South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Question Splenda

Hey everyone. I was reading the glycemic index list in the SBD book last night, and I noticed that maltodextrin [the first ingredient of Splenda] has a glycemic index of 150, equal to that of maltose [beer]. My question is, is Splenda ok to use?

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Splenda is supposed to be fine for the South Beach diet, but I personally don't care for it (except in the DaVinci syrups). I had some low-carb ice cream with Splenda and that was OK but I think it might have triggered some cravings for me. I've been kind of staying away from the sweeteners altogether lately.

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It's fine Splenda is acceptable in all phases of the South Beach Diet. The amount of maltodextrin ingested with the splenda is tiny and would not have an effect. This is one of the reasons the GI of foods can be confusing and not always appropriate.

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Thanks for clarifying, I was really confused about that LOL!!

*goes to make a cup of tea with spenda*
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Whew! When I saw this post I was sooooo afraid that someone was going to say that splenda is now a NO NO!!! That would just be the end of me! I am trying to branch out and try some new alternatives. I know too much of a good thing is bound to be bad for you, but I am ashamed to admit that I HAVE to have the SWEET in my life!

My local grocery store had Agave nectar on sale yesterday so I purchaced some. I remember seeing something about it on this sight. Someone was complaining about the price of it.(mine was on sale for $3.49 for 11.5 oz.) I'm not sure exactly what I will use it for.... So I am open to suggestions. I bought the amber, but there was also a light available.

Personally, I don't mind the taste of Splenda in anything. (I guess that could be a good or a bad thing!) I am curious about the davinci surups though. I have not been able to find anything but SF hazelnut by Torani. Are they the same sort of thing?
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I would be in a bad spot too if Splenda wasn't okay. Don't know what I'd do without my fudgesicles and sf syrups. I'd prefer not to use Splenda every day, but I haven't been able to break that habit yet.

I do use the agave nectar when possible. I put it in coffee and tea, on top of Greek yogurt , and I've used it to make apple crisp and Nessa's oatmeal breakfast bars. I also used it to make pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and put it in the sweet potato casserole.

Yes, the Torani is another brand that makes sf coffee syrups. I get Torani, DaVinci, Starbucks, and Target store brand Archer Farms. They are all the same thing, just some have different flavors available.
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Question I posted this before but here is what I have found

About Splenda:

"the body does not recognize sucralose as sugar, it is not metabolized-thus there are no calories. This also means it has no effect on blood sugar or the secretion of insulin. Studies focusing on persons with diabetes have confirmed this. Sucralose has been demonstrated to be safe for everyone although pregnant women and children who have special dietary needs should check with their doctor."

This is a direct quote from Marlene Koch's cook book Desserts with Splenda.

I love the taste and when I have baked I have used it successfully with great results. I still try to limit myself to the 75 calories of sugar free desserts that Dr. A recommends in his "South Beach Diet book." With all of the other good foods to eat on this plan, eating a lot of sweets has not been that big of an issue.

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