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Arrow New and confused.

Hi Everyone,
I am new here and planning on starting SB on Monday. I'm confused though, well let me see if I have this right.
On SB all I do is follow daily meal plan with foods that are allowed in the GC/GF book. That's it? Follow SB approved recipes, which I can find in the cookbooks and here right? Eat the approved SB frozen foods already packaged by Kraft. Am I getting this right.
I just feel that there is more to it than that and with all the questions people pose I'm thinking it's not that easy but way harder to follow.
Please help a newbie out.
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Hi Julie and WELCOME!! South Beach is a very easy, sensible Way of eating... You're on the right course already with reading the book.. now then, most of us start on Phase 1 to help us rid ourselves of white sugar/flour and processed stuff.. It's really not hard, but you may have some withdrawl symptoms for the first week (cranky, headachy, low energy ) ..that's normal.. by Day 7 at least on phase 1 you will have a break through and feel fit as a fiddle...
There are soo many great receipes here.. and lots of support always!!!!
A word of caution on those "SB TV Dinners".. 1) they are "allowed ocassionally and only if on phase 2/3...2) it's hit or miss on taste and not that satisfying..
Try the receipes here: cheaper.. Delish..and on plan!!!
Come lurk or participate on our daily threads too! We love new Bathing Beauties!! here's the link:
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Julie, you can't just rely on the GC/GF need the main book (The South Beach's blue). Read it before you start. The foods in the GC/GF book are noted for Phase 2, not Phase 1.
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Julie, I read the blue book, but really found the FAQ section here as much if not more help. Especially read the Emergency Guide to Phase I and the links in that. Great stuff.
Also, on the back of the SBD frozen dinners is the SBD seal and a list of the phases they're allowed on. There are 3 or 4 that are ok for Phase I but they should be eaten only rarely. Also, they don't have nearly enough veggies in them, so I try to eat a big salad with them too. They're "ok". Not great, in other words, but edible, fast and easy.
Good luck!
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Hey, I didnt even have to ask and a question I had was answered. I love you chicks! I feel uck today- headache coming on, kind of blah and I was telling my co worker how I was feeling. Then I cam across this thread and there it was- in the beginning of phase 1 "may have some withdrawl symptoms for the first week (cranky, headachy, low energy ) ..that's normal" Thank you so much, I am on day 5 and do feel all those things today. Now that I know its normal, and that I am doing it right (I was doubting myself, thinking this was too easy) I will keep on going. Hopefully I will feel better in a couple days. THANKS AGAIN Schatzi (and everyone)
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