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Default Tuesday Chick Chat

Good Morning!

It's a frigid morning, I'm glad I don't have to venture out just yet. I just put a load of sheets in the washer, and when I get back from Curves I have to do a bit of dusting and vacuuming. Jake came home from work yesterday with mud all over his boots, and instead of taking them off at the door, he tracked across the carpet and all the way to the kitchen table to take them off. It's a good thing I wasn't home, I'd have sent him right to "time out"! After he vacuumed it up, of course!

I could sure go for some oatmeal this morning, but I'll settle for a veggie omelet instead. Tomorrow's the big day - I can move to Phase 2!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning. A veggie omelet sounds great, Cottage. Can you make one big enough to share?

Busy day ahead and I sure hope my darn knee holds out. I need to go to rehab services in town this morning to be trained in the stuff knee and I will have to do after the operation. It'll be a no shopping trip as I have to be back here for 2 for a furnace servicing call. Hersh and I do pet therapy at the nursing home 5 to 7 and then I plan to just sit and giggle at the American Idol auditions. I think it'll be an early bed night!

What's happening with you?
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Good Morning Cottage- Thanks for starting us up..... it is still snowing they say we could get another 10 cm of snow, so of course you know school is canceled..... Why do men do that walk across the floor to take thier foot wear off, my dh will do that as well.... One more day for me as well not sure what I am going to add tomorrow, I am thinking a piece of fruit. Hope you have a great day.

Me- Not to much planned today with a snow day makes it hard to get anyhting done. I did sneak on the scales this morning and I am only down another pound. I was kinda of hoping for more. Well tomorrow is the official day so we will see what happens.

Ruth-Hope you have a great day... take care of that knee, you will be dancing the jig in no time.

a big Hello to all those who follow.

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Morning chicks!

A super quick check in as I really shouldn't be on the 'puter in the morning. I did get up earlier this morning, so have afew extra minutes.

Cottage Look at you and your Phase 1 self. That is fantastic! I am still have a hard time getting through an entire clean eating day. I am losing though, so imagine what I could do if I would stick with it!

Ruth Is your operation next week? I am thinking of you.

LC Morning sunshine!! I LOVE the snowday because it means I get a day off too. Of course, here in Texas you have to make up the day. They don't have snowdays bulit in b/c it rarely snows.

Okay, off to eat my omelet.....

Love ya gals!
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Good morning

Cottage Stay warn and have fun at Curves.
Ruth Your day sounds very busy. Take care of yourself and rest that knee some if you can.
LC Hope it is warm enough that everyone can go play in the snow.
Kiko Enjoy your omelette.

Me Well it looks like I will have longer than June to beome thin. I postponed the wedding. It's for the best right now and I feel good about my decision. I also feel good about not turning to food when my stress level went sky high.

Have a good day everyone.
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Morning chicks, I am done with Ph1. I'm going to have some oatmeal this morning. I wanted to pop in quick because I think things will be hopping around here today. I haven't weighed since Saturday, so I don't know what the grand Ph1 total is, but I don't care. It's pre-TOM anyway, so it may not reflect. Just glad to be done.
LC, I feel for you with kids in the house all day!
Dawn, hope you are okay. You sound amazingly calm.
Good morning Ruth, cottage, and Kiko. You all sound busy as usual, hope you have a wonderful day.

Don't know if I'll have to run to Quantico today. I've also got some thinking to do about big career decisions. Stressful, I don't like those kind of decisions.

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Hey Ladies:
Technically I'm supposed to start Ph 2 today but I can't get a real reading on my scale b/c my ankle is the size of an orange! I've been sleeping with the heated mattress pad on a few nights and I'm going to have to cut that out if I want unswollen legs.
Cottage I'll be joining you in that omelette! as soon as I do some dishes.
Ruth enjoy rehab I'm probably going there myself today!
LC one down is still in the right direction good job!
Kiko enjoy your day!
Dawn I'm glad you are making decisions that are right for you!!
Schmoodle: Enjoy the oatmeal. . .Take time with the big decisions and do whats best for you lady!
Off for a super quick shower then have to pick up the kitchen as the groceries are coming in 1-3 hours!
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OH how I do wish I was still in bed! Bring on the coffee! Hoping for a calmer day today although my office is still in disaray! We have about 50 boxes of files to go through, UGH!

