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Default We are having...

a bouncing baby boy. (for now anyway. ) The tech was just guessing boy. All I saw were swollen parts nothing defined. He is measuring right on and looked great. Now I have to adjust to having lots more testosterone in this house. Lilly and I are outnumbered.

The appt. went well. I did gain 5 pounds in two weeks. Not sure where that came from. My BP was good. My blood sugar levels looks okay. My titer on my anti-E was good. I go back in two weeks and will have blood drawn. Yippee. NOT!!!
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Congrats! As for someone who got 6 ultrasounds, the 1st 2, we can't tell, the next 2 girl diagnosis, and finally at 31.5 weeks, it's a boy! , please keep all reciepts and tags on all the gender specific stuff! It will save you lots of problems later on like me. lol Congrats on a good appt.
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You know I remember reading about yours and I kept thinking, I've never had someone take a guess at the gender. She kept trying to say it was too soon to even look (I was almost 20 weeks) and then just half-heartedly tried to find it.

So far I have tons of clothes from the last 2 and will only need to buy a few essentials and I plan on waiting until at least after the next u/s before buying anything gender specific.
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I am being careful as well, not buying anything that couldn't be used for either sex. Baby blue here and there is okay...but I haven't bought anything with footballs and baseballs-nothing "too" boyish, until after the next ultrasound.

Congrats, congrats, congrats!

Looks like there are going to be a lot of new little boys here in the next few months!
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I'm glad the doc was right about mine. We planned on a boy and of course that's what everyone bought clothing for. I actually knew he was a he before the doc said so. LOL But she said he was definately a boy and even pointed out "his little winky" which hubby replied "that's not so little". Men.

But she did take the time to find it. He was being shy for nearly half an hour. She had me roll over on each side trying to catch him sitting still for a picture.

Gotta say though, I've done the girl thing. 21 years ago, but done it. I'm really enjoying a boy this time.
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My son's was really apparent as well. DH was like "that's my boy" in front of the technician. When we got finished he said "I think he got that from your side of the family." So humble and sweet.

Congrats on the healthy baby...I think you're smart to hold off on buying stuff for now, though.
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Boys are cool. I have heard. My poor husband's only consolation is that although he's outnumbered by girls, I'm outnumbered by blondes.

I've always been told that they're usually right when they say boy.
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They either see it or they don't!!!
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