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Default moving to the beach!

hello to all the beach beauties out here! I'm Iris.

I want to revise some of my eating habits and kickstart losing my last few (...20 or less) pounds. I always crave breads, pasta, sweets, etc. and eating them leads to more cravings, so I'm thinking phase one might be very good for me in terms of getting those out of my diet for awhile.

I'm officially starting on monday because of plans this weekend and because it'll give me time to find some good recipes and stock up for next week. For now I'm off to browse some recipes but any suggestions for things i should definitely pick up at the grocery store would be appreciated! Can't wait to meet y'all.
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Iris, do you have the book and the eating plan?
My shopping for Ph1 looks like this:
Lean meats and eggs
Dairy - lowfat cheeses,milk, yogurt, ricotta, cottage cheese
Lots of great veggies, whatever appeals
Nuts and nut butter (no sugar added)
Beans - canned or dry

If you've got all that, you're pretty well prepared. the rest is treats if you want them - NSA fudgesicles, sugar-free jello, diet soda, etc. Welcome to the beach!

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I have the book because my mother tried SBD awhile ago and gave up... so I took her copy.
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Welcome! You'll find lots of great ideas and support here. Our daily chats are a nice place to really feel like you're not the only one around on a diet. As far as suggetion for Phase 1 here are some of my standards:
Egg Muffins
Protien Packed Cheesecake (for breakfast)
Laughing Cow Cheese
Lots and Lots and Lots of Veggies
I almost always had a salad for lunch and for dinner I usually had some sort of lean meat w/ a green salad and a second veggie.

Good luck! And let us know how we can help.
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the original book does not list dairy and beans as part of phase 1
nor does it list bananas and carrots as phase 2 foods... make sure to check out the updated food lists.
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to The Beach, Iris!
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Welcome to the beach!!!!

One thing to be careful of when moving into phase 2, the book starts with adding too many phase 2 foods and that is a downfall for a quite a few people please look at the stickies section that tells you how to add in the phase 2 foods that really helped me move slowly into phase 2.
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Come on Spring!
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A some what belated
Come and join the Phase I Thread here.
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thanks everyone! i was away all weekend and feel so welcomed by you all now that i'm back. =)

day one tomorrow... i''ll be over on the phase 1 thread!
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Smile Come on down (to the beach )Iriswhispers


By the way, I checked out the current hot off the press Supercharged SBD from the public library. I told the librarian this book is so current the ink isn't even dry. ( the woman didn't know what I was talking about and looked at me really weird---no, my sense of humor is not an aftereffect of eating no white potatoes---it came along with me)

So, run to your nearest library and pick up a copy. Of course, if you want to buy one, that's good too. Just wanted you to know there are options.

again and here's to another body on the beach.

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howdy iris and welcome fellow carbcraver!

see you in p1 for some serious carbkicking
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Hello iriswhispers and welcome! I sure hope South Beach works as well for you as it is for me
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