Shoestring Meals Budget friendly ideas for healthy eating

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I buy their soup its low calorie and low carb. Cream of Mushroom I love Aldi's except their coffee and lunch meats
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I save at least half of what I would have to spend at Publix's
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I've never had much problem with produce from my local Aldis. I've had a few bitter cucumbers, but those were out of season and bought in the middle of winter.

classykaren - As far as their lunchmeat goes, I think that their Roast Beef and the Rotisserie Style Chicken Breast are worth purchasing.
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I buy frozen precooked chicken there. It certainly makes my life easier.
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I remember asking a friend for his green bean casserole recipe (the classic if not ubiquitous one made with mushroom soup and Durkee fried onion), because it was so much better than average. Turns out the only difference was using Aldi brand mushroom soup and canned french-cut green beans.

Unfortunately most canned cream soups use wheat as a thickener (and I break out severely from wheat), but Aldi tomato and cream of mushroom soups are much better than Campbell's. The Aldi cream of mushroom was the only canned mushroom soup I would eat on it's own (and not as an ingredient of something else).
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Dear Amandie,

Thanks for the input. I am going as soon as I can. That Dubliner cheese sounds great. I never even thought to look it up online-thanks.
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This is a really old thread but great topic. At Aldis I buy

1/2 gallon organic milk- several dollars cheaper than other stores, I buy like 4 to last me 2 months (it is a long trip on public transportation for me to get to Aldis)

sometimes organic soy milk

cereal- less than $2 for a regular size box. Other stores are often $4-6

canned mushrooms

turkey burger

organic whole chicken

frozen fish- salmon is much cheaper because I think it's a cheaper type of salmon (keta salmon) but I like it okay. Tilapia is fine. The individual packages keep it from spoiling if I defrost it sooner than I should.

sometimes yogurt and cottage cheese. When I have the motivation, big container of yogurt and put it in smaller tupperware

block of cheddar cheese is the same price as regular stores on sale

organic greens are a good bargain if I'm buying a small container. Aldis doesn't have big containers. It's cheaper to buy a big container at another store, than to buy Aldi's small ones, but sometimes big containers go bad too fast.

organic baby tomatoes are a good bargain

most produce is iffy but I just see what they have. Can't stock up on it so I don't buy a lot. Organic apples were tasteless

occasionally canned light chicken noodle soup but it's got too many noodles, not great

condiments like light salad dressing, pickles, olives

vegetable chips but I've been trying not to eat those
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I love Aldi. Their only weak point is the produce--where I am, it's not as good. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad and is probably on par with most grocery stores, but we have Wegmans up here and nothing can compare to Wegmans produce. Wegmans is inexpensive enough that it's allllmost comparable to Aldi prices, so I've started switching over recently, but honestly Aldi has saved our newlywed food budget for a couple of years and I can't sing their praises enough. Their frozen meat prices allow us to eat a lot better than we otherwise would and they're a great source of inexpensive snacks too, especially for nuts and chips. Their cheese/yogurt/guacamole are really good deals too.
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Produce is very high priced in our full service grocery stores, so I save a lot by buying it at Aldi's. I've had a couple bad things, but you find that anywhere. I buy their butter and cheese, and also most canned and frozen products. Two things we don't like are their peanut butter and mayonnaise.
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I've never been to Aldis and I'm wanting to go!!!!
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