battery light. In the meantime, I have a piece of tape over it so I won't fret - black tape to match the console. I need to work in my last allergy shot today too.

What's on your Hump Day agenda? Something fun, I hope! My fun will be walking Disney. She still walks doing counter-clockwise circles - annoying but it sure makes me smile!
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Come on Spring!
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There we go again, Cottage! Good thing we can merge threads.

Yes, it finally feels like summer here too. 30% chance of rain but I'm looking at it as 70% and maybe more of sunshine! Enjoy your early day.
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I hope your sunshine rules the day for you, Ruth! What is it with dogs always being hungry? Cindy is a veterinarian, so her dogs are well cared for, but they are always begging for food. Is that a normal thing?
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Come on Spring!
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Well, in the wild, dogs went for days without food and then gorged when they finally killed or found some. I think it goes back to that. Mine think food is coming every time I go into the kitchen!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning

I'm rushing a little this morning. Hoping to get to work early so I can leave early and have plenty of time for a bike ride tonight

Cottage - I still love swimming holes best We have lots of them here. Have a fun pre-heat wave day.

Ruth - Good luck with the car! Hope it behaves for you today. Enjoy your 70 %

I have discovered the yummiest breakfast. If anyone saw me eating it they would not believe that's how I eat! Bob's red mill high fiber pancake mix with one egg, a little almond milk, and a spoonful of coconut (both unsweetened) all topped with warm strawberry rhubarb compote. I make one giant pancake and smother it with the fruit mix. I love this woe some days!

Okay, off to get my day moving. Have a good one!
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Good morning chickies!

Cyndi- mmmm....that sounds yummy!!!

Ruth - give that Disney a kiss for me!!

cottage - enjoy the day!

Me - off to work for a half day...then hopefully go on a hike or jog or something! Oh, I love my short days at work!
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Well I haven't started my South Beach Diet yet, don't have the food or money right now.. so for breakfast I'm having Steamfresh Broccoli Florets cause I love broccoli and it's healthy for ya..

This morning when I got up I weighed in at 222, 2lbs less, dunno how that happened since yesterday I had Ice Cream for lunch and Potatoes Au Gratin from Omaha for dinner, then a little of a brownie for dessert.. Oh well, I'm not gonna complain, lol

So how is everyone's Wednesday morning?
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ONEderland here I come!
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morning gang... went to the capital yesterday hung out in the basement recording studio.... very neat stuff

ate really really good food last night (a lot of it) drank really good wine (a lot of it) and had coffee and a very decadent non-beachy dessert...

it was an event of 6 internet friends getting together and it was too much fun to not indulge..

today i plan to work all day, swim for exercise and begin my clear liquid plan that is from now till midnight tomorrow.... tomorrow is my prep for my colonoscopy.

i'm holding my own.... best to all.
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Hey everyone. Still here. Scale is finally to pre-vacation weight, so the ticker is no longer lying. Now for the big push to onederland!!

Hearings still going on at work - so much stress I could punch someone - I'm SO glad that it will be over this afternoon.
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Morning chicks! We are supposed to start at several day streak of very warm & humid weather today. ICK!

My stellar month at work has fizzeled like a dud firework on the 4th! In two days I have had a customer back out and a house burn! Something has to give.

Tomorrow DS leaves for DC for 10 days. Flight leaves Indianapolis at 7am, which means leaving home no later that 4:30 which means getting up at.......ugh I don't even want to say it!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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well I am on day 4 of Phase 1 and I weighed in this morning (wednesday is just my weigh in day) and I have lost 5.5 lbs so shocked me (pleasantly )......after just 3 days.....I know it won't continue but to see that initial weigh loss told me i am doing something right and I am finally out of the 230's (I am at 228.5)......the cravings for sugar hit really really hard last night so I am going to get the ingredients to make that peanut butter thing everyone talks about. I am one happy camper and for the first time can see that this is going to work for me and I will become the thinner, healthier person i have always wanted to be......have a great day everyone .......
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Determined to lose!
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Linda, aaahhh, reminescing, what fun! Sounds l ike a blast!

Ruth, I hate driving with sick vehicles, glad your prepared.

Jelly, the "cost" pays off in the long run, well worth it!

Lady, glad you enjoyed your get together!

Congrats Kim on relosing to prevacation! Keep up the good work!

Paca, h ow old is your ds? As he's gone relax! He'll have a great time, and you can enjoy some "down time" off from him! My son went this year and I enjoyed it, so did he!

Green, most of that right now will be water weight, but is still nice isn't it?! But you should already feel more energetic! welcome!

Me... sorry folks it's been several months since my last active visits. Unfortunately I fell off the diet, BADLY. Read my other thread "acid vs alkaline" to see how bad. Back up to 191 yesterday, today down to 189, as I mentioned, GAINED EVERY OZ BACK!
I'm hoping to find time to visit here, with work, home, the dog, the kid, it's almost impossible! But I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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someday 145
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mornin all:
everyone sure has busy days. i sure wish i had something to do sometimes. this sitting around is getting old fast. next check up isn't until 25th of july.
day 3 doing real good. DH is really enjoying the dinners i have been making. tonight is cola chicken. son really liked the left over taco bake (which i was going to freeze until he saw it). they sure seem to eat more when they move out and come to visit. he comes by most weekends now. he bought dh a wii for fathers day, so he comes over to play it also. i keep watching the sales for the wii fit. daughter has it and just loves it. i tried it and really liked it also.
well, off to put a puzzle together, the thrill of my day. LOL.
have a great day everyone.
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Good morning Ladies! Happy Wednesday!
Cottage - Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday. I hope today can compare.

Ruth - Wouldn't you just love to spend a few hours in your dogs head. I swear they have a 3 track mind, but sometimes they seem so smart. I love having pups!

Cyndi - I'm sometimes amazed at this woe and how it really can fit into any just have to be creative. I've got pancake batter in the fridge for lunch today as well. I hope mine turn out as tasty as yours sound.

Tywnn - Have a great half day and jog. Good for you!

Jelly - Make sure you're getting your protein in as well. Even though you're not doing SBD yet, start preparing by adding some meat or beans to every meal.

Nessa - Sounds like you had a fantastic evening. I love getting together w/ friends for dinner. It's one of my very favorite pass times.

Kim - What do you do for a living? Are you a paralegal? Just curious. Hope all goes well today!

Steph - Hang in there. I'm sure July will be much better. for you while your ds is away.

Greeneyes - Congrats on the weightloss thus far. Good job planning and figuring out what works for you. Keep it up!

Loriann - I'm interested to read your other thread. Welcome Back!!!

Me - Today is all about moving and cleaning. This morning I am determined to get this house in a better state than it is right now. Going to spend an hour or so picking up and cleaning. And then this afternoon I'm going to friends to spend time with her and her DDs and then we are both headed over to our friend's home to help her pack and move back to Albuquerque Sad reason for us all to get together, but it'll be nice to see her one more time before she goes.
Have a wonderful Wednesday, Ladies!!! You all ROCK!

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