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Red face Anyone do Low Carb then switch to CORE?

For those who have been on low carb plans, did you gain when you switched to core? How have your losses been? This appears less restrictive than a low carb plan.... and if you want something with sugar in it (i.e. a pria bar for 2 points), you can have it as long as you deduct it from the 35 flexies, right?

Hard to believe you can eat a good amount of carbs like potatos and popcorn on this plan and still lose weight.

Congrats on everyone's successful weight loss thus far!
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Carbs are not bad! As a matter of fact the brain uses them almost exclusively for its functions.

The key in weight loss is to find a plan you don't feel restricted on and can life with forever. For me it is combining basically whole foods (Core Foods) with my portion control (Flex with healthy foods) whereas many others find it easier to just do Core because they don't enjoy the points counting like me. LOL!

Core is a LOWER carb program (got this at the meeting) but not a LOWCARB program. Lower carb in the fact it stresses using whole foods and not processed simple carbs.

I went from a LOW CARB many years ago to 1-2-3 Success with Points and had a gain of 3 pounds the first week but then I lost 10 pounds my second week. I chalk it up to many factors including the change of lifestyle and poor eating the week before I started.

Give Core a chance, also take a look at Flex for the weeks it may fit your lifestyle better. There isn't a choice between the 2 plans. W/W has one program with 2 arms (Core and Flex) and you can switch back and forth between them on a weekly basis.
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I did. But it's not long enough to notice a different; good or bad.
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I did low carb prior to switching to CORE. I've only been doing it for a week and a half, using last Saturday as my start date. I've lost 1 1/2 lbs this week and that's with three work-related meals that were in no way CORE. I'm sure the meals went over the 35 weekly points as the meals were selected by someone else. Anyway, I don't forsee gaining weight on CORE as it is a really healthy plan that still controls carbs to a certain degree.
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I was on Atkins (strict induction) for 14 staright weeks and lost 30#. I went straight from Atkins to CORE and have consistently lost weight. I too was worried, but the switch didn't affect my losing weight. I have lost a total of 6# on CORE so far.
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I went from Atkins to Flexpoints and lost 2 lbs the first week and then stalled for 3 weeks... I thought it was my body getting used to processed foods and carbs again. Never had a problem after that though.
But I say give it a couple weeks to see a real difference. Some peoples bodies can get so screwed up on low carb that when they switch to core or any other plan they lose weight quickly because their body needed the change or the opposite happens.. you won't know until you have been doing it for awhile but I hope Core agrees with you and you lose well!
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I didn't go straight from low carb to Core but did South Beach last spring as a sort of "cleanse". I would think that going from low carb to Core would be similar to going from SBD Phase 1 to Phase 2. I would suggest adding carbs in slowly to minimize the impact on your system and retain the benefits of less sugar, etc. South Beach Phase 1 was too much for me but I suspect that Phase 2 with modifications would have worked out better. I really think I've struck a better balance of whole grain and low fat with Core. The reason I say that is that I feel great and have lost weight!
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I lost 5 pound on my first 6 days! I weighed in today and I'm very excited. This has been very easy.
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