Dawn Be strong girl. Sounds like you have things under control and are doing what is best for you.

Schmoodle Good luck in weighing your options and making the best decision for you and your family.

I have to admit I haven't been real sucessful at getting back on plan this go round. My mind keeps trying to rationalize it, it's actually like having the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other fighting each other. Angel is winning 90% of the time but the devil pushes her off the other 10.

Alright I have to face this day head on! Have a great day ladies and I will try to check back later!
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A little hello again, the kiddos are having a snack so I have a quick minute to post again. The snow has stopped but it is very windy and cold out so I don't think that it is going to be an outdoor day for the kiddos. So I should be totally crazy by mid afternoon........ and to top it off I am feeling under the weather, headachy and a queasy tummy..... I just want a nap. I may have to put hubby on kid duty after lunch and have a wee nap. That is a plus of him being a school bus driver. enjoy the day
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Morning everyone. Just a quick post with no personals as I have to run to the shower to be on time for orientation. (I can't wait to tell all of you what a joke that has been!)

Doing a little better than yesterday. More details of my friend's death have come out and it's really left us with more questions than answers. I'm still pretty numb about it all and am waiting for information about his funeral and such so I can make plans to head home. A few of us are planning to meet at another friend's house so that we can have our break-down (which we know will come when we see eachother) in a private place.

, Dawn. You're in my thoughts, hon!

Thanks so, so much for your thoughts and prayers. We all greatly appreciate them. ~Kim
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Linda, Tom walks across the entire front room and into the living room to take off his boots! And then if Connor tries to step out of the entrance area with his shoes on, he just about has a conniption because the streets outside are SO DIRTY! What does Tom do? Float home? I know he's in the Air Force, but come on!

Ruth, I've got radish "homefries" left over from my breakfast this morning. You're welcome to them! I added garlic, onions, and "fakon" (what Tom calls my soy "bacon") and they were super! Good luck with your errands today!

LC, glad the snow finally hit. At least there's an excuse for the kiddies to be home today!

Hey, Kiko! Glad you checked in!

Dawn, you rock! Way to keep yourself in check. You could shoot for July 26th! (That's my birthday!)

Good luck with your big decisions, Schmoodle! Savor your oatmeal!!!

Kierie, I hope your ankle returns to a normal size. Have fun unpacking your groceries (that's my least favorite part of grocery shopping...).

Stephanie, I've got a devil on one shoulder and three on the other! They just told me to eat M&Ms AND I LISTENED. What a moron! I need to kick them out of here. Maybe we can have a devil eviction party. BE GONE DEVILS!

Kim, still thinking of you! Hope you get some solid answers soon.

I'm struggling. I have tied up my entire definition of success in what the scale says and I need to break away from that. I think I might take a vacation from the scale for February, which would work out perfectly because we'll be leaving here and heading home, although I worry that without the accountability of knowing I am getting on the scale in the morning I will be more likely to eat things I shouldn't like I did in the summer when we went home. I think I need a plan. Guess I've got three weeks to come up with a good one... Right now I'm feeling like a huge failure because I've been sneaking in little cheats and I haven't had the motivation to rationalize myself out of doing it. I live too much in my head.

Off to bed for me. Maybe I'll dream of a solution! Last night I dreamed I was in a fashion show with two friends from home. It was fun. Dreams!


P.S. Lisa!
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I got all the dusting and vacuuming done, put fresh sheets on the bed, and even ran over to the hardware store for a new water filter and light bulb for the fridge. Now I'm enjoying a nice mug of Chai Tea Latte. Mmmmmmm.

