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Default Breakfast Question

Although I'm getting down that can of V8 juice every morning, it's not enjoyable. I like it fine, but just not for breakfast first thing in the morning. Can the vegetable/V8 juice be taken with the morning break instead or does it have to be consumed with breakfast?
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Of course! This is a flexible plan - relax and enjoy it. Or don't drink the stuff and have some veggies with your eggs.
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you never have to have v8

you do have to have veggies at breakfast.

the v8 is in lieu of the veggies!
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Try the V8 spicy hot! I hate regular V8 so I tried the spicy it tastes like a bloody mary. Very good!
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I am not a hugh fan of V8 in the morning either but my boyfriend loves it and we usually have the same thing in the morning (its easier that way) so we comprimise and i put it in a pitcher with tomato juice since it is sweeter at a ratio of 2 parts v8 to 1 part tomato juice
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It's not that I dislike the V8; in fact, I like it just fine - just not early in the morning! If I could wait until my mid-morning snack and have my veg or V8 then, I'd be ok with that.
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I've never liked the stuff and therfore I never drink it.
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Smile I think one thing to remember is.....

these are food suggestions or guidelines. Obviously, if you don't like something why eat it? On the other hand, I have tried a lot of different vegetables since I began SBD that I thought I would never eat. I took a little and if I liked it I tried more. Also, I have found that how something is prepared makes a huge difference!

My DH's favorite vegetable is asparagus. It is considered one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat but when I saw how he ate them, well, it was grose. I grilled whole asparagus spears on my indoor grill with a light coating of canola oil spray and lighly salted. I made sure that they were not limp either but still al dente. What a difference!! He gobbled them up. I had to slap his hand to keep him from eating my portion (well, almost... I did guard them though from his beady eyes)

I have always loved V-8 long before I began this food plan but again it is one of those things that people seem to read about this food plan and it sticks in their mind. The main thing is lots of good-for-you vegetables. That's all you need. The rest is up to you what you want off that list.
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Veggies I like with breakfast:

tomato juice (I don't care for V8, but I love plain, old tomato juice)
salsa on eggs
omelet with any number of vegetables (mushrooms, fresh spinach, peppers, broccoli, artichokes, asparagus, tomatoes)
veggie quiche cups with any of the omelet vegetables

Hope that helps!

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What are you eating for breakfast? As long as you incorporate veggies with your breakfast, the V8 can wait till later or even never as long as you have enough veggies. I wouldn't skip the V8 AND veggies at breakfast if you can work the veggies in (I'm horrible about this since I hate most veggies, so I force the V8 with breakfast since I don't have any other veggies).

I'll even admit I sometimes don't have veggies OR V8 with breakfast--just a breakfast drink or turkey sausage, egg, and cheese English muffin sandwich. I don't find veggies appealing in general, but I especially don't find them appealing in the morning.
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I generally don't eat veggies in the morning either. Sometimes I will drink V8 but not always. Do you think Dr. A suggests 1/2 cup of veggies in the morning to try and spread them out? So you are not stuck with 4 1/2 cups for dinner? I usually eat a lot of veggies with dinner so I don't mind having almost all my veggies left for dinner. I think as long as you are eating the amount...not necessarily at the specified time you should be alright. Anyone see a problem with that?
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I have cottage cheese with cucumbers and/or tomatoes cut up in it with a little salt and pepper. It sounds weird but it's delicious. I have it pretty much every morning.
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It's not that I DISLIKE V8 or vegetables. I'm actually fond of both - just not at BREAKFAST early in the morning. If I could wait and drink it for my mid-morning snack, it would be more enjoyable.
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Roz, it shouldn't be a problem at all to drink the V8 later in the day. I enjoy a V8 as part of a snack several times a week. Just find some other vegetable that you like and try to get it in for your breakfast.
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I don't eat veggies with my breakfast on a regular basis. I sometimes eat veggies w/b-fast when DH makes an omelet or eggs florentine. My normal b-fast for phase 2 consists of 1 slice toast, 1 boiled egg, 1 slice of provolone cheese and a small glass of milk. I enjoy V-8, but not in the early morning either. I drink V-8 as a snack, either mid-morning or afternoon. I get plenty of veggies for lunch and dinner.
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