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Talking Whizbang Weekend Chat!

Happy President's Day Weekend, American chickies! Some of the kids here get all of next week off!!! What's the world coming to?

No big plans here for the weekend...just getting our computer set up, doing taxes, getting some cleaning up accomplished, and maybe some belated V-day celebrating.

A good friend of mine turns 29 today and DH and I will be joining her and her DH and friends at a local bar. It'll be fun to hang out with them, but it's not my kind of food/drink. I'll have dinner at home and nurse a glass of wine there.

What's on your weekend agenda?
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Well, I am up at this hour tonight (and again tomorrow) because I am "on duty". My coworkers and I share duty, where we are the administrator on call for the campus and as it is a live-on position that also means I get to do rounds with the RA staff - it sure was cold out there walking around, but we are done for the night - barring any emergencies. It could be a fun weekend as finals start Monday, you would think there would be studying - but not a chance! The worst part for me is staying up late - my bedtime is much closer to 10:00 pm, not 3:00 am! Though I did get a long nap this afternoon, but getting up early Monday morning to get to the office always hits the hardest.

No big plans otherwise for the weekend - cleaning up, hopefully getting out taxes done/started, and setting up the new shelves and TV in the basement to add some entertainment to use of the elliptical.

Have a great Saturday!
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My weekend is starting with work. I'm waiting for two systems to come up so I can recycle 10 servers. I think one of them is starting to come up but then I may have an hour or more on the other. And I have to get up 4 hours from now to go to an all day Wood Badge Staff Development session. I am going to be dead tomorrow. One good thing is I did get to watch 2 episodes of ER that DH had taped for me. Now I'm only one episode behind.

I didn't even know we had President's Day coming up. I was on my own today and all next week since my team lead is on vacation so it is going to be busier than normal (although that is hard to imagine). I've got to wake up DH and Brian early tomorrow too. Our Cub Scout pack is going to the airport for Welcome Home the Troops. We are one of two cities where they come to from the war and then transfer to other cities and the scouts like to show up and greet them. Then the scouts are going to the National Scouting museum. It's hard to believe we've never been when it's only about 40 minutes from home. I wish I could go but I can't miss this staff development.

Have a great weekend, beachgal!
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Come on Spring!
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What a bunch of night owls! I hope you chickies get some rest.

Quick good morning as I have a few things to do before an 8 AM meeting.

My souvenir of my 5 days in Florida is a whopping bad cold, the first real cold of the winter for me so I mustn't complain. I am focusing on Vitamin C and water today and will add an afternoon nap to the prescription. The next two weeks are busy and I just can't afford to be dragging my butt.

After the meeting today, I have a "bit" of shovelling to do! My lane is ploughed and Eric kept the entrances clear but the deck needs some clearing. The Girls have to go through a snowdrift before they come in! The weather is certainly more moderate than when I left last Saturday.

What's happening with you this weekend?
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Good Morning Chickies!

I am up early for a Saturday and I'm not sure why.

beach Are you setting up a new computer or are you just moving an old one? I am buying a new computer next weekend (x-bf is finally starting to move his stuff out).

amasam What a long night! I have such trouble staying up past bedtime...even if I have to. Hope you can get some rest today.

Ruth I'm sorry you're not feeling well...but glad you are back from vacation

Barb You are always so busy!! Do you think ER is still good? I really lost interest after Carter left...but catch a show every now and then if no other reason than to see John Stamos

Me Not too much is going on. I've been slacking on my exercise and need to refocus on that. But eating is going well. I spent most of last night finalizing my trip to NYC. Hotel and Flights are booked and I bought some new luggage (I don't really need new luggage, but it was on sale!) I've decided to only take carry-on luggage, so I'll need to really think about what I need to take and what I could always buy there. I have a birthday party to go to today and then home to do some laundry. The snow is still piled up here, which makes it nearly impossible to maneuver my shopping cart around, so Peapod is bringing my groceries Sunday morning. Then it will be another all day cook-a-thon. This week's menu is: Eggplant Lasagna with homemade sauce, BBQ Pulled Pork with homemade sauce (I've come to realize making my own is way easier than finding an SBD-friendly one that I like), Spicy Chicken Strips, and Stuffed Peppers. Oh, and meringues. It's a lot of work for one day, but so worth it the rest of the week.

Well, since I'm up I need some back in a bit

Have a good weekend all

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Good Morning all, and WELCOME BACK, RUTH! Sounds like the lot of you were up all night partying, while I was getting a good night's sleep!
The girls had a blast yesterday skiing, and they are quite good at it, too. I was content to stay inside with my book. We got back late, and Jake called me to stop and pick up a few groceries, as Caitlyn and Carley were on their way to spend the night with us. We never know what to expect around here! Jake just made Carley some eggs and sausage, and we're letting Caite sleep in since she rarely gets the opportunity at home. I had already told my DS that I'd watch Amber today, so she'll be coming soon. It's going to be a fun day keeping up with the grandkids today!

Ruth, Take care of that cold, I hope it doesn't hang on too long. That's a miserable way to end your vacation. I hope you had a good time, though, and nice warm weather while you were there!

Beachgal, Have fun celebrating your friends' birthday. The bar thing isn't exactly my cup of tea either, especially with the food choices they offer. Everything seems to be deep fried, it's hard to find something that's OP. You're wise to eat something at home before hand.

Amasan, Oh my, your night sounded long and cold! I hope you're tucked up in bed right now!

Anna, You are welcome to come over for a cooking marathon for me! I did that once or twice, it was a lot of work, but as you said, very worth it to have all those meals ready to heat up for the rest of the week. Now you have me thinking that I should get busy and cook up a storm, too.

Okay, Carley has given me enough time to myself for now. I want to give her her bath before Amber comes!
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Morning chicks!