Kara, don't let those numbers on that damned scale get to you! You know better than that! Are you taking measurements? How are your clothes fitting? I'm a firm believer in only weighing in once a week. For me, at least, if I don't see what I expect to see on the scale, I say "what the heck, I may as well eat whatever I want, since when I'm careful nothing is happening anyway." That's just me, though. I know I lost about 5 lbs on my first week of Phase 1 last week, but I really don't expect to see any more when I weigh in tomorrow at the end of my second week. BUT I do notice a big difference in how my clothes fit. Remember, it's just a number. Sleep well, and pleasant dreams!
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HELLOOOOOOOO! Just posting real quick because I don't think I've had a real post in awhile.

Cottage, that omelet sounds really good. I would have knocked Jake upside his head! MEN! Do they just not get it?

Ruthie, oh wow! American Idol is on again already? Sheesh. I may have to tune in just so I can torture my ears and wince. Glad you had a good birthday!

LC, hope the snow doesn't put too much of a damper on your day!

Kiko, ! Everyone is making me want an omelet!!!! Hope you have a great day!

Dawn, you've got to do what you know in your heart is right! Good for you girl!

Schmoodle, I'm pre-TOM (sorry Tom) too. Congrats on graduating to Ph2! Enjoy that oatmeal!

Kierie, an orange? Wowsers. Hope the swelling goes down and you have a great day!

Stephanie, at least the Angel is there most of the time right? The little Devil guy has been on my shoulder lately, since about New Years. I need to get my butt in gear! Have.... fun? going through the boxes.

Kim, You're in my prayers. I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Kara, "fakon" hahaha. I call it Fake Bacon. I've been cheating a lot too. Oy. It's alright though. Don't worry about the scale. I haven't really even paid attention to mine lately so my tickie is probably way off. You'll get back at it in no time!

As for me, I'm procrastinating. I have a meeting in St Louis today that is probably going to take for freaking EVER. Meeting at Burger King (that'll be a nice healthy lunch) beforehand because food isn't provided. Then I have the regular meeting, and then the trainer meeting afterwards. Then we come all the way back. Gonna be a long day. At least I got to sleep in some today...

Hope all you girls (and those still to come) have a wonderful day! Have missed you all! Will try to post more often! Just have been SO busy. Love you girls!

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ThinkByJune, thank you for the suggestion. Today I have decided to up my protein by a lot. I reread the part of the book, and I realized that I thought it said we could only have 3 oz of protein for lunch and 4 oz for dinner. It actually says to start with that amount and then eat more if you are not full.

Water, water, water. I chug water and the hunger goes away for 5 to 10 minutes but then it was back. I think the protein has helped because I am currently not hungry. Yeah!

I had a couple of eggs plain, two slices of Canadian bacon, and 8 cherry tomatoes for breakfast. I also had 1 ounce of plain pecans for a snack. Chili again for lunch and I am about to make me a very big salad with grilled chicken on it. Boy, today has been a lot better.

It has been great to have somewhere to read how others are doing. It is a nice relief.

I almost can't image what dieting (lifestyle changes) were like before the Internet.
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I am so glad my lawyer made it to the hearing this morning. He had a process server there who served Robert with the divorce papers and restraining order papers before we went into court. Apparently Robert wanted to have the Emergency Protective Order set aside and I don't want that. The judge was not going to dismiss it since I didn't want it dismissed. Many of the other things Robert brought up were things the judge said will have to wait for the divorce hearing next week. Robert didn't have a lawyer with him today but he named a very expensive law firm. I don't know how he is paying for those unless he is using his 401K or a credit card which he then won't be able to pay.

He brought me a Tupperware container to court today to replace the one he had thrown out of mine. The judge definitely thought it was strange but I think he was thinking that if he does nice stuff then I will forgive him. It is too far gone for that.

I am gradually losing the weight I put on during December so that at least is doing well. I do hope to get back to the gym eventually but it is hard to find time. As the weather warms Brian and I can ride bikes together and go swimming and I do have my treadmill too.
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