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I too have the huge PCOS belly. One reverend that was visiting the homeless shelter that my husband runs declined a seat because I was laying down for a minute because I felt ill, saying "She's got a little one on the way, she needs it more than I do." I was so embarrassed. I refuse to swim at public beaches and pools now because of that and all the HAIR that goes with it. I've got hair everywhere I swear and its so hard to get rid of.

But back to the belly. When I was 18 I had slimmed down to 125 from 180 and what really helped me lose the belly was roller skating. If you have a rink around you go in the afternoons on the weekends when the teenagers are avoiding the place. They all go at night. It's only little kids in the afternoons I've found. And its great exercize and lots of fun too!
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I'm just eating less (1,000-1,200 per day max) and my belly is disappearing. Also taking 900mg of saw palmetto. I almost have a flat stomach after looking pregnant for years!
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Im sure someone mentioned it here..but i used to look like i was 6 months pregnent..in fact i have a picture of my friend and i side by side...shes pregnent and im not and our bellies are the same size and sticking out...yah..not cool..

Anyway.. i learned somthing fascinating about myself.. I learned that i have an allergy to gluten and wheat. When i eat gluten and wheat my belly bloats like im pregnent. When i cut gluten and wheat out even for just a couple of week..it goes flat..no more rounded baby belly look. It is just flat flab. It took me years to figure this out.. Finally did and now im no longer pregnent looking. Just a thought for anyone else who might be trying to figure it out too.
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Red face No I am not pregnant

I get asked all the time if I am pregnant, am looking for workout ideas to get rid of my prego looking belly, any ideas?
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I don't know how active this thread is, but I'm proud to say I've lost an inch off my waist after 2 MONTHS. *sigh* On the other hand, I've definitely been losing in my upper belly, right under my boobs. I can tell because some of my dresses are definitely looser there.
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Default Sencha any tips to losing the PCOS weight?

Congrats on losing the belly! Can you tell me what you are doing, what you are eating or not eating to help lose the belly? I have a huge one and and am so tired of looking pregnant!
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Just make better food choices, such a drinking more water and eating lots of greens and vegetables.
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