Ruth Welcome back!! Baby yourself today. I hate having a cold- I always feel like I am in a tunnel.

Beachgal Hey girl! Have fun tonight. Good plan to eat at home. I love all that bar food, but it sure isn't good for us, eh??

Cottage More fun with the grandkids!! My mom is going to have my girls next weekend as I am going on a women's retreat with our church. DH has a super busy weekend at work, so she will keep them. They always have such a blast with Gammy.

Anna I am planning a cooking marathon myself! I haven't gotten too far on my menu planning, but stuffed peppers are one of my items. They are so yummy and my kids really like them too.

Barb Good heavens woman!! You need a break! Maybe a "mental health" day from work??

Ama I am such a wimp when it comes to lack of sleep!! My bedtime is pretty close to 9:30! I look back and wondered how I survived the infant stages of both my girls.

Me- My plan is to stick close to home for the weekend. We do need to head out today to grocery shop and church tomorrow. That is about all I feel like! The house needs a good thorough clean and laundry needs some catching up. This week wound up being busier than I had expected, so some time at home is just what the girls and I need.

Off to scour the recipe threads as I would like to try some new recipes for this week.
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Good morning chicaroos!
woke up to a dusting of snow this morning! wasn't expecting that but at least it's only a tiny bit!!

Ruthie hope you get to feeling better!!!

I had a good talk with my dd last night and she's calmed down a lot! She's really a precious girlie.
A long day at work yesterday but I get the weekend off and I'm gonna enjoy it! I really don't have any plans except to stay warm! I really need to clean my closet...but ..... well... we'll see about that!
I'll check back n later on
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My weekend has started off pretty good and I finally got up and walked my 30 min today!!!

I plan to get at LEAST 30 min in everyday since all I have to do is get up and walk around the elem school across the street and it's a half a mile.

If I walk 30 min a day @ 4x around that's a little under 2 miles a day.

Let's see what happens!!!

I hope you ladies have a good day!!!
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Good Day Chicks,

Dropped in to kinda see how things are going and let you know what's up with me. My tests showed an ulcer but it's now being treated and I 'feel' fantastic. DH and I are getting ready for our cruise to the Mexican Riviera - we leave next Saturday for 7 days. I feel for all of you with snow still on the ground...we have sunshine today. I even bought two bags of bulbs from Costco the other day to get planted when we return from our cruise.

beachgal - Taxes - Yikes! Have fun celebrating your friend's b'day today.

amasam - The elliptical is quite a workout machine! My SIL did great on his weight-loss using one faithfully.

Barb - Good for you and the Scouts...Greeting the troops is a VIP(very important privilege), they truly appreciate it! Being a grandma type I can get by with interrupting soldiers even when eating in a restaurant with a 'Thank You'...they usually stand up and give me a hug ...of course I get more than they, but I know they appreciate it. At one point during this war I had three grandsons and a grand nephew in the service...only one remains in the Navy and one is still National Guard...the other two could be called back any day. So I know first hand how much these girls/guys need our support. Good Job Scouts!

Ruth - Welcome home! So sorry you have to battle a cold now...get well soon.

- Have you tried cabbage lasagna? it's really quite good...instead of the eggplant use cooked cabbage leaves. Just a suggestion for a different taste.

Cottage - Another fun day with grandkids...lucky you. Our little ones live too far away and our older ones have their own lives to live so it's far and in between when we get to have time with any of them...that's why holidays are so important.

Kiko - Enjoy your time at home...relax.

PhinsUp - Yes, stay warm...happy you a dd are communicating again (Smile)

Jesj - Good Girl! You have a good day too!

I love you sis!

Group Hug!
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Hi everyone,

I've been absent around here of late. Major upheavals in my world, including my company consolidating everything to California so us poor kids in the New York branch were laid off. There has been some stress eating this week, but I think I'm back on track now - though I'm afraid to jump on the scale and check.

I'm keeping my head up, though - I figure a door closed, so a window must be opening somewhere!
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Come on Spring!
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Could someone pass me a bowl of soup, please? I am feeling really crappy with my souvenir of Florida cold and just don't feel like cooking - or eating, for that matter. I'll know I'm better when I want to eat.

I am skipping Church this morning in favour of a nap beside the woodstove if I can persuade the Doggage to flake out elsewhere. :roll: Spoiled brats! I wonder how that happened.

It's up to 20F here today. Spring must be coming, right?
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Sounds like a bug is going around... I just woke up!!!! of course taking Tylenol PMs instead of regular tylenol didn't help ... DHs Bday is today and I am going to attempt to bake his fav cake that his mom makes... I'll need luck with that!!!!
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woo hoo i lost another pound this week! which brings me to a grand total of 13 with 6.5 of them being in Feb!

Crazzy but i wont complain I have upped my workouts this month and it is def. working!

I dont have all next week off (lucky kids...) but i do have monday off and i'm happy for that. But, i'm still going to do all my homework today because i have two huge papers due tuesday and i'd rather get them done early.

Its pretty out today so maybe i'll take the dogs for a walk
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Just popping in for a quick hello. Very busy and fun day yesterday with the grandchildren, and today everyone is coming for a traditional Italian spagetti dinner with all the fixings. It sure isn't helping my diet any, so I think tomorrow I may start on Phase 1 for a week to get back in control again!
Ruth, I wish I could send you a big bowl of homemade chicken soup to make you feel better. Get plenty of rest and drink a lot of hot tea. Hope you feel better soon.
Schatzi, I hope you're not getting sick as well! You're a real sweetie to be baking your DH a cake when you're not feeling up to it. I know he must really appreciate what you're doing for him. Wish him a "Happy Birthday" from me, and I hope you had a nice one yesterday.
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