South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Unhappy Help!!!

I have been on P1 for 3-4 weeks, sorry I lost count.
I have not lost any weight at all. I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

B: 3 Eggs, 3 SB turkey bacon, and a handful of celery, w/ water or 1 cup of FF milk.

S: 1 Cheese stick

L: Either chicken salad or turkey pattie no bread w/broccoli and water.

S: Celery W/ 1 laughing cow cheese wedge.

D: Chicken and broccoli or another chicken salad w/water

What do you think?
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First let me welcome you! Second you are not supposed to stay on P1 more than 2 weeks. P1 is not a blanced way of eating and only meant to rid you of the cravings.

Are you getting enough Veggies? How about adding some beans? I assume this is not what you are eating every single day so it is hard to base it on one menu.

I know it sounds silly but you may not be eating enough and your body is holding on for dear life. Slip into P2 and increase what you are eating and see what happens. Most importantly don't get discouraged we are here for you!
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Remember also that as you move into Phase 2, it's a very gradual change...adding in one serving of grain OR fruit per day for a week (one piece of whole wheat bread per day or one serving of brown rice per day or one apple per day, etc.). Then the second week you add a second serving of a grain or a fruit. Try to keep it the same addition every day for the week so you can monitor how your body reacts to that particular food, if it causes cravings or if you are fine with it.

Good luck, and post often!

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Lightbulb I'm new to SB too

Looking at what you have eaten it doesn't seem like you are eating that much. Are you satisfied with just that? I am still continuing to follow the snacks along with the three meals. I find that I am really hungry if I don't, that's why I was wondering if you were satisfied with what you are eating. You did not mention whether you were drinking much water. For some people, NOT ME!, water goes a long way in filling them up. All it does for me is go to the bathroom a lot.

Is there a reason why you decided to stay on Phase 1 for longer than the two weeks? I read the book right before I began in January and he didn't say that you couldn't. I think he assumed, like the majority of people, that you would look forward to having more variety in your food plan.

P.S. There is a testimonial in his book (I just read it 6 weeks ago) from one of his clients who lost over 100 lbs and that man said he never did go onto Phase 2, he stayed on Phase One the whole time.

I didn't find Phase One too difficult to do. Ironically, my first Phase One meal was eating dinner out the first day. I have found this to be a very restaurant-friendly diet, like Dr. A mentions.

I disagree with others who say you are not getting all of your nutrients when following Phase One. I made sure that I ate plenty of vegetables that had Vitamin C in them to compensate for the lack of fruit in my plan. Yes, tomatoes, green, red and yellow peppers and broccoli all have Vitamin C in them. As for fiber, I got that in my mushrooms and raw vegetables like cauliflower, etc. Again, you can get a lot of vitamins in the types of vegetables that you select.

Since I believed going into this that I might be "insulin resistant" (based on family history and some recent health developments) I "assumed" that I too would have some difficulty in losing weight. Perhaps, that is one underlying reason. There is some "stickies"(permanent posts) available on this web site that address that issue and how it affects weight lose.

I seem to be "carb-sensitive" more than I am "calorie-sensitive". I can eat lots of calories of non-carb foods and not gain weight. On the other hand, I am quickly learning that if I so much as deviate one crumb outside of my 2-3 carbs a day, I will see the scales go up and not down! And, no it doesn't have to do with it being low or high glycemic!!

For example, I had some air popped popcorn with only canola oil and salt as the two other ingredients and I gained 2 lbs from that. Calorie-wise it was about 100 calories! I was really shocked about that. As a caveat, Dr. A did list popcorn as one of those foods to avoid or eat sparingly . He was talking to me when he said that! I can see now that I am really going to have to watch the carbs if I want to see the results on this diet. I may even have to reduce them to 1 per day so I can see a steady 2 lbs lose.

On the other hand, fruit doesn't seem to affect me but again I have been very careful to pick the lower glycemic index fruits.

I have only tried a higher glycemic vegetable-corn-once when I was out of all my other vegetables. I immediately noticed that it seemed to induce a type of craving that I haven't experienced with vegetables before. I won't be having that again until summer. I think I will continue with keeping this to a "no sugar" plan for me. A few forays outside of that perimeter and I have already seen how quickly "the beast turns on me"!

So, again, to come back to my point, I don't feel that staying on Phase One indefinitely will harm a person. Dr. A does tell everyone to take vitamin supplements(which I have done for eight years anyway). If you're not bored and you feel it works for you, I say keep going. The weight will drop.....

Sadly, some of us have a more difficult time in losing weight than others. Keep at what you are doing, maybe experiment a little and tell us how it works out for you. Good luck!

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